10 Insider Tips for a Barcelona First-Timer

Near-perfect weather year-round, friendly locals with seemingly no worries, iconic food and culture—it's a no-brainer why Barcelona had been a bucket-list destination for years, but I was overwhelmed...

Suggestions for Barcelona Restaurants and Vineyards

by socialcapitalist 23 days ago

Hi Everyone, My wife and I are heading to Barcelona for a few days and we're hoping to get some recommendations on restaurants and best natural vineyards. We like all sorts of cuisines and price...

Help with recommendation for Andalusia, Asturia and Barcelona

by silverlim 4 months ago

We are heading back to Spain in mid July. We are very sad and heartbroken to find out Ibai had closed, our no 1 restaurant in San Sebastian. We're glad that we made it back last year during pandemi...

Barcelona restaurants post-COVID?

by joenaujokas 5 months ago

Barcelona is re-opening for foreign tourists starting June 7! My wife and I will be visiting for the first time to celebrate our 25th anniversary from 21 June thru 29 June. The question: Given t...

Michelin Spain/Portugal 2021

by Maribel 11 months ago

Today Michelin presented via a virtual ceremony held at the Casa de Correos in Madrid its list of stars for its Spain/Portugal 2021 guide There were no new 3 stars awarded to either country ...

Trip report Spain: Barcelona and Andalusia in February 2020

by damiano 1 year ago

Hello all, so here is the report of our 10-day trip to Barcelona and Andalusia at the end of February 2020. Our itinerary was as follows. Wednesday 19 February - Barcelona Sunday 23 February - ...

Barcelona and Seville/Andalusia in February!

by damiano 1 year ago

So, the corona scare has made us rethink our travel plans. Living in Northern Europe our go-to escape in winter time is South East Asia but this year we will be exploring Spain! We will start of...

Barcelona update

by Belkisw 1 year ago

Having had some time back in Barcelona, I am updating the following list of my top places in town https://www.chowhound.com/post/barcelona-4th-foodie-trip-report-1086122 by adding some new ones: ...

Girona and Barcelona

by Antoniad 2 years ago

We are planning a trip to Girona and Barcelona later this year. Will stay in Girona and do day trips to Barcelona. I've looked at posts for both cities, but most are years old. Any updates on wh...

Barcelona 4th foodie trip report

by Belkisw 2 years ago

I suggest folks who are interested refer to my previous posts here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/september-barcelona-foodie-trip-detailed-review-1076270 https://www.chowhound.com/post/3rd-foodi...

Restaurant near The Almanac. Maybe Bicnic (not Picnic)?

by class act 2 years ago

Looking to do a dinner for 6 people in the general location of The Almanac. Currently focusing in on Bicnic. Wondering if anyone has been there and if so, your thoughts. Or any other recommendat...

NYE in Barcelona!

by Emilymartha 2 years ago

NYC foodies first time to this part of the world. Where should we spend that evening??? Not too interested in tasting menus... unless it’s too fabulous to miss! Also headed to Bilbao for 1 day and ...

Please help finalize food focused Madrid & Barcelona itinerary (researched!)

by indiefoodie 2 years ago

Hello, I'll be traveling to Madrid & Barcelona for a week at the end of April this year. The sole purpose of the trip is to taste the delicious offerings in both these cities :) Based on what I rea...

Barcelona Tickets Restaurants

by amarsico 2 years ago

I am heading to Barcelona from September 28-October 3. I tried for reservations at Tickets and couldn't get them. If anyone is canceling in these dates I would love to take your reservation! We ...

Barcelona Restaurants - Could Use A Little Help!

by class act 2 years ago

We're heading to Barcelona for a short break in early December and we're looking for some recommendations for dinner. I would also normally include lunch but we haven't settled on our sightseeing ...

September Barcelona Foodie Trip Detailed Review

by Belkisw 3 years ago

Hi all, A brief roundup on all the restaurants we tried over the last week in Barcelona: Barra Alta- Absolutely fabulous, do not miss lunch here! Would recommend the oyster cocktail, with clama...

Where should I go for my 30th?

by Chadsie 3 years ago

I am down to four experiences and presuming I can get in where should I go for my 30th birthday? The birthday is in June. Trip in September. - La Colombe, Cape Town - Eleven Madison Park, New Y...

3 Dinners in Barcelona - please critique my plan

by LABeam 2 years ago

We are in Barcelona for 3 nights (2 back to back, and one a week later). After much research, current reservations are 1. Enigma, 2. Teoric, 3. Alkimia. Would you make any substitutions?

Barcelona - Botafumeiro

by allig211 2 years ago

So this restaurant, botafumeiro, came highly recommended by a concierge and I looked online and it looks decent. So I do a search on chowhound and people were talking about this restaurant 12, 15, ...

Barcelona Hit & Run

by MOREKASHA 2 years ago

I had a quick trip to Barcelona last week. 3 nights then bang, home again. Saturday night was at Igueldo. A modern take on Basque was what I was told. I had the Burgos morcilla with a chipotle past...

I've done my research and now need help on first time trip to Spain, March 2019, Barcelona, San Sebastian/Bilbao, and Madrid o

by johnmart11 3 years ago

We are planning the trip for the middle two weeks in March. We are pretty adventurous in our culinary adventures. I do not drink alcohol but that is our only restriction. I am looking to have a sp...