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Upscale pub crawl suggestions for a Friday afternoon (really noon) in San Francisco

by oaktown 8 years ago

I am looking for some suggestions on places with great cocktails open in the early afternoon. (in SF) For example, places along the lines of Comstock Saloon or Rickhouse. Any suggestions are appre...

Suggestions for a birthday bar crawl in Williamsburg

by Morg 8 years ago

I'm taking my wife out this Thursday night for a bar crawl in Williamsburg to celebrate her 43rd birthday. I was looking for some suggestions for places with good microbrews and decent wine that a...

In need of bachelorette bar crawl recommendations

by ako83 8 years ago

Hi, On May 21st, we are holding a bachelorette celebration in Boston. Per the request of the bride, we are starting off our evening at Elephant Walk (900 Beacon Street) for dinner, but I am in ...

Tippler's Tour Colonial Pub Crawl

by SnowCat 8 years ago

Just signed up for the Tippler's Tour offered through Historic Philadelphia. Has anyone else been? Any thoughts?

Bachelorette party and bar crawl for a foodie

by AnjLM 8 years ago

I know there have been posts in the past about this topic but I still haven't quite found what I'm looking for. My best friend is getting married this summer (mid-June) and I'm trying to plan a fu...

"Pub Crawl" in Ireland

by CindyJ 8 years ago

My husband and I will be in Ireland for about 9 days in late April. We have no set travel agenda, but we're planning on spending most of our time meandering through southern and southwestern Irela...

Bar crawl in DC?

by rmj 8 years ago

Hello, My 22nd birthday is next week and I want to go out to a bar preferrably in U Street or Chinatown or Eastern Market area but need help in figuring out what bar would be a fun place to start o...

Festive Bar Crawl - suggestions wanted -

by KTs 9 years ago

Hi - You guys helped me out last year and hoping for the same this year. We (my husband and I) go on a festive bar crawl each Dec. and I am starting my recon for this years - Past few ye...

Please help organize my bar crawl...er, I mean short visit.

by Tonyjlive 9 years ago

Good Day All, I will be in town for a short visit with my GF in 2 wks. We will have all day Saturday and half the day Sunday to get down to business. My favorite way to explore a city is to bar ...

Planning San Diego PCH Pub crawl, suggestions?

by vickieblythe 9 years ago

I am having a go away "party bus" party for a friend who is moving to Wisconsin for school, and wanted to do a tour of the best bars on the San Diego beaches, any suggestions? There are 20 of us w...

King Street Pub Crawl - Any details?

by pamplemoose78 9 years ago

I was interested in going to King Street West Pub Crawl tonight but all the links don't provide very much information. Has anyone been before and how does it work? Apparently, you have to pic...

Good eats/drinks in Vancouver - mini pub crawl

by mem79 9 years ago

My mother, sister, and I were in Vancouver for a day. By the time we were hungry (time changes were impacting us), my mother wanted to hit a couple of pubs she had read about in one of our many tr...

Pacific Beach Pub Crawl's

by alexa52 11 years ago

Pacific Beach is notorious for it's famous Pub Crawls. Wondering if anyone has a favorite pub or bar they like to include when making the rounds in the beach town?

Strange Pub Crawl Request

by dkthom 9 years ago

OK Gang, now is the time to come to my aid! I will be in Seattle 6/3-6/8 to visit my grandmother who is in an assisted living facility in Ballard. One of the crazy schemes we have come up with is ...

Dinner in Belfast & Dublin? - NOT Pub crawling, please

by drkenrich 9 years ago

My 86 year old mother, her 83 year old cousin, my 58 year old sister and I will be visiting Belfast and Dublin (& Kilkenny) in April, 2010. None of us drink alcohol or smoke so eateries based on th...

Retirement "Pub Crawl" - San Fernando Valley

by perkin 10 years ago

On the afernoon that my husband retires, I will be taking him and a group of 20 friends through the San Fernando Valley on our way home to the Conejo Valley. We want to stop at several bars/restaur...

The Non-Chow Pub Crawl - Toronto Taverns

by eller 10 years ago

This post has nothing to do with good, or even passable food options or microbrews, but instead it's a request for suggestions on old school Toronto taverns and dive bars. If in case you've bee...

Best Bar Crawl Food on Strip

by scfinson 10 years ago

Last trip to LV we really enjoyed going from "celebrity" chef bar to the next CB bar and just eating small plates, from bar menus. We would do about three places to make a dinner. Last time we were...

Brooklyn Bar Crawl

by SissyGreen 10 years ago

Hi all, I also asked this in the Manhattan forum and got some helpful responses for Manhattan. One of the posters suggested Brooklyn as a destination so here we go, am hoping for more details! ...

Pub crawls in the city?