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Bamboo Bistro | Corona del Mar

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

A couple months ago I had a chance to try Bamboo Bistro in Corona del Mar for dinner. It's operated by the third gene...

Kind of Viet Rice Paper you use dry, not moistened for Banh Xeo, BBQ Wraps.

by lhatese 3 years ago

Does anyone know how to call or where to buy those pliable rice papers that you use DRY to wrap around banh xeo or bb...


sheezcute commented 3 months ago

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Banh Xeo: Mung beans pureed into batter or spread over it?

by maestra 2 years ago

What technique has worked best for you? I've made banh xeo batter without the mung beans at all and determined I defi...

Is peanut dipping sauce considered acceptable to use with Vietnamese banh xeo?

by stratford 2 years ago

I've gotten into exploring Vietnamese cuisine lately. At Vietnamese restaurants, I noticed when I order banh khot an...


stratford commented 2 years ago

Good Banh Xeo in Sunnyvale?

by learntocookchinese 2 years ago

I'm looking for good Banh Xeo in Sunnyvale or Santa Clara. Ideally as good as the Banh Xeo stand in Grand Century mal...

chefj commented 2 years ago

Banh Xeo - SF Dish of the Month May 2013

by Dave MP 4 years ago

The SF Dish of the Month for May 2013 is Banh Xeo. This is a Vietnamese dish, and you can learn some initial facts ab...

Ruth Lafler commented 3 years ago


by yum 12 years ago

i'm looking for a really good vietnamese crepe like dish called i think banh xeo. i went to golden deli the other day...

Servorg commented 4 years ago

Best Banh Xeo, Banh Cuon in NoVa?

by alkapal 6 years ago

I saw Banh Xeo pancakes made with coconut milk in Tastespotting, and want to try them. (Banh Xeo photo and recip...


mookleknuck commented 5 years ago

Vietnamese Pancakes (Banh Xeo) & Fried Bread for Pho

by mikeinla10 6 years ago

My wife and I went to Vietnam earlier this year. Specifically, Saigon. There were two items that I haven't seen...


catbert commented 6 years ago

Banh Xeo

by danieldumont 6 years ago

Has anyone made Banh Xeo using Andrea Nguyen's Into the Vietnamese Kitchen's recipe. I've never had Banh Xeo in a re...

Rubee commented 6 years ago

ISO good Vietnamese Crepe aka. Banh Xeo (YEG)

by foodkarma 6 years ago

Just moved to Edmonton from Calgary, native Vancouverite. Was craving a nice crispy Banh Xeo today with all the fresh...


foodkarma commented 6 years ago

banh xeo - new recommendations?

by washingtonfamily 7 years ago

Looking for more updated recommendations for good banh xeo. I've only had it a handful of times, at Cam Huong -- fres...

drewskiSF commented 6 years ago

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Cha Ca Thang Long and Banh Xeo

by blkery 7 years ago

I'm looking for recipes for both, but there seems to be quite a bit of variety online. Does anyone have go-to's for e...

Good Banh Xeo in PDX?

by bigrey 8 years ago

I recently started making banh xeo, and I'm looking for some good places to try so I can use them as a reference for ...

SauceSupreme commented 8 years ago

Lesser Known Vietnamese dishes II: Banh Xeo and Banh Khot at Van Restaurant, Garden Grove (w/Pix)

by hppzz 8 years ago

Previously, I posted about Canh Bun at Quan Bun Ban Mai Now I want to post a...


Lau commented 8 years ago

Banh Xeo at Viet Ville

by Ken Hoffman 12 years ago

Went to this well regarded Vietnamese place in South San Jose for lunch and ordered the Banh Xeo or Crepe de Ville. ...


MargotB commented 8 years ago

Best banh xeo/Vietnamese pancake?

by hungrycomposer 8 years ago

I've been dying for a good banh xeo. I ordered the "Vietnamese crepe" at Baoguette last night, which was disappointi...


Lau commented 8 years ago

Where can I find Banh Xeo and Bun Bo Hue on the Eastside

by Ms Chau 9 years ago

HELP! I work on the Eastside and I can't find any Vietnamese restaurant's that serve Bun Bo Hue and Banh Xeo. Someti...


HungWeiLo commented 9 years ago

Great bánh xèo?

by Robert Lauriston 9 years ago

The best bánh xèo (aka Vietnamese crepes) I've had were at Binh Minh Quan, but they seem to have gone downhill. Had o...

ChowFun_derek commented 9 years ago