These Fluffy Banana Pancakes Are Even Easier Than Banana Bread

Banana bread is the obvious use for ultra ripe bananas, but sometimes you don't feel like eating yet another loaf (or baking one, for that matter). That's when these easy banana pancakes come in handy...

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Non-Alcohol Bananas Foster

by eenie1 5 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for a non-alcohol bananas foster recipe. My plan is to use it, once it's cooled, as a "filling" between two layers of a cake which will then be frosted on the outside. The ca...

Guineo Verde (green bananas)- Source?

by Amelie 14 years ago

I am looking for a source to order green bananas to make traditional Puerto Rican food. This is very difficult for me because I live in Arkansas and the only source I know of is a grocery in Chica...


by laredo 12 years ago

I have some very ripe bananas. If I mash them and then freeze, will they be usable (thawed, of course) for banana bread? Thanks so much for your help.

How to make these leftovers exciting?

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hi!! So I have these frozen leftovers. When I froze them, they were exciting, but now they are not. What would you do with some of this food that turned boring? Like let's say you're at your sis...

Oven method of ripening bananas?

by Idie 5 years ago

So, I tried ripening my bananas at 300F for 1 hr to put them in my banana bread recipe, since I didn't have any ripe bananas on hand. Why is it that after I baked them in the oven, the bananas smel...

They're still green.......

by Scribbler 19 years ago

The bananas I posted about recently are still green; Sunday it will be two weeks since I bought them. I followed the suggestion of putting them in a brown bag with a ripe banana. Maybe now they a...

Real Banana Pudding

by mariedumas 6 years ago

I cannot find a "from scratch" banana pudding recipe. All of them are for vanilla pudding with sliced bananas layered in. I need a banana flavoured pudding recipe using real bananas and no artifi...

Light, moist banana bread

by LizInNJ 6 years ago

Every time I make banana bread, it comes out a little dry with a brown crust. Not burnt, but brown. I would like a moister, lighter-bottomed banana bread. I have mostly used a glass loaf pan at 350...

Help With Canning Banana Jam

by louisa910 6 years ago

Hi all, I just made some banana jam and canned it in a water bath at home. Mashed up some bananas, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, and about a tablespoon of butter. Question: I know that my ban...

Banana Bread

by NatashaDeAcutis 6 years ago

I need a moist delicious favourite banana bread recipe. One that has some sort of frosting or icing. Thanks :)

Banana cream pie made with pureed bananas?

by Violatp 9 years ago

Some time back, I saw part of a PBS show where they made a banana cream pie, not in the usual pastry cream plus bananas way, but with whole liquified bananas that were the actual base of the pastry...

Magnolia's banana pudding vs Paula Deen's Not Yo' Mama's banana pudding

by Monica 6 years ago

Anyone made both and prefer one over the other recipe? I know I like Magnolia bakery's banana pudding from the shop(I just had one again) but Paula Deen's sounds so good too. Want to make it for t...

Banana cake recipe with sour cream and SPRY

by SueFH 6 years ago

I'm looking for an old recipe for banana cake that used cake flour, butter, sour cream and SPRY which I am pretty sure was a solid vegetable shortening. It was the fluffiest and most delicious cak...

Banana Bread Bars With Brown Butter Frosting

by PotatoHouse 6 years ago

I made these three weeks ago for our road trip out to Des Moines to adopt our three grandkids. The frosting is addictive!!!! http://therecipecritic.com/2012/11/banana-bread-bars/

I got flour pockets in my banana bread

by Gloriaa 6 years ago

I have made banana bread at least a thousand times and I am very careful not to over mix it but this time I got rather large pocket of dry flour. What is the best way to incorporate it without over...

Banana Bread: Help me please!!!!!

by Zouba 9 years ago

I try to bake a banana bread and the result is a disaster. I don't known if its because I used defrosted bananas. Do you have a solution? Thank you for your help!

Banana BREAD failure :-)

by acdashw 7 years ago

I made this yesterday, the only change being whole wheat flour instead of white all purpose. http://omnivorescookbook.com/recipe/low-sugar-banana-bread I don't think it's necessarily a bad recip...

Banana cake failure

by mottomatic 7 years ago

Guys, I'm reeling here from the cake failure I just had. I'm a pretty good baker, and given a good recipe usually don't have too many disasters. Now I don't know if the recipe was the problem, or t...