Birthplace of Natty Boh beer and epicenter of blue crab drenched in Old Bay seasoning, Baltimore has a unique food culture: a little Southern, a little urban, and a little artsy. Get recommendations from our community for the best restaurants for pizza, farm-to-table cuisine, and views of the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore hot dog

by chuck98 2 months ago

Hi there, I'll be in Baltimore for a couple of days and want to pick up whatever hot dog is the local specialty. ...


Steve commented 1 month ago

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Chow around Goucher?

by lemons 2 months ago

Coming in the last weekend in July for a graduation. Is there anything particularly remarkable near Towson? Compoundi...

Need Cheap Eats Baltimore and Environs

by Steve 1 year ago

I will be working in Baltimore for the next two weeks, and I am looking for exciting and wonderful cheap eats. Lunch...


bmorecupcake commented 3 months ago

Baltimore - Seasons

by SavoryBeatsSweet 6 months ago

Does anyone know what's really going on with the new Seasons store that was supposed to open many months ago? I don'...


MDicecreamguy commented 3 months ago

Rind on Bacon...

by RobertM 5 months ago

Where is the DC Metro / Baltimore area can I find sliced country or slab bacon that has the rind on?


Vidute commented 5 months ago

Baltimore Inner Harbor Aquarium Area with a 6 year old

by Miss Andi 5 months ago

Hi All! We are heading to Baltimore soon for a night. I'm looking for recommendations for dining with our 6 year old...


Jeremy303 commented 5 months ago

24 Hours in Baltimore with a Toddler

by rubigeorge 5 months ago

We'll be in Baltimore near the convention center for 24 with my toddler son. I want to eat well and local in places...


masha commented 5 months ago

Light City Baltimore Suggestions

by cloudship 5 months ago

I am going to be in Baltimore this Saturday for Light City. I get in early evening, so I want to grab a quick bite to...


Jeremy303 commented 5 months ago

Fresh Ramen Noodles in Baltimore

by jonnyg100 6 months ago

Can anyone recommend someplace to buy fresh ramen noodles in the Baltimore area? (or a good place to buy them online?)


houseoflogan commented 6 months ago

What's your favorite scrapple?

by yummyummeatemup 2 years ago

To me, scrapple and eggs over easy with good piece of toast is a hard breakfast to beat. It's one of the reasons I ke...


Kitchenjoe commented 7 months ago

Chinese New Year's at Grace Garden

by Vidute 8 months ago

Charm City Chowhounds are gathering to celebrate the Year of the Rooster at Grace Garden on January 28 with a special...


Vidute commented 7 months ago

24 hours in Baltimore

by DanaDane 8 months ago

If you were to spend 24 hours eating and drinking in Baltimore, where would you go? Extra points for anyone that can...

ChristinaMason commented 7 months ago

Road Trip: D. C./Baltimore Portion

by rlcole4346 8 months ago

Day 14, 10/28-31: Washington DC: Another location where we onced lived. We spent our time primarily visiting old frie...


Steve commented 8 months ago

Where are the best raw oysters in Baltimore?

by panzerschlep 7 years ago

I tried to find something wit hthe search function but couldn't seem to get what I was looking for. Here it goes.... ...


FenwickIslandChef commented 8 months ago

Baltimore Steak Sub

by Silence820 2 years ago

i lived in b-more many years ago, and I fell in love with the Baltimore steak sub. for me it is much better than a ph...


mzzwiny37 commented 8 months ago

Knife sharpening in Baltimore

by greglor 9 years ago

Anyone know a decent place to have my chef's knives sharpened in Baltimore? Thanks in advance.


Smokeater55 commented 9 months ago

Legal Seafood in Baltimore has closed

by CrabCakes_R_Phenomenal 9 years ago

My wife and I loved going to the Legal Seafood in Inner Harbour. Does anyone have any idea why they closed or if the...


AnnapolisFoodie commented 9 months ago

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

by hotel 6 years ago

I don't know if this is the proper forum, but I am attempting to compile a list of bars and restaurants that were fea...


kuku2 commented 9 months ago

Natural Foods in Towson on Susquehanna Av, behind the Courthouse?

by Guido 6 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to replicate a great sandwich that I used to get at a Natural Foods store in Towson. It was on Susque...


tomorrow93 commented 10 months ago