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Best New Baking Cookbooks for Fall 2019

With summer fully melted away and fall in full swing, we're hunkering down and cozying up—and with ovens happily back on again, the agenda includes a lot of baking. Good thing that among all the new...

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buttery tasting bread with a croissant style flaky crust? Help?

by MrsPidge32 5 years ago

Yesterday we ate at a fine dining establishment, known in the area where we live for their great food. Before the starters they of course brought out the breads, a selection of 3 warm rolls; black ...

Suggestions to improve this bread (which is already pretty good)

by small h 5 years ago

I want the crust crisper, the crumb chewier and less dense. The recipe is 3 3/4 c bread flour, 2 tsp yeast, 2 tsp salt, 1.5 c water. Knead by hook for 5 minutes, by hand for 2. First rise 90 minute...

Pie crust puzzle

by SkimD 5 years ago

Hello all, So here is a puzzle for ya all (or I-really-really-desperately-need-some-help). I recently moved to Vietnam, where it can get to 36, 37 Celsius. Since moved here I have found that ...

Tortilla Espanola for a Crowd

by btnfood 5 years ago

I'd like to do this for a fund-raising event for about 200 people. Has anyone tried baking the tortillas in sheet pans? Any other tips for easier preparation? Thanks in advance!

ISO: Dean & Deluca brownie recipe

by tepidmonkie 5 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe similar to the D&D triple fudge brownie? I can recreate the ganache topping and it tastes very similar, but I would like to have the brownie base to match (including the ...

Cookie scoop?

by bxgirl 5 years ago

Two questions about a cookie scoop... Does a not-so-frequent baker need one? Which would you recommend? I have heard some good things about the Williams-Sonoma cookie scoop. Thoughts? Thanks

Food from Outside (Halp!)

by MrsMoriarty 5 years ago

Hello, Everyone! I'd like to know if, given the circumstances (below) it might be possible to bake and bring some cupcakes to a kosher (Orthodox) home. I'm not confident that I'm aware of al...

My enriched hamburger bun dough is ripping

by DowntownJosie 5 years ago

I have been making the hamburger buns from epicurious for ages. The dough has always been beautifully silky until two weeks ago. I left it to ferment overnight and the next day the dough was rough ...

Pizza dough question

by Effex 5 years ago

Hello, so I have been trying to make a simple pizza dough substituting 1 cup (of of 3) of regular flour for a wholewheat one. I let melt 1 pack of active yeast (the dry one in packets) in warm wat...

uses for Coffeemate besides adding into coffee

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I like this non-dairy coffee flavoring "creamer". I know it's probably made from wierd chemicals and whatnots, but I wonder besides putting it into coffees, can I use it for baking? Like say flan...

How can I safely reduce the sugar in a recipe?

by nooodles 16 years ago

If I have a cake/cookie recipe that calls for way more sugar than I like, can I simply cut the amount in half? Or will this do something strange to the texture of the baked good? Some answers I've ...

Cake with after taste please help!

by suma1980 11 years ago

I have been baking for about 3 years now. I have noticed that most of my cakes have a glassy after taste almost like oily taste. I have changed from a metallic bowl to a glass one, changed the butt...

baking class - beginner

by Rice is Nice 5 years ago

hi fellow chowhounds, As an adult now, i always wanted to learn the basics of baking and bread making, where can I find a class (best is free) where i can learn the basic fundamentals of baking?...

homemade dough for savory pinwheels?

by foxtailfarm 5 years ago

Hi all - I am planning to make a couple batches of pinwheels for an upcoming party, one with pesto & sundried tomato filling and the other caramelized onion with TBD. I want to make my own dough, m...

"chicken tenders" - what temperature and how long

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

I am planning to make a salad with chicken strips for a group of 6 this weekend. Ideally, I would grill the chicken, but alas no grill in my current apartment. So, I was going to cut the breasts ...

Cakes rises when baking and falls when cooling?

by ammusteddy 7 years ago

As in, not the "sinking" in the middle type, I mean generally some cakes rise up in the oven and then when i take it out they are flatter? Is this how they are supposed to be or anything wrong?...

Recipe for sesame sticks

by NotSoHot 5 years ago

Would like to try making sesame sticks like you buy in bulk at Whole Foods and other stores. Anyone have a recipe? The ones I have from Sprouts say they have ground bulgar wheat in them. Is grou...

Freezer friendly (thaw and serve) desserts for a party

by pumpkinspice 5 years ago

I am looking for some not to complicated freezer friendly desserts (bars, squares, cookies, cakes etc – anything easy and good!). I am hosting a baptism luncheon for about 30 people in a few weeks ...

flour going bad

by Magreth 5 years ago

hi guys just started baking cinnamon rolls and i had few questions 1> how can you store them so they can be fresh to eat next day? 2> if you accidentally use bad flour or yeast can it cause the r...

NY Bakery-Style Cookie Help

by rockycat 5 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe to make NY bakery-style sprinkle cookies. Not the small piped cookies found in Italian bakeries, but the large round one found in the Jewish bakeries. They look something...

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