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Best New Baking Cookbooks for Fall 2019

As summer melts away and fall starts to sharpen the air, we're getting ready to hunker down and cozy up—and with ovens happily back on again, the agenda includes a lot of baking. Good thing that among...

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CITRUS CAKES - Dish of the Month, February 2019

by LulusMom 9 months ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for February 2019. Our dish this month is Citrus Cakes. Lemon poundcake, orange layer cake, clementine cake, some sort of key lime extravaganza, a citrus-y bund...

December 2018 COTM BREAD TOAST CRUMBS: Bread

by islandmermaid 11 months ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapter of BREAD TOAST CRUMBS: *BREAD (p. 24-99) If you are the first one to report ...

Best challah recipe?

by sallyt 26 days ago

Hi all, I'm making challah Sunday for Rosh Hashanah - I love this fig, olive oil, and sea salt challah from SK but wonder if anyone has one I should make? Plain or otherwise? THANKS!

Hand pie dough cheats?

by seefoo 24 days ago

I made a lot of really chunky applesauce. I like it, it’s delicious but it’s a lot. I’m thinking of some fried hand pies! I don’t own a stand mixer since I rarely make dough. Store bought p...

Banana Bread: How do I get crispy crusts on muffins?

by Nooshijoon 27 days ago

I put my favourite banana bread into muffin tins in the hopes of getting some portable portions. I greased and floured the muffin tin like I do my loaf pans. I baked the batter for 25 minutes at 3...

Spring Quarter 2019 Baking Cookbook of the Month: THE CARDAMOM TRAIL

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 7 months ago

Welcome to our Baking and Dessert COTM for April through June 2019, The Cardamom Trail: Chetna Bakes with Flavours of the East by Chetna Makan. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion ...

July 2018 Dish of the Month: STONE FRUIT CAKES

by herby 1 year ago

Welcome to July, 2018 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we will be baking stone fruit cakes. A stone fruit, also called a drupe, is a fruit with a large "stone" inside. The stone is so...

Meat Loaf

by geocring 2 months ago

I have a whole frozen cooked meat loaf. Should I thaw first? Cooking time frozen or defrosted?

“Neat” meat substitute questions

by Citrus_and_Cream 2 months ago

I have some questions about the meat substitute product “Neat.” (The questions are below in a list.) I am asking here because there is no FAQ on this product’s website, the company that makes the p...

January–March 2019 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month: BRAVETART by Stella Parks

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 9 months ago

Welcome to our Baking and Dessert COTM for. January through March 2019, BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts by Stella Parks. We’ll use this thread for all reports and discussion of recipes in the b...

Substitute hot coffee with espresso powder and boiling water?

by sallyt 2 months ago

hi - I'm making a chocolate cake recipe that calls for 1/2 cup hot coffee, but I'd prefer to use espresso powder - how much would I mix into 1/2 cup of boiling water? Thanks!

Baking by weight with kids

by cristina3611 2 months ago

This is probably a silly worry, but just something I was thinking about ... I started this thing about 3 years ago with my two boys (now 9 and 11) - each week, one picks a dinner and one picks a de...

December 2017–February 2018 Baking Cookbook of Month: CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the Winter BCOTM, CLASSIC GERMAN BAKING by Luisa Weiss. We'll be baking together from this book in December 2017 and January and February 2018. HOW TO POST RE...

Galette with a yeasted puff pastry?

by Smoothfin 2 months ago

Has anyone ever made a galette (fruit or savory, any type) using a puff pastry with yeast (like the dough used for croissants or kouign amann)? Any particular issues to watch out for?

Rookie Baker Help - Rolling out dough

by concordcourtney 2 months ago

I cook at home a lot but I have never been much of a baker. I would like to start but I have some basic dummy questions about rolling out dough. I feel like in the past when i have tried it on a cu...

Caramel with the Flan

by vtwhite14 2 months ago

Good morning can I make the Flan and skip the Caramel, I would like to make the custard and just top with some fruit sauce?

Help me solve a baking mystery

by maestra 2 months ago

Okay, how about this one. I've been making this brownie recipe for years: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/king-arthur-flour-fudge-brownies-51608421 Totally my favorite. I get ask...