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What Is the Difference Between Steel and Stone for Cooking Pizza?

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pizza stone - recommendations?

by wurstle 17 years ago

looking to buy one as a present this year and wondering if there was a difference in quality or brands? anyone have any recommendations? I guess I should get them a pizza peel too, so if you have...

Pizza stones

by micki 18 years ago

I've finally succumbed to the allure of making my own pizza--Di Fara's (Bklyn, NY) nothwithstanding. So I want to buy a pizza stone. Any particular brand over another? Where to go in NYC (environs)...

Pizza Stone Recs?

by cinghiale 18 years ago

galleygirl's 3/30 posting "Pizza Stone Mess" gave me an idea for a gift. Can anyone recommend a pizza stone manufacturer? Thanks.

Pizza Stone Mess

by galleygirl 18 years ago

Once again, carbon-dating takes on a new dimension in my kitchen. One false move, and a crust stretched WAAAYYYYYY too thin (no, I didn't think that was possible, either...) created an astonishingl...

Need Pizza Dough Help (was Pizza Stone)

by Joan 18 years ago

Please. Talk to me about the dough. I've tried Cooks Illustrated, Julia, Marcella Hazan, Alton Brown. Patricia Wells's recipe is doing a slow rise in the fridge as I type. I've tried food processor...

Pizza Stone/Dough

by Tweaked 18 years ago

Having just received a nice pizza stone for Christmas, does anyone have a good recipe or website for making pizza dough...plus any other pizza stone usage suggestions would be welcome! thanks

Pizza stone for re-heating left-over pizza

by Tom Whalen 19 years ago

Should I use a pizza stone for re-heating leftover pizza? If so, are there any special precautions I should take? Tricks I should use?

HearthKit (NY TIMES article)....or a simple pizza stone??

by erica 19 years ago

Any opinions for the (not very adept) home cook who is considering one of the HearthKit's??? Or can I improve the capabilities of my (crummy Magic Chef) apartment stove with a pizza-type or baki...

baking stones - Storage, use, cleaning

by saucyknave 19 years ago

How do you do it? Where and how do you store it? When you use it how do you keep it from getting tatty? Does it matter if it gets tatty? Do you use it on the floor of the oven or a shelf? Does...

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