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What Is the Difference Between Steel and Stone for Cooking Pizza?

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Cracking Pizza Stones

by Brainfreezebob 14 years ago

After blowing through several unglazed tiles (bought in bulk from Home Depot for a buck a piece), I decided to cave and buy a real pizza stone. The second day I used it, it cracked. I did get some ...

pizza stone questions

by Spencer 14 years ago

Santa brought me a pizza stone for Christmas. - Do they really make a difference in pizza taste? - Any handling tips such has cleaning it? - Think I read somewhere that you can just leave it i...

Ya think I could make naan on my pizza stone? Ideas? Recipies?

by Diana 15 years ago

I've been pondering if the pizza stone would be good enough to sot of simulate a tandoor. Anyone have some good basic and garlic naan recipies? Or should I just stick to the great sampler basked ...

Pizza Stone: Large

by sbp 15 years ago

I have one of those relatively large rectangular pizza stones -- probably 14x16. I leave it in the bottom of my gas oven, but when baking cookies, etc., it causes uneven heating because it doesn't...

can i use a ceramic pizza stone in a woodfire?

by brian j 15 years ago

just posted this in another thread, but afraid it might get lost there so here it... Does anyone know if it's safe to use a ceramic pizza stone within a campfire? I made some campfire flatbre...

pizza stone

by yum 15 years ago

just bought a pizza stone. i was thinking of buying some already made pizza dough and making a pizza. how should the temperature be and how long should i bake for? also, i would like to know your b...

Pizza stone problem

by GeckoPig 15 years ago

I bought a large rectangular Kitchen Aid pizza stone from Costco a while back. Since I had an electric oven, I would only put it in when I used the stone because it took up a rack. I then moved t...

Bread baking on pizza stone question

by fresser 15 years ago

Hey all-- So, somehow, not sure where i even got this link, but probably here, i found a recipe for sourdough starter on egullet. Sourdough Jack, i think, is the guy's name. Anyway, he tells yo...

Cleaning a pizza stone

by Anne 15 years ago

Hi, I have a pizza stone that I got a long time ago. It came with a small plastic scraper that I have since lost, but I think my problem goes beyond that: I've been storing it on my oven floor due...

pizza stone cleaning

by Anne 15 years ago

Hi, I have a pizza stone that I got a long time ago. It came with a small plastic scraper that I have since lost, but I think my problem goes beyond that: I've been storing it on my oven floor due...

Pizza Stone (long)

by Leena T. 15 years ago

I hate to admit it, but I was one of those people who rushed out to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy an overpriced pizza stone when I finally learned about them. I didn't really take the time to figure...

pizza stone vs. pizza pan?

by brwnidqt 16 years ago

What's better for frozen pizzas: baking on a pizza stone or a pizza pan? Or do you prefer to bake it on a cookie sheet or right on the rack?

Pizza Stone Breaking and Toppings Suggestions

by Scott M. 16 years ago

I have been making pizza on a Weber Genesis Gold propane fueled BBQ by placing my pizza stone directly on the grill. I use this method because the BBQ can achieve much higher temperatures than my ...

Pizza stone

by Dukeofyork 16 years ago

Ah, what a wond'rous device 'tis! I saw one on sale yesterday and figured what the hell. After preheating the oven forever (as I have been told to do) I slid my pizza onboard with the help of a b...

Help: How do I cleaning up my pizza stone mess

by gudpal 16 years ago

So the pizza stuck to the peel -- not enough corn meal, mea culpa -- and now there's this baked on and blackened cheese, pepperoni and other stuff mess on the pizza stone. Can anyone offer suggesti...

pizza stone

by meagan 16 years ago

Any recommendations on a pizza stone? I had one years ago, left it in my oven all the time. It cracked and I never replaced it. I am in the market for a new one. Williams-sonoma has one for $29.00....

best pizza stone in the California Bay Area or online?

by jill 16 years ago

Hello homecookinghounds, I need your help. Where can I find a large square pizza stone? Do they come in rectangles? I only seem to be able to find the round stones. I'd like to keep mine in the o...

pizza stone substitute?

by angella 16 years ago

i live in an area that does NOT sell pizza stones. there are a lot of limestone slabs in my surroundings. provided i found one that is the right size, couldn't i just improvise by using this? no? o...

Pizza Stone

by Matt M. 16 years ago

Where, in the Cobble Hill area preferably, could one purchase a pizza stone for the oven? I know this may belong more in a not about the food board, but I wanted neighborhood specific answers. I ...

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