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Greasy Silicone Baking Mats That Never Get Clean? Solved!

Silicone mats are a boon to baking, but after time, they tend to develop a greasy layer that never wants to come off (one area where parchment paper has a definite advantage). Here's how to clean silicone...

Baking Soda for Crispy Chicken Skin?

by zackly 1 month ago

I see a lot of recipes(mostly chicken wings) that call for baking soda to be used in dry rubs to help get crispy skin. How about using it in wet rubs or marinades? Would it lose its effectiveness?

baking soda as a tenderizer - has ruined my food twice now....

by xiaobao12 10 years ago

the first dish was a hoisin stir fry and the second dish was japanese curry (S&B)...i was using chicken breast both times (not the ideal meat but that's what i had) - not a lot of fat so i'd though...

Dutch-processed cocoa powder and baking powder proportion

by winzee 2 years ago

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to bake a chocolate cake, it rises quite high then when it cooled, it seems to sink in the center and becomes quite densed. They key ingredients that I want to seek advi...

Baking Soda to Reduce Acidity of Tomato Sauce

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

Has anyone used baking soda to reduce the acidity of tomatoes in either tomato sauce or tomato soup? What was the outcome, and what proportions do you recommend? TIA :)

lye vs. baking soda for homemade pretzels

by momskitchen 13 years ago

I want to make homemade pretzels, and my recipe calls for the lye bath. My beloved Alton Brown suggests baking soda instead. I like this idea, because I have it on hand. Does it work as well? W...

Baking soda tenderizer discovery

by jbeaux 15 years ago

So last week I was preparing a beef vegetable stew and neglected it on the stove. When I returned, the meat had turned unbelievably tough... but then, I remembered my Chinese aunties using baking ...

Mixing baking soda & sour cream separately when making a cake batter

by A_R 4 years ago

I saw this recipe for Martha Stewart's which it mixes sour cream with baking soda first before adding it to the other ingredients 1- Why we mix baking soda with sour cream and not with the dry ing...

Baked Baking Soda for Soft Pretzels?

by foodandscience 7 years ago

I saw a recipe for soft pretzels on a blog recently. I've always briefly boiled my soft pretzels in a baking soda bath before baking but this recipe called for baking the baking soda in the oven f...

Why baking soda and yeast in a recipe?

by Howard_2 5 years ago

A recipe for cinnamon rolls in today's NYTimes uses baking soda as well as yeast. Can someone tell me the reason(s) for using both?

Does baking soda expire?

by anotherjennifer 11 years ago

There's a "best by" date on my baking soda. I made a honey cake yesterday and it fell after it came out of the oven. Now it has a giant trench in the middle. IIRC, this happened last September, ...

Food Scientist alert: What does baking soda do in this recipe?

by Susan627 14 years ago

The Alton Brown in me is dying to know...I made this recpe today, and a lot at Christmas time combining cereal (Quaker Oat Squares), nuts and then a butter-brown sugar-corn syrup mixture you boil t...

Carbonate of soda/bicarbonate of soda question

by jhalifax 9 years ago

I have an older recipe that calls for 1 tsp. of carbonate of soda, and 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. I've never seen carbonate of soda in supermarkets. Is it available? Can you substitute bic...

How does Baking Soda Clean?

by Sigurd 6 years ago

I have some pampered chef stuff and its really black. Some of the people say clean it with baking soda and a brush. It occurs to me as I make a paste and brush it around that I don't know whats goi...

Well, that was unexpected -- melting onions

by Jacquilynne 6 years ago

I was making fried sweet onions and bacons to go with perogies at dinner tonight, and I added just a tiny bit of baking soda, since I read on Serious Eats that it would speed up the caramelization ...

Baking soda to cook potatoes?

by calliope8 6 years ago

Since moving to Arlington, VA, I have struggled to make fluffy mashed potatoes. I have tried yukon gold & russets. Old & fresh. I just bought an electric pressure cooker which all internet sources...

Baking Soda as Meat Tenderizer

by David A. 17 years ago

Lately I've been using a Chinese technique: rubbing meat with baking soda as a tenderizer before cooking. It works very well. Does this technique exist in the West? Is there any argument against i...

Baking soda as meat tenderizer?

by Professor Salt 16 years ago

I'd like to know more specifics of the Chinese technique of using baking soda as a meat tenderizer. It's commonly used on thinly sliced pieces of tough beef and renders them "gummably" tender. I ...

Does sodium bicarbonate neutralize the acidic taste in food?

by IEatCleanFoods 10 years ago

I'm trying to make some nice frozen yogurt, but unfortunately it comes out very acidic tasting (like the yogurt itself). Adding sugar does not remove it. Would sodium bicarbonate help in this situa...

Substituting Bisquick for flour

Covert Ops
by Covert Ops 15 years ago

I was looking at this recipe http://food.southernliving.com/southern/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1176218 and in the comments someone said they didn't have flour, baking soda/pow...

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