Baking Sheets

Bakers, get advice on which baking sheets to buy and how to care for them. Ask the Chowhound experts about the best materials and places to buy baking sheets.

Welcome These Cumin Five-Spice Chicken Wings Into the Weekly Dinner Rotation

It’s easy to revert back to the same old chicken recipes—especially during quarantine, where every day feels a bit like waking up in “Groundhog Day.” As if by magic, you simply find yourself plucking...

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Aluminum pan only ovenproof to 450?!

by OrangeBlossom76 5 years ago

Hi all. I got a few sets of aluminum sheet pans for Christmas. More than I need and I'm going to return some. One set - it's a two-pack - says "oven safe to 450." That weirds me out. Shouldn't al...

Help ! What is happening when I grease my Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets?

by CactusPete23 5 years ago

I have two old stainless steel baking sheets that my mother had. Probably from the 1950's... I have cleaned the sheets until they shine. Used bartenders friend cleanser too.. But when I apply s...

How to clean residue off nonstick baking sheet?

by cyndychow 12 years ago

I forgot and left an Analon nonstick baking sheet, coated with sprayed on Pam, in the oven. Started preheating oven for dinner and realized the dirty sheet pan was still in there, when I smelled s...

stainless steel sheet pan?

by dixiegal 10 years ago

Do any of you have a SS sheet/baking pan instead of the aluminum ones? I am a bit of a health nut, and I am not comfortable cooking with aluminum. I have not used anything aluminum (except for th...

Copper or aluminum pizza pan?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 5 years ago

I broke my ceramic pizza pan and I want to get metal pizza pans now. I was thinking of getting just one 16" aluminum one from Nordic Ware (I have some sheet pans and they're pretty nice) http://www...

Toaster Oven Pans

by zackly 6 years ago

I have a Cuisinart toaster oven that came with an 11 1/2" X 10" rimmed baking pan. It's stainless steel. I would prefer an aluminum pan for better conductivity. Something like professional sheet p...

The Only 5 Pans You Really Need, per Cooking Light

by sueatmo 6 years ago

http://www.cookinglight.com/cooking-101/resources/what-pots-pans-need I thought this article was interesting. The five pots/pans they list are pretty good: an iron Dutch Oven, a stainless s/pan,...

Dented/Scratched Aluminum Baking Pans?

by JayCook 6 years ago

I just received some stuff from Nordicware and some of the items were dented or scratched. Is this normal? I know aluminum is softer but since they are brand new, I expected them to be okay. Is ...

Carbon Steel Roasting Sheets Toronto?

by Idas 6 years ago

Hi! I'm looking for carbon steel (no "non-stick" coating please) roasting pans/baking sheets. I'm tossing out non-stick for good and I saw a food writer with a well season carbon steel cookie she...

cookie sheet bangs and goes unlevel

by sylvan 6 years ago

when i'm using my cookie sheet, when it reaches about 300, there's a loud, startling bang and the cookie sheet goes twisted with two sides up and two down. I'm using it to roast chicken now and al...

Really cleaning stainless baking sheets

by pine time 10 years ago

I've tried all sourts of products, and my baking sheets still have brown blotches. Products tried: baking soda, Bar Tender's Friend, Brillo, lemon juice, ad infinitem. What really works?

Issue roasting chicken thighs on foil lined baking sheet?

by cestmoi15 7 years ago

Ok, so I assume this is something simple I'm just not aware of as a vegetarian, but for the rest of my family, tonight I roasted chicken thighs (425f ~ 20 min) on a foil lined baking sheet, to make...

Baking Sheet with rack?

by dixiegal 10 years ago

I see cooks on food network often using baking sheets with a rack inside them to keep the food off the bottom of the pan. What are these? I have not seen them in the stores. Are they using a baki...

De-Gunking Baking Sheets

by chefwong 8 years ago

What's your secret sauce on de-gunking baking sheets. The tops are fine...it's just the bottom, where it primarly get's soiled from pan underneath when doing a full oven of roasting and such... ...

Cookie Sheets Online

by Lorry13 11 years ago

So I need to replace my poor cookie sheet which is rusting. I want to buy two good-quality cookie sheets to replace this one but I don't know which brand/site to get it from. I live in a small to...

Need American equivalents to German ingredient and baking sheet

by nofunlatte 8 years ago

With the arrival of blue prune plums at the farmers market, I've decided to make a Zwetschgentorte (plum torte), which has been on my list of things to do for a few years now. I plan to make a yea...

Which of these baking sheets would you buy to replace non-stick ones?

by Hmc0625 9 years ago

I will be using them mainly for roasting veggies, baking chicken, and maybe cookies. I am currently test running the smaller version of the Nordicware pan. I have narrowed it down to these three op...

Baking sheets/pans and racks

by dixiegal 9 years ago

In cleaning out one of my mother's bedrooms, I discovered a pack of two half sheet pans. They are labled Polar Ware and are really thick and heavy. Seem very nice,( though I am not familiar with ...

Cooling rack slides around a little in the baking sheet...

by levander 9 years ago

Recently bought from Target the Calphalon "Kitchen Essentials" baking sheets 2-pack and then 2 Kitchen Essentials cooling racks to go with them. The racks fit inside the sheets okay. They fit p...