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Bakers, get advice on which baking sheets to buy and how to care for them. Ask the Chowhound experts about the best materials and places to buy baking sheets.
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BKF turned aluminum baking sheet dull - is the sheet still safe to use?

by Tabasco9 3 months ago

Used Barkeeper's Friend on Nordic Ware natural aluminum baking sheet. Dark grey color started coming off (I was clean...

Help me find baking (half sheet) pans that do not warp

by kimeats 4 years ago

Exactly what the title says. I've tried various types and thicknesses from the restaurant supply store as well as br...


VFish commented 3 months ago

WS goldtouch or regular USA baking pans?

by Pirendeus 2 years ago

I'm aware that both pan lines are made by USA Pans...but is there a difference other than the color and the cost? Has...

tim irvine commented 4 months ago

Gray residue on aluminum sheet pans, pots, saute pans and garlic press

by bucksguy14 8 years ago

I hand wash all of my aluminum pots, pans, and utensils, using Dawn dish detergent. I've never put any of them in the...


dvsb1234 commented 6 months ago

Cleaning cookie sheets

by karykat 8 years ago

I have some heavy guage half sheet pans I use for baking cookies and things. The other day, I used the pans to mak...

wekick commented 10 months ago

Getting "sticky stuff" off of a new cookie sheet

by jenscats5 7 years ago

I bought a new cookie sheet over the weekend by Chicago Metallic and the label was "glued" to the face of the pan whe...


suzy3841 commented 12 months ago

Aluminum pan only ovenproof to 450?!

by OrangeBlossom76 1 year ago

Hi all. I got a few sets of aluminum sheet pans for Christmas. More than I need and I'm going to return some. One s...


Chazzz commented 1 year ago

Help ! What is happening when I grease my Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets?

by CactusPete23 1 year ago

I have two old stainless steel baking sheets that my mother had. Probably from the 1950's... I have cleaned the she...


alexrander commented 1 year ago

How to clean residue off nonstick baking sheet?

by cyndychow 8 years ago

I forgot and left an Analon nonstick baking sheet, coated with sprayed on Pam, in the oven. Started preheating oven ...


Samalam commented 1 year ago

stainless steel sheet pan?

by dixiegal 6 years ago

Do any of you have a SS sheet/baking pan instead of the aluminum ones? I am a bit of a health nut, and I am not comf...

Cam14 commented 2 years ago

Copper or aluminum pizza pan?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 2 years ago

I broke my ceramic pizza pan and I want to get metal pizza pans now. I was thinking of getting just one 16" aluminum ...


FluffyKiwiFruit08 commented 2 years ago

Toaster Oven Pans

by zackly 2 years ago

I have a Cuisinart toaster oven that came with an 11 1/2" X 10" rimmed baking pan. It's stainless steel. I would pre...

Coogles commented 2 years ago

The Only 5 Pans You Really Need, per Cooking Light

by sueatmo 2 years ago I thought this article was interesting. The ...

drrayeye commented 2 years ago

Dented/Scratched Aluminum Baking Pans?

by JayCook 2 years ago

I just received some stuff from Nordicware and some of the items were dented or scratched. Is this normal? I know alu...


darrenk commented 2 years ago

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Carbon Steel Roasting Sheets Toronto?

by Idas 2 years ago

Hi! I'm looking for carbon steel (no "non-stick" coating please) roasting pans/baking sheets. I'm tossing out non-s...

Heirloom Cookie Sheets - Heirloom Cookie Sheets

by FancyEating 3 years ago

Have any of you bought and tried using this cookie sheet from Heirloom Cookie Sheets? I heard good things about it on...


Dyanaru commented 2 years ago

cookie sheet bangs and goes unlevel

by sylvan 3 years ago

when i'm using my cookie sheet, when it reaches about 300, there's a loud, startling bang and the cookie sheet goes t...

coll commented 3 years ago

Really cleaning stainless baking sheets

by pine time 7 years ago

I've tried all sourts of products, and my baking sheets still have brown blotches. Products tried: baking soda, Bar...


pine time commented 3 years ago

Issue roasting chicken thighs on foil lined baking sheet?

by cestmoi15 3 years ago

Ok, so I assume this is something simple I'm just not aware of as a vegetarian, but for the rest of my family, tonigh...

scubadoo97 commented 3 years ago

Baking Sheet with rack?

by dixiegal 6 years ago

I see cooks on food network often using baking sheets with a rack inside them to keep the food off the bottom of the ...


AmyLearnsToCook commented 3 years ago