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Baking supplies on roadtrip

by thebakingjourney 6 months ago

I‘m going on a roadtrip (Orlando, Panama City, Huntsville AL, Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Greenville SC, Charleston, Savannah, Miami, Las Vegas) in November. As I‘m from Germany I would like to visit ...

Bought this in 1997 and I need help identifying it!

by jennmc31 7 months ago

I worked in a dr's office in 1997 in Ocala, FL and for the Christmas party there was this cookware decor that had different pieces that all the ladies wanted from their secret Santa. I was able to ...

Your favourite pieces of bakeware?

by damiano 1 year ago

A similar thread by iluvcooking has proven to be very useful, and in that thread tim irvine mentioned bakeware. I think bakeware deserves a single thread, so here goes: what are your 5 favourite pi...

How to clean pyrex baking dishes?

by JuliaG 8 years ago

All my pyrex dishes have hard-core baked on food stains that I cannot get off. I have tried scrubbing with baking soda and also with bar keepers friend - to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion ...

Why did my Pyrex baking dish explode?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 10 years ago

I had a Halloween party last week, and stayed up late the night before making dolmades. It was my first attempt, so it took several hours preparing the rice mixture, boiling and drying the grape l...

Haviland Mariselles & Ranson

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Are these durable porcelain or bone china or? What shade of white do they resemble or go with, Wedgwood White, Pillivuyt, Pier 1 white porcelaint? Can you bake in the covered casseroles or ar...

Canele copper molds in Victoria or Vancouver BC?

by monkeybikegirl 1 year ago

Does anyone know where to get Canele copper molds in Victoria or even Vancouver BC?

Pros and cons of glass vs. ceramic baking dish

by taos 4 years ago

What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of glass vs ceramic for a baking dish?

Your favorite Le Creuset color

by Monica 12 years ago

Orange(or was it called Flame) is my favorite...though I ended up ordering red since orange wasn't available.

8X8 Pan for Brownies- conversions?

by cookingforlife77 5 years ago

Hi Everyone, I want to make this recipe for brownies: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/01/best-cocoa-brownies/ And it says you need an 8x8 pan... As you can see from my picture- that i...

Is there a difference between Arcuisine Borosilicate and Ocuisine Borosilicate glass baking dishes?

by landon92 2 years ago

I am looking to invest in borosilicate baking dishes. I have read a number of positive reviews about Arcuisine baking dishes and have decided to give them a try. However I have noticed some places ...

Consumer Reports Investigates Exploding Pyrex

by wvgardener 8 years ago

The new January, 2011 issue of Consumer Reports has a five page spread on "Glass bakeware that shatters." While they stopped short of saying not to buy the stuff, it's pretty clear that there are ...

Perfect Lasagne Pan?

by lguynn 2 years ago

I'm getting rid of old worn out has-been baking dishes and pans, including my go to lasagne pan. It's an Anchor Hocking 4 qt and measures 13.5 x 9.5 and it's 2 in deep. It has cracks and scratches....

China made cookware not healthy ?

by toyopl 7 years ago

Hello, I'm currently shopping for few items like ramekins, casseroles, cooking baking trays, and others. I'm looking for cheaper stuff, since I'm a bargain shopper and I buy good stuff when it go...

Can I super-glue a handle back on baking dish?

by mschow 12 years ago

I accidently broke the handle off of a nice baking dish I have. If I super-glue this back on, will it withstand the oven temperature? I bought another type of glue at Target that says it's for gl...

Sticky Breville Pan - How to Clean?

by poochiechow 2 years ago

hey CH, i have a Breville that came with an enamel 12"x12" baking pans (http://www.brevilleusa.com/baking-pan-bov800xl.html) that has gotten a layer of sticky crust all over it over the past two ye...

i have to wake up daily to bake

by Magreth 3 years ago

Hi guys, its been a while in here. i do home baking and i sell cinnamon rolls or used to and i want it to give it another try. The last time i was baking i encountered a lot of problems that i may...

Tart tatin pans

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 years ago

I should've paid better attention, but it seems all of a sudden tart Tatin pans with handles have disappeared. I don't get it, Mauviel. The handles were functional. The new pans with no handles j...

Souffle / ramekin size?

by Seitan 3 years ago

I'm shopping for souffle / ramekins now and coming across various sizes. I just want individual serving dishes. Is there a standard or ideal capacity that I should look for?