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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Passionate Home Cook

If you’re Googling “giant teddy bear” or “roses near me,” step away from your phone. Then come back and take a look at our roundup of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her that are actually useful...

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Having a yard sale. Can't remember the name of this piece of bakeware. Does anyone know?

by karykat 10 years ago

It's a piece of aluminum bakeware. Kind of like a brioche pan but the edges are sharp not rounded. It looks like a star if you look down on it from above, with the base smaller than the top whi...

Where to buy cookware, bakeware, etc?

by chai 11 years ago

Hi Chows, I would appreciate your recommendations on where to buy cookware, bakeware, cook’s utensils, etc in the GTA? Where can I find great selection, quality and value? I am familiar with Willi...

"Blue Steel" bakeware care

by Riomarguy 12 years ago

I used a french blue steel sheet pan to roast off some chicken for Memorial Day. When I washed the pan the next day, the blue finish came off wherever the chicken had caramelized. Two questions: i...

White with blue trim bakeware

by TatyanaG 11 years ago

I saw this beautiful au gratin dish, white with blue twim around the edge on one of the food blogs. Here it is (scroll down): http://last-bite.blogspot.com/2008/07/got-milk.html Does anyone know...

My favorite cookware/ bakeware

by JoMetros 11 years ago

... is Foldtuk. It's collapsible bakeware that can go from freezer to oven, is dishwasher safe, non-stick, and unbreakable. It really has changed cooking in my house and I had to recommend it as ...

Silicone bakeware ?

by goodeatsinadive 12 years ago

We've been debating whether or not to purchase any of these items. Anyone here have any experience with this bakeware and if so, what do you recommend? All suggestions and criticism will be app...

Silicon bakeware--questions

by Kagey 13 years ago

I love the look of all this new silicone bakeware, and even got myself a bundt cake pan that I could probably fold up and stick in the drawer if I wanted to. But two questions: 1. Do you have t...


by JUDYSBACI 12 years ago

Would anyone know where I could purchase All Clad Bakeware? I live in the USA and I can't find what I'm looking for here. Holiday wishes to all.

Cracked Bakeware - Any ideas?

by bworp 12 years ago

I have a friend who received bakeware as a wedding gift. She uses it regularly and loves it and the way it looks. Recently she put some meat into a cake style pan and into the oven on warm, the c...

Bakeware Advice

by oralfixation 12 years ago

My general approach to bakeware has been to buy the cheap stuff, because I just assume that it has a very limited shelf life. As most of mine is coming up for replacement and my budget is a little ...

Bakeware etc in Downtown?

by morebubbles 12 years ago

Hi everyone. I've been asked to recommend a store in downtown Montreal where bakeware is sold. The person looking for this store is from out of town, so would prefer not to travel outside the dow...

Essential Bakeware

by Amy_C 12 years ago

I love desserts and baking but I'm embarrassed to admit that my bakeware selection is extremely limited. Currently I own a square and loaf pyrex, a muffin tin, and 2 cookie sheets. With Amazon's ...

Vintage bakeware

by mookster 13 years ago

Has anyone had any experience using vintage bakeware? I've recently realized that a bulk of my bakeware is quite old & bought on the fly (right before I needed it, too little time to do any resea...

silicone vs normal bakeware - moved from non-food board

by kate 15 years ago

Silicone bakeware abounds... and it's so pretty and easy to clean!!! However, my mum says that it doesn't really crisp anything (eg. give a loaf of bread a crust) or even brown things enough (chest...

bakeware recommendations

by sheiladeedee 13 years ago

I need to get a couple of jelly roll pans and am wondering if the All-Clad bakeware is worth the price. I do a lot of baking around the holidays and my old aluminum pans are getting kind of grotty...

Small Glass Covered Cook/Bakeware

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 13 years ago

I lost the cover to one of my small Pyrex pieces. I was looking to replace the entire piece but there seems to be nothing comperable out there - especially with Pyrex who now thoughtfully includes...

Building a Stable of Bakeware

by murray6789 13 years ago

So I'm three days into a two-year gig in Haiti, and I've quickly realized that making baked goods will not only entertain me but it will also build much-needed friendships. The problem is that whi...

cookie sheets and bakeware

by cherrytreegirl 14 years ago

What should i look for in buying a high-quality cookie sheet? Can anyone recommend a specifc brand? Does it even matter to pay for an expensive cookie sheet or other bakeware?

Silicone bakeware

by LoN 15 years ago

I purchased 2 six cup "brioche" pans in silicone. Can these be used for yorkshire puddings with success?? They are the first silicone bakeware dishes I've owned. Thanks....

Cake and Muffin bakeware...

by ACM 15 years ago

I don't like buying a piece of kitchen equipment only to find that, for some odd reason, it fails to make the cut. I typically pour over the internet and published reviews and recs from the likes o...

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