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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Passionate Home Cook

If you’re Googling “giant teddy bear” or “roses near me,” step away from your phone. Then come back and take a look at our roundup of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her that are actually useful...

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E. Dehillerin---what to buy?

by Pirendeus 3 years ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris (possibly once in a life time) and plan to visit E. Dehillerin. Any suggestions on something useful and memorable to buy that's not common in the u.s.? I think my kitchen...

new bakeware ... not non-stick?

by lilaki 10 years ago

hi hounds, over the past few years, with all the talk about the possible effects of teflon etc., i moved to stainless steel and cast iron for my cookware. however, i have a TON of bakeware tha...

Doughmakers Muffin Tin

by Libranflight 3 years ago

http://www.ebay.com/itm/142173386100 Just sharing some info I found, for fans of Doughmakers bakeware. They used to be made in the USA but quite a while ago, manufacturing was moved to China. ...

Vintage, hard-to-find and cult brand names

by fairdose 6 years ago

My parents bought Rena cookware back in the early 1970's which we still have and all the pieces are still in near-perfect condition 40+ years later. I'm wondering if there are other vintage, ret...

Will it break? What's safe to put in a toaster oven?

by redbeanbun 8 years ago

Greetings Hounders. We recently replaced our toaster oven with one of those fancy Breville compact smart ovens. Then I read on the internet that putting oven safe glassware like pyrex or anchor h...

Durable bakeware

by zackly 6 years ago

I’m looking for economically priced bakeware that doesn't chip and/or rust. I buy these gray colored non-stick pans (Norpro?)that initially work great but quickly degrade. The coating chips off t...

Help! Need a sub for pie weights that isn't dried beans

by momnivore 9 years ago

I'm making a crust for a blood orange tart and forgot that it needs pie weights. I know you can substitute dried beans but what if you don't have any? Can I try a smaller pie dish on top? Thanks!

Help with bakeware!!!

by UnderPressure 4 years ago

I found this great recipe for french baguettes on Food Wishes and the bread comes out amazing- my issue is, the bread sticks to the bottom of the cookie sheet. In the video he uses a silicon mat,...

Lasagna in a metal pan

by cblackwell44 11 years ago

Will my lasagna turn out okay if it cooks in a metal baking dish? I understand that there are far better alternative, but it's either an undersized glass pan or a properly sized metal pan. Thanks!

Nonstick OXO Pro vs. USA Pan

by DLovsky 4 years ago

Maybe I'm late, but I recently (2 months ago) found this OXO Good Grips® Pro Nonstick line at the local BB&B with a somewhat higher price tag (of course, it's OXO). http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com...

Silicon: Is it the non-stick component of parchment paper and is it safe?

by gfr1111 4 years ago

Reynolds won't tell you on its website if silicon is the "natural non-stick" component of parchment paper that makes it non-stick. Is it? Is it safe to use? Apparently, it was not for breast impl...

Natural vs. Anodized Aluminum Bakeware

by JayCook 4 years ago

What is the difference in practical use? Which is preferred? I bought Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Bakeware because of some great reviews. It did bake brownies and cookies very well. However, fi...

Mauviel 1830 bakeware

by itryalot 4 years ago

I bought these on impulse- one tart/muffin pan, one pie pan and a pizza pan with holes. They were $3 ea, all originally priced at more than $25. They are black steel with a fine non stick coating....

cake baking pans

by midtownDiner123 11 years ago

are my non-stick springform pans the reason my cakes are really too crisp on the edges? if so, can i get a suggestion on pans that won't cause this problem? i'm going to get an oven thermometer...

Mystery Emile Henry

by Mojave 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I thrifted two Emile Henry pieces this weekend for a total of $25. I have searched the style numbers imprinted on the bottoms and cannot find but one or two others from ebay. I ...

Should I downsize my bakeware? Things I should add?

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 5 years ago

I am moving and thinking about downsizing a bit, especially if some duplicate/redundant items can be replaced with things I need. I'd love suggestions for things to get rid of and things I should g...

Stop The Pyrex/Glassware Shenanigans (Extreme temperature change issues)

by AfrocentricRN29 5 years ago

I have seen a few threads about not using pyrex because of explosion issues. I am not sure if there are some other reason for the explosion, but I just want to tell all my cooks out there (both roo...

Care for baker's half sheet and What does Ina use?

by charmdesign 8 years ago

I bought a Nordic Ware baker's sheet and I wonder if there is any way to keep the sheets from turning dark? I also wonder which sheet's Ina uses because her always look nice and silvery.

Other options than aluminum bakeware? Non-stick steel or....

by PutSomethingTogether 5 years ago

Seems like most the bakeware out there is Aluminum. I don't want to get in a big debate whether Aluminum is good or bad for you to cook with. I still cook with it some but want to phase out of it. ...