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Most delicious birthday cake in Carmel

by relizabeth 7 days ago

Celebrating 3 out of 4 generations birthdays in Carmel in a few weeks. Looking for most delicious bakery to order a c...

Ttrockwood commented 7 days ago

Beyond Chow-worthy Italian + Bakery in North Van

by 1newyorkguy 25 days ago

In the old Ethical Kitchen spot an italian restaurant has recently opened named Orto Artisan Pasta. They are making ...


tdiddy23 commented 10 days ago

Haleh Pastry & Cafe | Sunnyvale

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

The Sunnyvale branch of Haleh Pastry, a Persian-style bakery opened a few months ago. Besides the pastries, this spot...

ssfire commented 11 days ago

In and around Clarkson, Mississauga

by fryerlover 6 years ago

Looking for good eats of all kinds in the area. Love to try new places/foods. I've had good pizza from Jopapa's on T...


fryerlover commented 12 days ago

ISO best wood fired Montreal bagels in GTA

by itryalot 1 month ago

There are a few contenders but looking for advice. Montreal style wood fired... GTA. Only tried the one in Kensington...


fryerlover commented 12 days ago

Rye Bread NO CARAWAY on Long Island

by Gastronomos 17 days ago

In Desperate search of where to buy Rye Bread with NO CARAWAY Not just "No Seeds" but NO CARAWAY Not ground, no...

Scott_R commented 14 days ago

Scout Coffee Co. in San Luis Obispo

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

My first stop on hitting town was Scout Coffee Co. Open for two years, the husband-and-wife founders are alums of San...

OldJalamaMama commented 15 days ago

Esterhazy torte/schnitte in New York?

by ketoile 20 days ago

There are older threads about this, but is there seriously nowhere in New York that specializes in classic Viennese p...


ketoile commented 15 days ago

The Life and Times of the Buttered Roll

by sadie 1 month ago

Dear NYC CH friends, Although I lurk on these boards nearly every day, today I'm writing with a general inquiry f...

Fred19 commented 16 days ago

Best pastry, chocolate, dessert shops in Barcelona, SS, Bilbao and Mallorca

by Monica 19 days ago

I see a lot of reviews and recommendations on restaurants but not too many on dessert and chocolate shops in Spain. ...

erica commented 16 days ago

Birthday Cake in LA

by kzukor 23 days ago

My daughter will be moving into USC on August 16th, but we will arrive in LA on her 18th birthday August 14th. I'd l...

cookie monster commented 18 days ago

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Carlock's Bakery | Los Osos - SLO County

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

Passing through Los Osos last month, I stopped by Carlock's Bakery.

Lake Forest Pastry shop in Clayton Missouri

by tycointl 11 years ago

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me. I know that the Lake Forest pastry shop is closed and has been fo...

hill food commented 19 days ago

New Life at Italian-French Bakery

by little big al 2 months ago

The old bakery at Union and Grant has been taken over by Sylvia's Bakery. It's strictly pastries and coffee (I was ho...


patmonk commented 1 month ago

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ISO Cha Gio frozen (by the dozen) GTA

by itryalot 1 month ago

I have my pit stops ready for our visit to GTA but the other couple we're travelling with want to buy frozen vietname...

Short Visit to Philly - Passyunk, bakeries, cheesesteaks, etc.

by arp29 2 months ago

Hi ‘hounds, I am heading to Philly in 2 weeks with my sister and my 10 and 21 year old nephews. The 21 year old wil...


Bigley9 commented 1 month ago

Why are there so few good bakeries

by ChewFun 9 years ago

It's nearly 20 years since Marvelous Market opened. In the early 90s there was a burst of bakery activity, but it ap...


Querencia commented 1 month ago

Your top 3 in Toronto

by prima 8 months ago

What are your top 3 foods/restaurants /places to shop in Toronto lately? My top 3 places to eat: Saturday Dinette...

prima commented 1 month ago

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Cover's Apple Ranch | Tuolumne - Gold Country

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Cover's Apple Ranch grows apples, offers farm tours, and runs a bakery and deli for visitors. The building even has a...