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The Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies You Didn't Realize Your Passover Needed

For the best Passover seder food, New York's Breads Bakery should be on your bucket list. Note: This piece was written prior to the spread of COVID-19 but you can currently still place orders for pickup...

The Life and Times of the Buttered Roll

by sadie 3 years ago

Dear NYC CH friends, Although I lurk on these boards nearly every day, today I'm writing with a general inquiry for a piece I'm writing. Specifically, on the Buttered Roll. It (by which I mean ...


North Shore Farms opens market in Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 3 days ago

It is a chain out of Long Island and Queens. Their first market in Westchester opened on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. It looks nice and glossy, stocked to brim in all departments. They are offeri...


Help locating coconut cake for my birthday

by honeybrook_99 2 days ago

Several years ago I had the most wonderful multiple layer coconut cake at Dickie Brennan’s steakhouse. I was told by the GM it was made for them by a local bakery. We are headed back for my birthda...

Society Bakery & Cafe | Sebastopol - Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

Last month I stopped by Society Bakery & Cafe located in the Antique Society in Sebastopol. This venue has been home to a number of bakeries that i've enjoyed over the years. This one is a winner ...

Petit Fours in LA or OC

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 12 days ago

Does anyone know a source for fondan covered petit fours - specifically the kind covered in fondant glazed (NOT that waxy white or brown chocolate plastic-textured flavorless coating) with some sor...

Vietnamese baguettes in Massachusetts?

by muabanhmi 16 days ago

Looking for vietnamese baguettes( banh mi) wholesaler in massachusetts.. if you know any bakery that do please let me know.. appreciated.

In Memory: Yung Sing Pastry Shop

by syoung 7 months ago

On about Nov 29, 2009, Yung Sing put up a note on the window saying they were closed for renovations, but alas they never did reopen. Today the remnants of the store is still there, shuttered up wi...

"Lucullus Bakery," Richmond Hill - Greedy hoarding of Egg Tarts!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

Come on people! Give me a break! First, hoarding Toilet paper... now, Chinese Egg Tarts??!! Went to Lucullus Bakery, Richmond Hill lunch time to grab some Hong Kong style baked goods. About 7...

Bakers Against Racism - Silicon Valley, June 15-20

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 23 days ago

More than 2,500 bakers across the country and internationally have registered for the Bakers Against Racism bake sale to be held June 15 to 20. https://www.today.com/food/pastry-chefs-create-gian...

Salt Rising Bread?

by Malcolm Ruthven 24 days ago

I grew up eating Salt Rising Bread for breakfast toast on Saturday, since a bakery in my home town in Missouri baked it on Friday night. Most people don't know about it, or if they do don't really ...

Ace Endico Marketplace does home delivery...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Ace Endico, based in Brewster, is a major wholesale food distributor in greater Westchester. Their retail arm, Ace Endico Marketplace, offers a wide variety of food items. The public can visit the ...

Portuguese Custard Tart (SF Sunset)

by Malcolm Ruthven 4 years ago

Mr. Bread (new Jan 2016) is at 1018 Taraval in the Sunset in SF, near 19th Ave. The bakery is owned by a family from Macau who also owned Victor’s on Taraval. I stopped in recently and had their Po...

Where to buy Fresh/frozen grass/organic fed liver?

by beeflover1 1 month ago

Where can I buy Fresh or frozen grass fed calf/beef liver on the silicon Valley area?

chocolate chip cookies in Lahaina

by emily 16 years ago

When I was kid in the 1980s, we used to visit Maui a few times a year and one of the food treats that stood out for me were chocolate chip cookies. These cookies came from a bakery located on the f...

any old new yorkers out there, Yorkville in the 1970's?

by sues 19 years ago

I lived in New York in the 1970's, and I still dream about the Linzer cookies, raspberry and apricot, from Bauer's bakery in Yorkville. They were unlike any other linzer cookies, huge, golden brow...

Misfits Bakehouse in Palo Alto (location updated)

by takuhead 1 month ago

Misfit Kitchen is open but you need to order ahead and no deliveries on the weekend. We go there every week lately https://www.misfits.kitchen/

Trader Joe's switches up beloved frozen croissant!

by athome11215 2 years ago

Urgh! So frustrated and sad to report that the small frozen croissants that I have been buying from Trader Joe's out of their frozen "breakfast" inventory for nearly ten years have been substitute...

The Bread Factory, New Rochelle, still delivers...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

We have been stopping into The Bread Factory on Grove St., New Rochelle, for years. It is a local gem. The Orza family has a long history in the bakery business, and I must say while I sit here enj...

Key Lime Pie by The Perfect Crumb Bakery (Monterey & Salinas)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Yesterday was opening day for the farmers market at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. I dropped by to pick up some fresh fruits. But also got distracted by The Perfect Crumb Bakery's booth and the ...

Diamond Bakery on Fairfax/Beverly Grove

by MariaFeliz 2 months ago

Diamond Bakery is taking orders. Pick up is this Monday, May 18. Detailed info and order form on their website.