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I'm a Professional Baker but My Kids Love These Store Bought Snacks

Honestly, I cannot even believe that as of September I'm now living with two children in high school. It was bad enough when I had one; I’m very attached to the image of myself as the “young” mom jauntily...

Meal Pal for lunch

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 1 year ago

I was curious about Meal Pal, so when they were offering a 50% off promotion, I signed up. What it is: You sign up and pay for a plan, either 12 or 20 meals per month/30-day period. Variou...

September Lunch Thread?

by yumfactr 1 year ago

Hello! I don't post often and I'm not sure what is appropriate for the board - I'm wondering if anyone normally posts a lunch thread, or if there is any interest in that if not? As the academic ye...

The Best Lunchbox?

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Sorry chowhound, not sure where to put this, but I am looking for suggestions on a superior food travel container, so not about the actual food in the box, but what to use to take food to work, if ...

Healthy Sack Lunches for 80 Children

by MinecraftMom228 1 year ago

I am responsible for making sack lunches for underprivileged children this summer. I want to offer healthier options without breaking the bank. I will have access to a few grocery stores and a Sam'...

Ideas for feeding lunch to 50 adults

by MinecraftMom228 1 year ago

I am looking for lunch ideas to feed 50 people on a mission trip. I will have access to a standard home kitchen and a grill. Any ideas are appreciated!

'Portable' Easter Dinner

by thawes 2 years ago

Hi, I live in Washington state, and have been making meals for our homeless each week. With Easter coming up, I feelmlike I should do a lunch or dinner, we do not have a homeless shelter where we a...

Yet another request for lunch ideas (but a little different)

by yumfactr 4 years ago

Seeking lunch ideas that don't need to be heated and that are minimally fussy and budget friendly. I have a cooler bag but no microwave. Open to all cuisines - minimal meat but open to it. I use to...

What to feed a 1 year old

by delys77 3 years ago

Hello fellow chowhounds! We are fast coming up on my little guys 1st birthday (in a few weeks). I am super excited about this big milestone but also a little apprehensive. His nutrition is imp...

Ideas for lunch on the go

by spoonulas 4 years ago

I am looking for any recipe or concept ideas for lunch I can take on the go. I like to bring my own lunch to work rather than to purchase out when possible. The problem is that I am on the road fre...

Pasty Kitchen: UP Mich. Miner's Lunch

by drrayeye 4 years ago

Woke up from a dream--realized I had not eaten a local UP backwoods pasty (pronounced "pass--tee") for many years. I was sure that they were still there--even though the mines had shut down long a...

Bagged lunch ideas- NO FRIDGE OR MICROWAVE!

by CarmenR 9 years ago

Yes, you read correctly. I am starting a new job where we have NO fridge or microwave. I absolutely refuse to pay to eat out lunch every day, so I'm searching for things other than sandwiches t...

lunch containers for kids

by lilaki 4 years ago

hi CHers, not sure if i'm posting in the right board (please move if required)... my little guy is starting kindergarten in september (gulp). we will need to send him with lunch. we've been...

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