Bacon makes everything better: fact. Chowhounds talk about the best bacon to buy, how to cook it, and where to find bacon dishes on a menu anywhere.

Baked Eggs in Mini Pumpkins Are Peak Fall Breakfast Fare

These baked eggs in mini pumpkins from Chowhound video producer Olivia Geyelin are the ultimate fall breakfast, even before you get to the bacon butternut squash hash with rosemary or sage on the side...

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Shanghai style preserved pork @ Marina Food in San Mateo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Marina Food has house-cured Shanghai style preserved pork ("bacon" belly cut) displayed on top of the counter in the meat department. I bought a piece to try, $6.99 per pound, slicing and steaming ...

Nitrate Free Bacon- what's the difference?

by javaandjazz 13 years ago

Is there any noticeable difference between regular bacon and nitrate free bacon? I see nitrate free bacon at Trader Joe's all the time and have been tempted to try it. What brand should I try? Th...

Canadian Bacon - a total loss?

by mookster 14 years ago

I bought a pkg. of Canadina Bacon @ The Greenmarket (Flying Pigs)last Sat. (eight days ago). Not opened yet - is it still okay? Damn this ridiculous work schedule!

Sweet Potatoes with Bacon?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Hi everyone, Because I hate that cloying sweet potato casserole, I'm always looking for ways to change things up but still make everyone happy on Thanksgiving. I've done baked, mashed and roaste...

Can I eat bacon after use by date?

by alesandra 3 years ago

I have some bacon in the fridge and the use by date on the packet was 4 days ago. Is it still ok to eat? (Wanted to add it though to some pasta for dinner, which is in 2 hours)

Bacon Grease - Shelf life?

by WhatsEatingYou 7 years ago

I saved the fat when I fried up some bacon a few weeks ago and have been using pats here and there for eggs and sauteing but am using sparingly since I do not make bacon often. How long can the fa...

Can Cured Salt Pork Be Used In Place of Bacon?

by Canthespam 12 years ago

Message I am making Julia Childs' recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon for the first time. It calls for 6 oz. of slab bacon. I could only find large pre-packaged slab bacon. The butcher at Mollie Stones...

Cooking bacon in a pure clay pot (stovetop)

by montisqu 4 years ago

Is it possible to cook just bacon in a pure clay pot on a stovetop? I would be using either ghee or lard for the oil. Does the pot absorb the leftover oil?

Peameal Bacon

by jamesm 14 years ago

My girlfriend's mom bought us a giant amount of good quality peameal bacon. Why, I have no idea. I've never said anything about peameal bacon to her in my life. Anyway, I've not eaten a ton of baco...

Bacon Rind

by markbrown43420 3 years ago

My favorite local butcher carries bags of what they call bacon rinds. Years ago, I bought a bag, thinking they would be like pork rinds, only bacon. This did not go as planned. I finished the on...

ISO Dry Cured bacon available near Orlando

by eimac4 3 years ago

I read an article about dry cured bacon and would like to try it. i checked at Whole Foods and they don't carry it. Has anyone seen it in a store. I can order it online but the shipping is astronom...

Sauteed shrimp in bacon grease?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

I love a simple sauteed shrimp with butter, garlic and usually a dash or two of red pepper flakes but tonight spotted my jar of bacon grease and started plotting. Does anyone ever saute shrimp in ...

Smithfield Hickory Smoked Sliced Pork Jowl Bacon

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Visiting Palm Springs last month, I stopped at the Stater Brothers market in TwentyNine Palms on the way back from Joshua Tree to pick up some groceries. Intending to buy salt pork, I spotted Smith...

Rind on Bacon...

by RobertM 3 years ago

Where is the DC Metro / Baltimore area can I find sliced country or slab bacon that has the rind on?

Looking for bacon/red sauce pasta recipe

by kbear10 3 years ago

When I was a kid, I had a babysitter who took me to her house one night for dinner. Her mom baked a spaghetti in the oven- but it had bacon and red sauce in it. It was their favorite family dish....

Help with beef tenderloin leftovers

by mrjones15 4 years ago

A couple months ago I took my first attempt at slaying a whole beef tenderloin. I ended up cutting the filet mignon out of it but I still had left overs and I would absolutely love to make some ste...

Bacon Jam

by mgs68 4 years ago

I want to make some Bacon Jam and give out as gifts. I have a standard recipe but any out of the box ingredients I could add to set my Jam apart? I was thinking Jalapeños or some chipotle powder? T...

Where can I buy Benton's Bacon in Manhattan?

by Torolover 4 years ago

Where can I buy Bentons Bacon in Manhattan? I've bought it online before but the shipping is expensive. Any other Bacon that has the same incredible amount of smoke flavor?

Men, bacon and puppies

by EM23 4 years ago

A perfect recipe! ETA: Mother dog smells bacon cooking in a cabin, stops by and then leads bachelor party to her litter of puppies in the woods.

Recipe ideas for lamb, bacon and venison

by antihawk 4 years ago

Hi, all. I have leftover venison, lamb and bacon. I was wondering if anyone had any recipe ideas to incorporate those three meats into one dish. I'm primarily looking for a one-pot solution. ...