Bachelor Party

What happens in Vegas--or at a bachelor party--stays there. So plan accordingly with advice from Chowhounds about the best places to host a bachelor party, menu planning, dinner recommendations, and more.

The Best Tips to Prevent a Hangover

We’ve all been there before. The sun is filtering in through the shades after a lengthy night of tossing back tequila shots, your eyes are slowly adjusting to the sharp, piercing light, and your head...

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Denver Restaurant/Bar Recommendations May 23-27 for Bachelor Party

by hypemnd 7 years ago

I'm hosting a bachelor party in Denver on Memorial Day weekend for a group of 10-12 guys in their mid-30's. We are staying in Cherry Creek, but I'm sure we will be spending a fair amount of time d...

Bachelor Party Menu ideas

by GRNichols22 7 years ago

Ok, so some friends and I have rented a cabin for the weekend for a bachelor party. We're pretty much just going to be hanging out and enjoying each other's company for the weekend, and I've volun...

Bachelor Party dining ideas

by bbehrens1984 7 years ago

I am planning a bachelor party for March 16-18. It will be 11 guys all in their late 20's early 30's. I was thinking of going out one night in Back Bay/Fenway area and the other downtown. What f...

Cocktail bars in Midtown for bachelor party

Matt H
by Matt H 7 years ago

Hey all, A group of us from Boston and Tampa will be in Atlanta for a friends wedding in a little over a month's time. We will be taking the groom out for a night out starting off with dinner a...

Key West Bachelor Party Dinner

by sn7979 7 years ago

Planning my brother's bachelor party that will take place in Key West in a couple weeks. It will be a group of around 15 guys. Any suggestions for a cool place that takes reservations? Ideally...

Stag party input

by dirty_mick 7 years ago

About eight thirty-somethings converging on New Orleans for a stag/bachelor weekend. Doing at least one nice dinner. We were all last in NoLa for my brother's bach party, and hit Commander's Palace...

Bachelor Party - Which Two? - Cochon, La Boca, NoLa, Domenica?

by Terptime 7 years ago

Headed to New Orleans in mid-january for a 2 night bachelor partyy; a Saturday-Monday MLK holiday stay. There are about 10 of us. Young Professionals in our early 30's. We like more upscale places,...

Non-steakhouse Bachelor Party Dinner - Providence

by Frobisher 7 years ago

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Most of the places I regularly go for a nice meal (Chez Pascal, New Rivers etc.) don't really fit the bill for a bachelor party. Steakhouses have been nixed by...

Planning bachelor party in San Francisco - need suggestions

by psteeboy 7 years ago

I'm planning a bachelor party in San Francisco. I've only been there once. I am looking for fun things to do, great places to eat, maybe a great bar with good bear and food. This is a tame bunch - ...

Bachelor Party dinner recs in San Francisco.

by swicks 7 years ago

Hey all, Looking for a few recs for a bachelor party dinner in September. About 15 people, early to mid-30's so not really the hard-partying frat-boy scene so we aren't looking for the standard...

Reykjavik Bachelor Party - Perlan vs. Kolabrautin

by cjthekid 7 years ago

Hi, I'm headed to Reykjavik this August/Sept for a long weekend Bachelor Party. We've booked a couple of dining options for each of our nights: 1. Einar Ben for our first night 2. Perlan ...

Dinner for Bachelor Party - Niagara Falls

by jdgo75 7 years ago

Hi All I am organizing a stag party in Niagra Falls. I dont make my way down there all that often, so I am hoping for some thoughts on the best place to organize the dinner. It does not have t...

Milwaukee Saturday Night Bachelor Party Dinner

by bradlohaus4life 7 years ago

I'm looking for a place for a nice steak dinner on a Saturday night for 6 guys (all mid-thirties and not from the Midwest). Somewhere we can drink lots of martinis, power through some steak, and g...

Foodie Bachelor Party dinner for 8 in Montreal - Joe Beef is Max 6 what would you recommend?

by loblaw 7 years ago

We initially wanted to have a dinner at Joe beef but their max size is 6 people and we would be 8. If we want 1 great dinner while in Montreal for the weekend for a group of 8 foodies what would y...

Bachelor party dinner

by Ctpeej 7 years ago

Heading to Montreal in a few weeks for a Bachelor party weekend. Need a good place to eat Sat. night before hitting the bars. Nothing too fancy, bit something with good food and a nice atmosphere.

Bachelor party in Austin

by gae204 7 years ago

Looking to go to Austin for a bachelor party. The weekend coincides with a Longhorns game. We are about 15 people. Any recommendations for places to eat? We lean towards better food/nicer establish...

Bachelor Party Crawfish Boil

by wmaustin5 7 years ago

Hi, I'm heading to NOLA for a bachelor party in mid-june and wanted to see if there were any recommendations for a place to bring ~18 guys for a crawfish boil. I know it is late in the season but I...

Bachelor party dinner 12-15

by jdm40 7 years ago

Looking for a mid to high end place for a bachelor party diner for 12 to 15 people. Private room a bonus. Any recommendations would be great. No outrageously cheesy places. Thanks.

Bachelor Party in Montreal...help

by kingkolo 7 years ago

Bonjour, I am desperately trying to get a reservation for APDC on Sunday, May 20 as me and my 4 friends are celebrating my up-coming wedding. I told them that I really wanted to got to APDC as ...

pittsburgh bachelor party food & drink

by lizetteorama 8 years ago

my husband is planning a bachelor party for a good friend in pittsburgh in may. i use the term planning loosely. they are probably just going to roll into pittsburgh and that's it. i am trying to h...