Bachelor Party

What happens in Vegas--or at a bachelor party--stays there. So plan accordingly with advice from Chowhounds about the best places to host a bachelor party, menu planning, dinner recommendations, and more.

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Recommendations for Bachelor party weekend

by jstarr 5 years ago

I mention this is a bachelor party only so the recommendations are large group friendly. The bachelor (and group) are a bunch of foodies, so I'm looking for recommendation on some good restauran...

Reykjavik Bachelor Party

by FoodDude2 5 years ago

Going to Reykjavik this week and wanted to see if there was any recommendations for meals for 5 guys. These are the places were are currently looking at for meals. Lunch: Sea Baron and Cafe L...

Large Format / Group bachelor party dinner for 20? (Cross-posted from Manhattan)

by avial 5 years ago

cross-posting here to cover ze boroughs, Manhattan thread here:http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/967993 Working to plan a bachelor party dinner for 20 heads in NYC in late May and wondering if I'...

Large Format / Group bachelor party dinner for 20?

by avial 5 years ago

Working to plan a bachelor party dinner for 20 heads in Manhattan in late May (or possibly the boroughs, will post separately there), and wondering if I'm missing any great options. Help! The on...

Charleston Bachelor Party - Thoughts?

by goldn3 5 years ago

72 Hours in Charleston. With 10 dudes, all in late 20's/early 30's. In June. What/where are we drinking, eating, seeing, staying, enjoying, doing whilst hungover? If you were joining in...

Bachelor Party Restaurant Ideas

by mginsburg 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I am setting up a bachelor party for 9 guys and I was hoping you all could give some recommendations. Everywhere I've tried so far (Babbo, Blue Ribbon Brasserie) do not accept this ...

Bachelor Party...Looking for help with MUST TRY places to eat in NOLA

by turys2003 5 years ago

Heading to NOLA Jan 31-Feb 2 for a bachelor party. There are 10 guys joining and none of have ever been to NOLA. I don't know everyones price points but I rather play it safe and go with Cheap-M...

Need Advice Selecting Fine Dining for Bachelor Party

by PaloSanto 5 years ago

Hi folks, I'm helping to plan a bachelor party for a friend of mine with seven or eight of us total, and rather than go the dive bar/gentleman's club route, we're keeping it classy, refined, an...

Upscale bachelor party - dining and drink suggestions, please

by JRinDC 5 years ago

Hello all, I'm trying to organize a dinner in Manhattan for about 8 guys in their early 40s for a good friend who is getting married (finally after more than a decade with his fiancee). I need a d...

Dinner for quasi-bachelor party near Trappist in downtown Oakland

by michaelw 5 years ago

I'm organizing a small post-wedding bachelor party (events slightly out of normal sequence I know) at the Trappist in downtown Oakland. We'd like to have dinner as well. Nothing too fancy. One obv...

Nashville Bachelor Party

by VealParmGuy 6 years ago

Vandy alum headed to Nashville next month and need some recs for my bachelor party, a group of about 6-8. I've been back a few times in the last few years, both for business and reunions, so I hav...

Downtown Tampa - Bachelor Party Recs

by dweitz 8 years ago

Hi All, I am going to Tampa for a bachelor party and helping to plan the restaurant for the night that we are doing a group dinner. We are a group of 10 guys and are going to be staying down...

Looking for 1 day butcher(?) classes for bachelor party

by parker.jr.greg 6 years ago

I am looking for some sort of a one day class to do with a bachelor party during the day before the rest of the events get started. Does anyone have and experience or suggestions for this? Boston...

Toronto Dinner Recommendations for a Bachelor Party

by Elyssa 6 years ago

I will be holding my bachelor party in Toronto at the end of July and am looking for some recommendations for a Saturday night dinner. This is a group of guys that love good food and drinks---proba...

Bachelor Party Dining Ideas

by mcegielski 6 years ago

Greetings Chowhounders! Group of New Orleans guys coming to Vegas this week. Best Man (me) and Groom come up a day early (Wednesday) to hang and do our thing before the rest of the crew (4-6 du...

Bachelor Party Breakfast at 9 AM with alcohol

by chadradchad 6 years ago

Hello- I am helping to plan a friend's bachelor party. As an out-of-towner, I am looking for a place for a 9 AM brunch on a Saturday. We will be leaving for a 6 hour brewery tour at 10 AM. The i...

Bachelor Party Restaurant for September

by dalepickle 7 years ago

Hi -- I've read through the numerous bachelor party threads on here and there is some great advice but I'm still not sure what direction to go in for our particular group. We are flying in to Ne...

Bachelor Party Dinner - 15-20 people

by w3wa2003 11 years ago

I am planning a bachelor party dinner for 15-20. Im looking for a restaurant with great food and a relaxed dress code that can accommodate us in a separate room or at one table. We were intereste...

Denver Restaurant/Bar Recommendations May 23-27 for Bachelor Party

by hypemnd 6 years ago

I'm hosting a bachelor party in Denver on Memorial Day weekend for a group of 10-12 guys in their mid-30's. We are staying in Cherry Creek, but I'm sure we will be spending a fair amount of time d...