Bachelor Party

What happens in Vegas--or at a bachelor party--stays there. So plan accordingly with advice from Chowhounds about the best places to host a bachelor party, menu planning, dinner recommendations, and more.

The Best Tips to Prevent a Hangover

We’ve all been there before. The sun is filtering in through the shades after a lengthy night of tossing back tequila shots, your eyes are slowly adjusting to the sharp, piercing light, and your head...

Food 2 Go-Go: Drive-Thru Strip Club Serves Up Solution For Coronavirus Blues

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

This club owner might deserve an entrepreneur of the year award. He's added a second service following a success with delivery service (originally names Boober Eats) https://www.chowhound.com/post/...

Group dinner in NOLA

by sammyo 2 years ago

Looking for a place that could reserve a private room for about a dozen 30 year olds celebrating a bachelor party. Near or in the Quarter would be great.

Bachelor Party Dinner

by Sadistick 3 years ago

I have the dubious distinction of having to organize the food and drink portion for an old friend's bachelor party. I am thinking Mexican food and was curious to hear suggestions. A private room ...

Good post for a group of 10

by gae204 4 years ago

We are a group of 10 guys in town for a bachelor party on the bourbon trail in December. We like fine food and are not a loud group. What restaurants would you recommend? We have to plan for 3 even...

Men, bacon and puppies

by EM23 5 years ago

A perfect recipe! ETA: Mother dog smells bacon cooking in a cabin, stops by and then leads bachelor party to her litter of puppies in the woods.

Need suggestions for Bachelor party dinner - Old Town Scottsdale

by dman34 6 years ago

I'm planning a bachelor party in Scottsdale Sept 10-14. We have rented a house in Old Town. There are 10 of us. I am wanting to make a reservation at a nice restaurant for a welcome dinner on ...

Solo lunch rec needed before bachelor party weekend [San Francisco]

by eglbc 6 years ago

Im visiting this weekend from PDX, and looking for a nice solo lunch in town, somewhere near the mission or tenderloin area. I wanted to hit bar tartine, but no lunch service. I eat good in PDX, so...

steakhouse for a group of guys

by LindsayH 6 years ago

Hi, I'm posting for my husband who will be in San Diego next month for a bachelor party. The guys are in their late 30's so they are looking for some quality places to eat, not cheap bar food :) Th...

Good and fun recs for a bachelor party in Palm Springs??

by Midlife 6 years ago

Looking for recs for a bachelor party for fun-seeking 10-12 30-something men in the Palm Springs area for this coming weekend. Good food but not necessarily all that Chowish. These guys are all fro...

Boulder Bachelor Party

by Adamlick 6 years ago

Hi, I will be in Boulder for a bachelor party the last weekend in May(after memorial day weekend). There are going to 13-18 guys, all in our early 30's. We are looking to setup a group dinne...

Bachelor party

by Dan Boston 7 years ago

I’m spending a weekend in Austin for a bachelor party. We are staying just West of the University campus near 24th st. and we plan to spend most of our time downtown. We’d like to check out some ...

Bond-esque Dinner and Nightlife Options in GTA?

by WW007D 7 years ago

I will be the best man at a wedding in the greater Toronto area. My vision for the ultimate bachelor outing will have a "007" motif, so the day's activities will include some target practice at th...

New Orleans bachelor party

by Redraider2001 7 years ago

I'm heading to New Orleans this weekend for my little brothers bachelor party. Most of these guys would be happy with $1 pizza and cheap beer but I will need to eat the good stuff. It's been 4 or 5...

Bachelor Party in Park City

by bss25 7 years ago

Heading to Park City in early February for a friend's bachelor party. We are all in our 30s and the majority of the group is from NYC with the rest being in / around the restaurant industry. That...

New Orleans Bachelor Party Dinner/Private Dining

by bmoeljad 7 years ago

I know this has been posted before but, ive taken a look at the others and none seem to have our specifications. We're a group of 15 coming into New Orleans (many of us, including myself, are f...

Bachelor Party Scottsdale

by nathani 7 years ago

I know this has been covered before (I've already linked them below for other readers), but the info is outdated and in some cases region specific. We are a group of 10-15 guys, mostly from Can...

Playa del Carmen Bachelor Party Dinner

by papuch 7 years ago

I'm getting married in Puerto Aventuras Nov 1. and am looking to do a relatively low key Bachelor Party on Thurs. Oct 30 with dinner and drinks in Playa. Any suggestions for about 15 guys? A lot o...

Bachelor Party Seafood restaurant

by jtls1 7 years ago

Hey everyone - I'm from Toronto, and am thinking about going to Boston for my bachelor party next Spring. We would be going to a leafs-bruins game on the saturday night, then out afterward for dinn...

Bachelor Party in Portsmouth NH...

by tfronius03 7 years ago

Hi Folks, I am planning a bachelor party for my buddy the first weekend of September. The plan is half day fishing charter, dinner, and late night good times. I am looking for a few suggesti...

Bachelor Party Dinner for 8

by dcopeland 7 years ago

Heading to Montreal at the end of June with a group of 8 guys. Some of us love food, some of us order steaks well done, but as long as I get to choose the restaurant, I'd just as soon pick a great...