Baby Shower

Soon-to-be parents deserve cake and presents, so plan accordingly. Discuss how to host a baby shower with other Chowhounds, including recipe advice, entertaining tips, and more.

Frosting a Bakery-Worthy Cake Is Easy with These Pro Tips

Frosting a cake seems simple, but it's easy to mess it up if you use the wrong tools or have your ingredients at the wrong temperature. A little patience and some basic know-how will make your cake...

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Fun, delicious and happenin' spot for BABY shower??? please help

by cubbee 17 years ago

I am looking for a fun spot to throw a baby shower (anywhere Hollywood - and West to Santa Monica) for 15 fun girls - ideally with outdoor area... and good food -- any thoughts or ideas would be ve...

baby shower cake

by tribeca_girl 17 years ago

Hello, fellow Chicago cowhounds....I'm hosting a baby shower in your fair city for a very special friend who needs a very special cake...since I live in NYC, I don't know too much about the fabulou...

Baby Shower in Westchester

by Madge 18 years ago

Any suggestions for a baby shower brunch in Westchester? Preferably in the lower Westchester region. Nice atmosphere and good food is what I'm looking for. Thanks!

dessert for baby shower/BBQ

by ellink 17 years ago

I am having a baby shower BBQ on the 4th of July. I'm stumped about dessert. I don't usually have cake at a BBQ, but it seems standard for a baby shower. I'll have around 15 people. And somethi...

baby shower brunch

by a.r.f. 17 years ago

any suggestions for a location to hold a baby shower brunch, for about 25 people? ideally a place with a garden in manhatten, that's not expensive.

Brunch for Baby Shower - Group of 28

by CW 17 years ago

I'm organizing a baby shower for about 28 people for brunch. Ideally, it would be at a very good brunch restaurant with a private room. i've called some restaurants and they can't accomodate so m...

Baby shower in Fairfield County

by Chynna 17 years ago

Anyone have recommendations for a nice place to hold a baby shower in Fairfield County? More specifically near Fairfield, Westport or Norwalk. Will be for 20-30 people. Hoping to keep prices to $...

Baby Shower suggestions in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Rossmoor area

by Karen 17 years ago

Any suggestions for either lunch or tea in the greater Long Beach area? Was initially considering Jardin du Te but they went out of business. Another option is Shenandoah at the Arbor in Los Alam...

Baby Shower Ideas

by JILLI42 17 years ago

I am throwing a baby shower in June & I am looking for original food & themes. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks !

Good place for a Baby Shower in Madison

by Carrie 17 years ago

Looking for a restaurant with a private room to accommodate about 25 people. Reasonably priced, easy parking and good food! Madison/Middleton area. Suggestions? TIA.

baby shower help

by balki 17 years ago

I am planning a baby shower and need some suggestions of places. It will only be about 12-15 people and I am looking for a place with a private room, cute atmosphere and good food. Thanks

Need Baby Shower Location with Good Food

by Sybil S. 17 years ago

Hi, Could anyone post about a good baby shower location? 1. Good Food 2. private room or area (we'd like to decorate/play baby shower games/open presents 3. Resonable in price I'v already l...

Recommendations for baby shower?

by Christina 17 years ago

Hi - does anyone have recommendations for a place to have a baby shower? Vital info: 30 guests NW suburbs less than $15/person in the Spring on a Saturday afternoon Thanks! :)

Restaurant with private room for baby shower

by melissa 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a nice place for a Sunday baby shower. The mom to be has requested that it be a restaurant where we can have our own private room or section. Anything on the westside or wes...

Catering suggestions for baby shower in the Valley

by SBgirl 18 years ago

I'm giving a baby shower next month and would love to hear suggestions for good catering or restaurants w/ good take out menus in the Valley. The shower will be inthe Woodland Hills area. I actuall...

Baby Shower

by Granma 18 years ago

Looking for a nice reasonably priced place to hold a baby shower for about 35 people. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The Boston, Cambridge Somerville, Medford area will do just fine.

Recommendations needed for a South Bay/Westside baby shower

by JohnandJanine 18 years ago

Hi everyone. Just found this place. Great community and message board! We're in need of recommendations for a co-ed (father and mother) baby shower in Sept. We're looking for someplace relativ...

Baby Shower

by Chrystal 18 years ago

Where would you recommend a baby shower be held in queens? Private room a must - about 35 people.

place to hold a baby shower?

by kapnic 18 years ago

any ideas for a nice place that is not too expensive to hold a baby shower?

SD area baby shower venue

by Shelley Wagers 18 years ago

Looking for a private room or secluded seating area for Sat afternoon bridal shower in July, number of guests not yet known. Would love to do it as an afternoon tea, but alternatives could include...

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