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Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated around the world? Take a look below and see how Christmas dinner is done in several other countries. North Americans often cook a Christmas dinner similar to...

Two Nights in Sydney

by Attknee 6 months ago

Hello. I am looking for restaurant suggestions for a first visit to Sydney from Toronto in late February. Would prefer a la Carte menus over tasting menus. Staying in the Rocks area but not confine...

Bought too much food and groceries, need help on how to deal with it

by cgxy96 5 months ago

Hi, its summer here in Sydney and I have way too much food in my fridge. The weather is getting too hot so I do my cooking at night but forget about it only to end up eating out all the time after ...

Where to buy Silga Tekinka?

by noisses2 5 months ago

Where can we buy Silga Tekinka and Ekologa in Australia? Also Knobs and Handles. Regards Mary

Melbourne ethnic?

by vinouspleasure 5 months ago

we're heading back for the au open soon, would love suggestions for authentic, inexpensive ethnic cuisine and breweries. if melbourne is anything like nyc, the best ethnic food is located outside t...

Restaurant recommendation - Maui, Honolulu, Melbourne and Tasmania

by pmyok 9 months ago

Good Afternoon - my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary in November and we decided to go to Hawaii and Australia. - Hawaii (Kapalua & Wailea - Maui and Honolulu, Oahu) - Australia ...

Pickling cucumbers/supplies in NSW?

by Sonia Desai 11 years ago

We're attempting to make half-sour pickles and have so far tried the Lebanese cucumbers with rather mushy results. Anyone know where to get pickling cucumbers (and jars) around Sydney? I've trie...

ISO Chinese birthday buns

by slee1230 8 months ago

I’m in Sydney for my dad’s birthday and apparently the place my mum used to buy the birthday buns (the peach longevity / lotus seed buns) has closed down. We won’t be going to a Chinese restaurant,...

Good Food Guide summary

by mr_gimlet 8 months ago

So its that time of year again when chefs pretend they aren't at all interested in the GFG ratings. The GFG is now national, and I don't really go to Sydney anymore so this will be a southern le...

Back in Sydney for a month

by sfcarole 9 months ago

Hello CHers. It's been three years since I visited Sydney and posted here. https://www.chowhound.com/post/weeks-sydney-dinner-reviews-future-plans-1010637 Friends have mentioned a few new pl...

Sydney/Auckland Jan 2019

by Raffacalfat 9 months ago

Hello Hounds! I have 2 days in Sydney and 2 days in Auckland to have best meals. Looking for food that should not be missed! It can be street food or high end dinning and everything in between - a...

Three-goat parlay

by DonShirer 12 months ago

     I was introduced to three goat cheeses recently that are well worth mentioning.      Edith is a soft spreadable pasteurized goat milk cheese from Woodside Cheesewrights in South Australia...

Are Michelin Stars coming to Australia?

by Chadsie 1 year ago

While it would be good for where I work. But I think its highly questionable. I heard a rumour.

Looking for Vietnamese in Sydney

by Bonniexx 1 year ago

I'm looking for the best Vietnamese in Sydney. Any recommendations?

Kid-friendly Restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania

by MrsBear 1 year ago

I’m looking for recommendations for some kid-friendly but also Chowhound worthy restaurants in Melbourne, Tasmania and Sydney for our upcoming trip in February. Husband and I are huge foodies and b...

Trip Report: Melbourne

by vinouspleasure 1 year ago

day 1 - breakfast, League of Honest Coffee - Very good flat white and wonderful multigrain toasties. The cappuccino was much smoother than the high acid style in vogue right now in nyc. Cool vibe,...

Long-life cheap snacks

by lanie1996 3 years ago

Hello! I am moving next year to uni & my meals are fully-catered. I need to make some healthy-ish snacks that are going to last for a week or so, and can be put in the car as I work as a Nanny ...

A food writer looking for advice: 5 nights in Melbourne (next week)

by Nosher 1 year ago

Hi everyone, It's been a long while since I've been on Chowhound, and I wanted to put in a special request for some good meal suggestions while my spouse and I are in Melbourne next week (the we...

International Dinner Pot-Luck

by Emmalilly 3 years ago

Hello! I'm hoping for a few ideas or inspiration. My friend is having an international pot luck where everyone brings a dish (entrée, main or dessert) from or inspired by another country (we live i...