Keep it weird. Find the best places to eat in Austin, from great cocktail bars to the perfect place for breakfast tacos.

The Best Food Secrets at Summer's Most Popular Music Festivals

Music festival food has come a long way since the first few, like 1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain where the only thing anyone ate was LSD dropped on the crowd by the Grateful Dead’s “personal...

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Austin: Yoli's and Imperial Asia

by Carter B. 17 years ago

In the past couple of weeks I've been to two places written up by Dale Rice in the Statesman recently. Imperial Asia is a Thai/sushi at Runberg and I35. I've been there for lunch and dinner (when...

Austin Eats

by Dave 17 years ago

I have been to Austin a couple of times and had some terrific meals. Any suggestions, love southern cooking, bbq and mexican. Have been to Threadgills, Guero's, Artz Rib House, Green Mesquite, Hu...

Austin, Houston Food Without Heat

by Pat Kelly 17 years ago

I will be making a trip to Houston and Austin soon and I want to find some good restaurants. There's just one thing. I can't eat hot peppers. Mild Mexican is fine and in fact cheese enchiladas a...

Austin Updates: Coyote Grill & Manuel's

by Travis L. 17 years ago

I returned to Coyote Grill this evening, with friends. we were all pleased. One a vegetarian and the other Atkin's Diet (steak and veg, no carbs). What we loved: the iceberg lettuce salad with g...

Austin - Dot's Place and the Boiling Pot

by starflyer 17 years ago

Does anyone know the history behind Dot's Place - the magnificent southern cooking cafeteria near Mopac and Wells Branch? And same question for the Boiling Pot - the place to find yummy crawfish ...

Austin News: Top two chefs leave Emilia's

by Carter B. 17 years ago

The paper this morning has a small news item that Emilia's executive chef Will Packwood and sous chef Casey Lloyd (formerly of 22) quite Emilia's Thursday. Very strange, and I wonder how this will ...

Austin recommendations

by squirrel 17 years ago

I'll be spending next week in Austin and would appreciate some dining suggestions. I'm a veg (I do eat eggs, dairy products), will eat in any type of restaurant (from hashhouses to Charlie Trotter...

Austin brunch this weekend

by Greg Spence 17 years ago

I'm drawing a blank. My neice is being christened on Sunday and my Dad wants to go to Green Pastures; I would sooner eat in a correctional facility. I know about the Four Seasons and Fonda San Mi...

Austin: Gene's to serve gumbo for Mardi Gras

by Carter B. 17 years ago

I saw this weekend that Gene's Poboys is serving gumbo tomorrow (Tues.). He said that some local TV station will be filming him making it in the morning. I think Tuesday is normally jambalaya day, ...

Austin area hound get together

by Greg Spence 17 years ago

I just wanted to give a final reminder about the Wednesday night (Jan. 9) get together at Curra's on Burnet Road. I've made a reservation for 7 pm. Could everyone please confirm so I can adjust t...

Austin - Large Group Dinner

by Monica W. 17 years ago

A group of about 30-40 of my college girl friends are having a reunion in a few months and we are looking for a place to go to dinner. We are mid-20s to mid-30s in age, most of the out of towners...

Austin Hounds - try Bismillah

by LazyMF 17 years ago

I'm a Houston Hound who recently had one of the best Indo-Pak meals I've ever had in Texas, at Bismillah, 1519 W. Anderson Lane at Burell St. It seems to be a converted pharmacy with all the cha...

Austin Chowhound Dinner...Reviews of suggested cafes

by Travis Leroy 17 years ago

I've tried a couple restaurants whih were recommended at the chowhound get-together: Elsi's (Mexican on Burnet) a very bad begining with chips that reeked of rancid oil. I asked for fresh, and g...

Austin: John Mueller's barbecue on Saturdays

by Carter B. 17 years ago

I went to John Mueller's for lunch on Tuesday and besides having a wonderful slice (or two or three) of brisket, John told us about his all you can barbecue on Saturday. I didn't ask any questions ...

Austin area get together

by Greg Spence 17 years ago

The original message is down the board a ways, but I've proposed that the Austin area feed should be in early January at Curra's. Feedback?

Austin area Chowhound feed

by Greg Spence 17 years ago

Anyone interested in an Austin area Chowhound get-together? Please reply here and we'll start to get a head count.

Austin - Jeffrey's

by LazyMF 18 years ago

I live in Houston and I'm going to Austin next weekend and am attending a wedding function at someplace called Jeffrey's. Anyone know about this place? Where is it in Austin and what food do you ...

Austin--Best Rack of Lamb

by Patty Hopkins 18 years ago

Sorry, I know this is short notice, but we will be spending the weekend in Austin and since my husband loves "rack of lamb", where is the best restaurant to eat this delicacy?? I don't care for la...

Austin VS San Antonio VS Houston

by Neal Nielsen (Port Arthur, TX) 18 years ago

All three have fair, good and great places to eat. Unfortunately the quality changes almost overnight. Todays great is tomorrows fair. Check as close to your visit as you can.

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