Keep it weird. Find the best places to eat in Austin, from great cocktail bars to the perfect place for breakfast tacos.

A Bite Size Guide to Austin, Texas

Planning a trip to Austin, Texas? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. In the middle of Texas sits a neon blue oasis fluent to a litany of desires. Whether it’s delicious food...

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Austin - Carolina BBQ?

by Robert Jones 18 years ago

I know this is going to come as a complete heresy to all the Texan chowhounds, but I'll go ahead anyway. I love real Texas bbq, especially a good fall-of-the-bone rib, but I'm an east-coast transp...

Austin Cheese Shop

by THM 18 years ago

Did a search on yer board couldn't find much in the way of this: NYC Hound headin' home to TX for a spell, looking for a fromagier of some sort in/around Austin - preferably a gourmet shop with a "...

Austin: Kirby Lane Cafe

by Mike M 18 years ago

When I was in Austin recently I had a late night breakfast at the original Kirby Lane Cafe. I hadn't been back to Kirby Lane in almost ten years. It's still there and the food is still very good....

Austin: Chez Nous

by Mike M 18 years ago

In Austin and had a dinner at on old favorite, Chez Nous. Just of Sixth Street. It's homey French fare. Had a really nice rielette to start with. Truly authentic and quite tasty. Had a Preimi...

Austin- Angie's Mexican Restaurant

by KT 18 years ago

Yesterday, I had lunch at Angie's on east 7th for the first time and loved it. The cheese enchiladas were the best I've had- even better than Enchiladas Y Mas or Dart Bowl. The sauce is flavorful a...

Austin: Reed's Supper Club - Anyone Been There?

by Skye 18 years ago

Hi Friends, My parents are coming into town in April (they've been here a few times before) and they love jazz so I was thinking of taking them to Reed's Jazz & Supper Club (the new venture by the ...

Austin: Texas Culinary Academy

by Carter B. 18 years ago

I had a pretty good lunch at the TXCA's public dining room so I thought I'd share it with this board. I went in having no expectations having never eaten at anything similar. The food was quite g...

Austin Fisn and Chips

by Bob 18 years ago

Where can I find the best fish & chips in Austin? I've tried Mother Egan's (mediocre pre-breaded frozen variety) Dog & Duck (not bad) and Fado's (also not bad). I have yet to find a place tha...

Austin - Lunch Downtown under $10?

by Bif 18 years ago

Every Thursday I'm in charge of finding a place for our office (7 people) to have lunch. I posted this months back, but I'm out of ideas again. Can you suggest some lunch places in Austin that ha...

Austin recommendation: Wink or Aquarelle?

by cmwaustin 18 years ago

I'm trying to decide between Wink or Aquarelle for a special occasion dinner... I've been to Wink several times & enjoyed it very much. I've never been to Aquarelle. Any suggestions?

Austin TX 'hound in Sunnyale for a week - HELP!

by Michele-HR 18 years ago

I'll be staying at the Sheraton in Sunnyvale for a week starting Sunday evening. I'll be there on business with three other colleagues (sharing a car), so not free to patrol for the most out of the...

Austin Chowhound Lunch

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

Austin 'hounds are meeting today at John Mueller's on Manor road for lunch at 11:30. Don't be late 'cuz we won't be able to wait.

Austin Sushi

by Lou 18 years ago

Sushi eaters in Austin...five words....Yokohama Roll at Sushi Sake. Yum!

Austin 'hound 'cue lunch

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

Further down the board, we've been discussing getting together at John Mueller's for a lunch next week. Check it out.

Austin Sushi

by Jerry 18 years ago

I've heard conflicting stories about sushi in Austin. I was hoping to get some solid recommendations on where to go for this weekend.

Austin: Yoli's and Imperial Asia

by Carter B. 18 years ago

In the past couple of weeks I've been to two places written up by Dale Rice in the Statesman recently. Imperial Asia is a Thai/sushi at Runberg and I35. I've been there for lunch and dinner (when...

Austin Eats

by Dave 18 years ago

I have been to Austin a couple of times and had some terrific meals. Any suggestions, love southern cooking, bbq and mexican. Have been to Threadgills, Guero's, Artz Rib House, Green Mesquite, Hu...

Austin, Houston Food Without Heat

by Pat Kelly 18 years ago

I will be making a trip to Houston and Austin soon and I want to find some good restaurants. There's just one thing. I can't eat hot peppers. Mild Mexican is fine and in fact cheese enchiladas a...

Austin Updates: Coyote Grill & Manuel's

by Travis L. 18 years ago

I returned to Coyote Grill this evening, with friends. we were all pleased. One a vegetarian and the other Atkin's Diet (steak and veg, no carbs). What we loved: the iceberg lettuce salad with g...

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