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chocolates for delivery to Aurora

by renshiwo 2 years ago

Are there any chocolate shops in Denver that would deliver to Aurora? I'm particularly interested in chocolate-covere...


by ferrett1 2 years ago

Any great recs for the Aurora area? We love anything Ethnic, but looking for quality. We will be in the area the midd...

juliejulez commented 2 years ago

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Good Eats in Denver, Aurora& Vail??

by ferrett1 3 years ago

Any recommendations for "must visit"restaurants that are not $$$ outrageously expensive? Any type of cuisine would b...

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ISO of good chocolate cake in E. Denver/Aurora area

by intomeat 3 years ago

Can anyone recommend a really good local bakery that does simple cakes with deep flavor and no gobs of frosting? A da...

Recommendations for Aurora Denver CO area restaurants

by rramstad 4 years ago

Hi fellow Chowhounders. I find myself traveling to Denver on Friday or more accurately, I'll be staying north east...

juliejulez commented 4 years ago

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Mexican brunch in aurora

by DCRandy 4 years ago

We are near Lowry and heading east on I 70. Where can we get a good Mexican breakfast (huevos w/ green chili)? Thanks

One Dinner in Denver, Aurora, or Boulder

by manhong 5 years ago

I am in the Denver, Aurora, and Boulder area for work this week. I need some help for 1 dinner. I've narrowed my ch...


manhong commented 5 years ago

Best Ethnic Restaurants/Markets in Aurora, Colorado?

by TurtleBay33 6 years ago

I need as much information as possible about favorite ethnic restaurants and markets in Aurora. All ethnicities—best ...


monopod commented 5 years ago

dinners in Aurora, CO

by renshiwo 6 years ago

Any recommendations for dinners within a 10-15 minute drive of the Children's Hospital in Aurora, CO? We like all typ...


renshiwo commented 6 years ago

Korean in Aurora

by lotuseedpaste 7 years ago

I am planning a trip to Aurora for some decent Korean, which is not to be found anywhere near Boulder. This is a pret...


lotuseedpaste commented 7 years ago

gourmet in aurora

by justdorkin 7 years ago

i am looking for a nice place to take my wife to dinner in aurora. i have seen the summit steakhouse mentioned here ...

tatamagouche commented 7 years ago

family friendly lunches in denver and aurora

by sgl 7 years ago

we'll be in town for a family event and have time to explore! our kids (9 and 12) are foodies and have pretty adventu...


sgl commented 7 years ago

China Jade, Aurora CO

by lotuseedpaste 8 years ago

There has been a little bit of discussion of China Jade here, but I went there for dinner tonight and thought it woul...


lotuseedpaste commented 8 years ago

DFW Chowhound visiting Aurora - need RECs

by HalfBaked 8 years ago

Hi, I'm arriving next Sunday and leaving the following Friday, I'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn and traveling...

HalfBaked commented 8 years ago

Filipino food in Aurora, CO (Denver)

by air 8 years ago

Hi Denver 'hounds, just wanted to get some discussion going on the Filipino restaurants in Aurora. I tried out Su...

air commented 8 years ago

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Burgers @ Emil-Lene's (Aurora, CO)

by e_bone 8 years ago

My homeboy and I were craving a good burger and cocktail on the way to the soccer game. We thought about the chains (...

L & L Hawaiian BBQ, Aurora...thoughts?

by tatamagouche 9 years ago

I was on Santa Fe yesterday and there's this new store in the 910Arts building devoted to Hawaiian tchotchkes (I'm su...

tatamagouche commented 9 years ago

S.Aurora/Centennial (CO) Mexican recs?

by Heyteacher 9 years ago

I am CRAVING good Mexican food but alas, don't want to drive across town in this snow and muck. Does anyone have any ...


rlm commented 9 years ago

Korean in Aurora?

by ricenoodle 10 years ago

Any recommendations for a Korean restaurant in Aurora? We hope to try Korean BBQ.

gastronaughty commented 10 years ago