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Augusta, GA or nearby

by rcburli 3 years ago

Next week driving east from Atlanta with kids....lunch time near Augusta or surrounding area. Anything interesting? ...


beheler2 commented 2 years ago

Good Eats in Augusta, GA

by cdharrison 11 years ago

If you're ever in Augusta, GA, for a *cough* golf tournament or otherwise, here are a couple of places I highly recom...


MOntana21 commented 4 years ago

Weekend Lunch from ATL to Augusta

by GyroBall 4 years ago

Hi - my wife and I are flying into Atlanta on a Saturday for the Masters, but would like to grab lunch on our way out...


foodiebuddha commented 4 years ago

Casual lunch between Atlanta and Augusta

by jjmcq 5 years ago

My wife and I, Canadians, will be on route from Chattanooga to Charleston tomorrow and will in on this stretch of Hwy...


MarieLetsEat commented 5 years ago

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Augusta Grill, Greenville, SC

by Emilybh 6 years ago

It was so nice to accidently end up at the Augusta Grill while trying to entertain a guest from out of town who lives...

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augusta - manuels bread cafe

by mrnyc 6 years ago

this small restaurant is actually just over the river in a new urbanist planned community in north augusta, sc. i had...

Help in Augusta

by jaking1979 8 years ago

There's very little up here on restaurants in Augusta. I've read that it's a wasteland, and most of the places peopl...


byteme55 commented 7 years ago

Recomendations for BBQ / Good Eats- Augusta, GA to Santee, SC

by mcanni 8 years ago

Will be traveling through Columbia ,SC to get to Santee from Augusta. Need a BQ or good place for quick, memorable...


carolinadawg commented 8 years ago

Grocery Store/Restaurant Supply in Augusta, GA

by JoesCup 9 years ago

So where in Augusta can I got to pick up good groceries (specifically like produce, seafood, poultry, and meats) and ...


Goomba commented 8 years ago

Aiken, SC or Augusta, GA

by Lewis 16 years ago

Need a few recommendations for a gourmet birthday dinner. No chains, please. Let me know the worst, too!


jboeke commented 8 years ago

Breakfast in Augusta

by bama_jesse 9 years ago

I was looking for a really good place for breakfast in Augusta or between Augusta and Atlanta on my way to Myrtle Bea...


gapollak commented 8 years ago

Diners in Augusta, Georgia

by dlsommer 9 years ago

My husband and I recently moved to Augusta, GA from Indiana. Does anyone know of a good local diner? We're looking fo...


sarge commented 9 years ago

Looking for good restaurants, food shops and markets in Augusta, Georgia and Lake Oconee area (Greensboro, GA)

by stephberman 9 years ago

We will be visiting Georgia in a few weeks. Spending a few days at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensbor...


Buddha49 commented 9 years ago

Suggestions for Augusta, Charleston and points in between

by jhollist 9 years ago

I am travelling with my brother and father to Charleston, SC and Augsta, GA this week and am looking for suggestions....


nmurawsk commented 9 years ago

Can't find Blenheim Ginger Ale (in Augusta, GA)

by joshlane4 10 years ago

can anyone help? I don't mind making a small road trip. Hildebrant's, an old German grocery store used to carry it, b...


joshlane4 commented 9 years ago

Is there ANY place to eat between ATL and Augusta, GA?

by TerriL 9 years ago

We (4 adults, 1 child) will be driving from ATL to Augusta in the evening, midweek. Everything always looks so bleak ...


mikeh commented 9 years ago

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solo dining in Augusta, GA

by rcburli 10 years ago

Will be staying next week at the Marriott Suites in Augusta attending a conference for two nights. Looks like an eas...

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Near I-20 between Exit 114 and Augusta

by Karen Wang 10 years ago

Looking for a decent lunch in Georgia between I-20 exit 114 (Eatonton Rd.) and Augusta when I meet my brother for a k...

Augusta BBQ....

by Pollo 10 years ago

Looking for recomendations for a BBQ places in Augusta, GA....


Pollo commented 10 years ago

One Lunch near Augusta, GA

by eatfood 10 years ago

I'll be in Augusta, GA this weekend and I have one meal open - Saturday Lunch. Is there somewhere near/in Augusta th...


bjmilam commented 10 years ago