Augusta, GA or nearby

by rcburli 6 years ago

Next week driving east from Atlanta with kids....lunch time near Augusta or surrounding area. Anything interesting? BBQ, local dives?

Good Eats in Augusta, GA

by cdharrison 14 years ago

If you're ever in Augusta, GA, for a *cough* golf tournament or otherwise, here are a couple of places I highly recommend you try out: Somewhere in Augusta Bar & Grill - has some of the best chick...

Weekend Lunch from ATL to Augusta

by GyroBall 7 years ago

Hi - my wife and I are flying into Atlanta on a Saturday for the Masters, but would like to grab lunch on our way out. We thought of King + Duke and but it is north of the city. Does it make sense ...

Casual lunch between Atlanta and Augusta

by jjmcq 8 years ago

My wife and I, Canadians, will be on route from Chattanooga to Charleston tomorrow and will in on this stretch of Hwy 20 around lunch time. Any good suggestions? Open to BBQ and beer! Thanks.

Augusta Grill, Greenville, SC

by Emilybh 9 years ago

It was so nice to accidently end up at the Augusta Grill while trying to entertain a guest from out of town who lives in the northeast and is surrounded by outstanding restaurants. We'd had a s...

augusta - manuels bread cafe

by mrnyc 9 years ago

this small restaurant is actually just over the river in a new urbanist planned community in north augusta, sc. i had an excellent nicoise salad there for lunch. the ingredients were correct and to...

Help in Augusta

by jaking1979 11 years ago

There's very little up here on restaurants in Augusta. I've read that it's a wasteland, and most of the places people have suggested seem to be closed. Where do foodies go for a good meal here? ...

Recomendations for BBQ / Good Eats- Augusta, GA to Santee, SC

by mcanni 11 years ago

Will be traveling through Columbia ,SC to get to Santee from Augusta. Need a BQ or good place for quick, memorable dinner meal. In other words, a perfect ending after a day spent at the Mast...

Grocery Store/Restaurant Supply in Augusta, GA

by JoesCup 12 years ago

So where in Augusta can I got to pick up good groceries (specifically like produce, seafood, poultry, and meats) and where are the good restaurant supply stores to get my cookwares? Lots of walmar...

Aiken, SC or Augusta, GA

by Lewis 19 years ago

Need a few recommendations for a gourmet birthday dinner. No chains, please. Let me know the worst, too!

Breakfast in Augusta

by bama_jesse 12 years ago

I was looking for a really good place for breakfast in Augusta or between Augusta and Atlanta on my way to Myrtle Beach for my honeymoon.

Diners in Augusta, Georgia

by dlsommer 12 years ago

My husband and I recently moved to Augusta, GA from Indiana. Does anyone know of a good local diner? We're looking for a place we can hang out and eat comfort foods. Thanks for the help!

Looking for good restaurants, food shops and markets in Augusta, Georgia and Lake Oconee area (Greensboro, GA)

by stephberman 12 years ago

We will be visiting Georgia in a few weeks. Spending a few days at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro and a few days in Augusta. Looking for suggestions for good restaurants, food...

Suggestions for Augusta, Charleston and points in between

by jhollist 12 years ago

I am travelling with my brother and father to Charleston, SC and Augsta, GA this week and am looking for suggestions. Specifically we are looking for: 1.) We will be travelling between August...

Can't find Blenheim Ginger Ale (in Augusta, GA)

by joshlane4 13 years ago

can anyone help? I don't mind making a small road trip. Hildebrant's, an old German grocery store used to carry it, but no longer do. Fresh Market used to carry it, but seemingly doesn't anymore (I...

Is there ANY place to eat between ATL and Augusta, GA?

by TerriL 13 years ago

We (4 adults, 1 child) will be driving from ATL to Augusta in the evening, midweek. Everything always looks so bleak that we usually just eat when we arrive, but thought I'd see if there's somethin...

solo dining in Augusta, GA

by rcburli 13 years ago

Will be staying next week at the Marriott Suites in Augusta attending a conference for two nights. Looks like an easy walk to Bee's Knees and Blue Sky Kitchen for solo dining at dinner time. Thou...

Near I-20 between Exit 114 and Augusta

by Karen Wang 13 years ago

Looking for a decent lunch in Georgia between I-20 exit 114 (Eatonton Rd.) and Augusta when I meet my brother for a kid swap. So tired of going to Cracker Barrel every time! Help!

Augusta BBQ....

by Pollo 13 years ago

Looking for recomendations for a BBQ places in Augusta, GA....

One Lunch near Augusta, GA

by eatfood 13 years ago

I'll be in Augusta, GA this weekend and I have one meal open - Saturday Lunch. Is there somewhere near/in Augusta that's a "must visit"? I've never been down South and anything that I can't norma...