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You can use this tag to discuss food in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We also have tags for each of those maritime provinces, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

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PEI September 19-26

by Duster17 6 years ago

I just saw that the Malpeque Oyster Barn is closing for the season this week. I am nervous that we will not be able to find anywhere to enjoy oysters. Are there places that will still be open whe...

West Coaster Heading East

by squeegeeboy 6 years ago

Currently Vancouver foodie considering a big leap, moving to New Brunswick. So here is where my fellow Hounders can help. Trying to get a read on the best place for a foodie to live of the big 3 ci...

Halifax: Chinese Food

by LJS 11 years ago

Newbies to Halifax, we are looking for a good source of Chinese food...by which I mean the old-fashioned kind (I realize this is not very `foodie`, but its what I like.) Sweet and sour, honey garli...

EDNA - outstanding restaurant!

by biggreenmatt 6 years ago

The missus and I just came back from an Atlantic Canada trip (we live in Toronto), and I wanted to drop the collective a quick note about EDNA. Halifax is very, very lucky to have such an outsta...

Montreal-style smoked meat?

by TnTinCT 6 years ago

We'll be taking a driving trip through Nova Scotia and PEI and would like to love to find a good example of Montreal style smoked meat - any ideas?

Corner Brook Newfoundland Suggestions?

by LJ 16 years ago

Yes, I know, you have never heard of this place. But we are Chowhounds and we are moving there. Any locals with information on good eats, decent pub/bar for over 30's (actually, WAY over 30's...sig...

Nova Scotia Trip next week

by Tboy 6 years ago

Hi, My wife and I are traveling to Charlottetown next week, then driving from there and around Nova Scotia. We haven't had too much time to plan as yet, other than hire a car and book some plac...

Deer Lake restaurant recommendations for the first night we arrive in Newfoundland?

by slcohen 6 years ago

We're excited to be travelling for 10 days in Newfoundland. Not sure to go in Deer Lake on our arrival. Any other recommendations in Trinity Bay/ Port Rexton other than Fisher's Loft (which is wh...

Forbidden City

by chilibeanpaste 7 years ago

Got rather excited to see a sign on Dresden Row in Halifax announcing the impending opening of this restaurant. Purportedly specializing in authentic Northern Chinese cuisine. They give a website...

Torontonians in Newfoundland

by KAYLO 6 years ago

The Newfoundland board is moribund, but I'm betting there are lots of experienced Newfoundland travellers among the ON (inc.TO) board regulars. So, for two weeks in Newfoundland, what are your ...

Gallant's fish and chips [Nova Scotia]

by spazita 6 years ago

Hello people!! Does anyone here know when Gallants at the Hubbards campground opens for the season? Craving their fish and chips!!

Four days in Nova Scotia/PEI/NB

by famdoc 6 years ago

We're flying into Halifax and then driving to PEI, perhaps with a stop in Francophone New Brunswick. No itinerary, we're just going to stop wherever the spirit moves us. Would appreciate suggesti...

Looking for Beef Wellington in Halifax/Dartmouth

by Vini_b_53 6 years ago

I have a hankering for beef wellington every time I see it on Chef Ramsey. Does anyone know where it is served around town as I have not been able to find it? Thanks, Vini

Great Places for Fish and Chips (aka fi' n' chi')

by im_nomad 13 years ago

The St. John's post inspired this one....great places for fish and chips in Newfoundland..but i suppose you mainlanders can also chime in with your favorites !! Ches's - a well known St. John's ...

East Coast Style Potato Skins

by existential_crisis 6 years ago

Does anyone have any idea why potato skins on the east coast are different than the rest of Canada - or, to what extent are they? I have seen potato skins on menus out west labeled "east coast ...

Montreal in Halifax

by CMT 6 years ago

Bonjour, We are looking for quality fish/seafood lunch or dinner and Italian for "flip side" Thoughts please Merci/Thanks

Garlic Fingers

by existential_crisis 7 years ago

Just realized there has not been extensive discussion of garlic fingers, and I'm determined to figure out where the best ones are to be found. Also, does anyone have any idea of the origins of g...

Calamari in Halifax

by existential_crisis 7 years ago

The last time this was brought up was 2010: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/622392#4712416 The consensus was that Fiasco and Trattoria della Nonna in Lunenburg have the best calamari. Since...

Oldest Halifax, Provincial and Atlantic Canadian restaurants

by chilibeanpaste 7 years ago

Does anyone know which is the oldest operating restaurant in metropolitan Halifax? And the oldest ones in the province and the region? I suppose a rating might be interesting as well. If it be a...

Iranian Food In Halifax - Pars Restaurant

by chilibeanpaste 8 years ago

We were stuck for a restaurant last Thursday and found ourselves at Pars Restaurant on the north end of Robie Street in Halifax. What a find! Great olive and walnut appetizer along with a uniq...