Atlantic Canada

You can use this tag to discuss food in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We also have tags for each of those maritime provinces, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.


Mail order gifts and gift boxes in Canada

by prima 1 year ago

I'm thinking of sending gifts to some friends who live out-of-province. Which sites or businesses have you used? I have sent a Jaswant's Kitchen spice basket. https://www.jaswantskitchen.co...

Westcoaster heading East? Don't

by Pat50 3 years ago

I can only speak from my own personal experience but, if you love good food and can afford to stay on the WestCoast, do. As economic refugees, driven out of BC by housing/mortgage rates coupled wi...

Halifax trip July 30 to Aug. 4

by dr s 2 years ago

Looking for Irish pubs and foodie restaurants. Love seafood.

Looking for a recommendation for a place to hold a family union/reunion

by fryerlover 3 years ago

Hello everyone, I am will be in Nova Scotia in August and am planning a family union/reunion from Ontario. I have had to cancel two meeting locations that didn't fit the bill, after the fact, and w...

Where are the East Coasters’ Conversations?

by smishsmash 3 years ago

Hi Maritimers! It appears that the Atlantic Canada boards aren’t as active as other locations. I’m wondering where folks are chatting online about food in the Maritimes. Specifically interested i...

Restaurant worker shortage? Is anyone really surprised?

by ChefMikeinBurlington 4 years ago

Is anyone in the business even remotely surprised there is a worker shortage?? Finally, the decades of minimum wage suppression, shitty hours, no health benefits and shitty wages has finally come h...

Grocery and Alcoholic Beverage Stores in Nova Scotia

by little debbie 11 years ago

We will be traveling to Nova Scotia in early September and are looking for grocery recommendations. We will be flying into Halifax and spending a week exploring the north and south shores from Nor...

Canadian Tomato Powder

by leigham 3 years ago

Hi there, Does anyone know where I can find a supplier of Canadian grown tomato powder? Can't seem to find it anywhere online as most powders seem to come from the United States. Thanks!

Sashimi lobster

by tobiasfinke 3 years ago

Anyone seen a restaurant in town (Japanese presumably) that serves sashimi lobster?

Portuguese Chorizo in Ottawa?

by pekkle38 17 years ago

I wanted to make a casserole dish using portuguese chorizo. I had found it in Loblaws when in Toronto, so I assumed when I got back to Ottawa they would have it there too. Well I was mistaken and...

Armenian restaurants in Vancouver?

by Bob 17 years ago

Are there any? What's the closest food that's similar to Armenian?

Charlevoix (Baie-St-Paul) & Rivière-du-Loup

by mikeb 17 years ago

We went to Charlevoix recently and found that it was a beautiful place to spend some time. We also had the chance to enjoy some great food. The tourist office has put together what they call t...

A few meals in St John's, NL

by HaveSpoonWillCook 4 years ago

My husband and I visited St. Johns early October 2016 for a few days and loved downtown St. Johns with all its colourful buildings, interesting stores and eateries, and waterfront area. One compute...

Seeking recommendations for NS trip

by bunbun 5 years ago

Hi there! We're coming up to NS from Boston in summer 2017 and, boy, do we like to eat! I'm leaving a decent amount of time for people to respond. I'm so excited for our visit -- I can't wait! ...

9 + Nine

by chilibeanpaste 4 years ago

What's happened with this restaurant? Has Chef Peter left the scene? The food seems to have taken a nose-dive. Their meat eggrolls were the best now they are standard North American blah.

Petai beans

by chilibeanpaste 10 years ago

Does anyone know a soruce for Malaysian petai beans in Nova Scotia? Sataw is the Thai name. They are usually sold frozen. Surely there must be Malaysians or Thais here that cook with them. Wonder...

The Oldest, Continuously Operating Eatery/Pub in Canada?

by DockPotato 13 years ago

Your response may all province and territories prior to joining Confederation. Pics, comments, reviews and history would be entertaining.

Calgary....Any Good Gourmet Food Stores

by Sunny 18 years ago

Hi! Does anyone know of any gourmet food stores in Calgary? I heard that Debajis was good but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Any idea why?