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best food in Athens, GA can be healthy

by tallgrassprairie 11 years ago

Will be visiting for a few days with elderly relative who loves to eat out, not too exotic or salty

Athens to Savannah

by toby1355 11 years ago

We'll be driving from Athens to Savannah at the end of Feb. We'll stay in Savannah for a few days and then return to Athens. Would love some rec's for regional food, local specialties and any inte...

Pizza in Athens, GA

by uptown jimmy 13 years ago

I've been eating out a lot lately, it seems. Tried Johnny's Pizza today, the one on the Eastside. There's two, evidently, the other over near Lowe's/Home Despot/Wal-Mart on 316. We're not tal...

Wine Scene in Athens, GA

by tommylove 11 years ago

I'm new to Athens and missing the wine scene in D.C. already. I was wondering where the best places were to buy wine, go to tastings, etc. Any advice or favorites?

Trax Cafe in athens, ga

by batdown 12 years ago

This place is opening up very close to my house in the historic leathers building...has anyone heard about it or know what kind of food they will have?

Thai of Athens

by gashrink 12 years ago

TOA is closed forever. They tried to sell it but the owner of the property wants to bulldoze it and use the land for something else (like a convenience store). They are moving to Japan to be with t...

athens (GA) dinner spot

by leah 14 years ago

We'll be in Athens for a nite later this month and looking for a nice dinner out - pls no "Q" or chains...

Athens, GA- canning supplies?

by uptown jimmy 12 years ago

Anybody know a good place in Athens for canning supplies? I understand it takes a special canning vessel with racks and such, also special tongs for removing the jars, etc. Thanks! Jimmy

Crab Legs in Athens, GA?

by snarkykt 12 years ago

Aside from Red Lobster, does anyone know where they serve crab legs in Athens, GA... And not the super china buffet kind, like a good sit down place. Thanks.

Athens, GA: Heresy!

by nyom_nyom_nyom_de_plume 12 years ago

Okay, I'm going to say it. I know that some of you will call down a curse upon me, my children, and my children's children, but I think the Five and Ten is thoroughly overrated and overpriced. I ...

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

by Stevorama 12 years ago

I love living in Athens. I'm a local health inspector here, so I have an inside track on restaurants that are soon to open. This topic is about promoting the livelihood of those businesses that h...

Homesick Chicagoan in Athens ISO sweet breakfast like Walker Bros

by ketzl 12 years ago

I've had some great brunches in Athens and Atlanta. I love well-done shrimp & grits and nowhere outside of the South can you get a great breakfast biscuit. I've learned more about bacon than I co...

Searching for best breakfast in Athens

by bigtuck 12 years ago

I think I have had breakfast/brunch at just about every place in the Athens area, just wondering what y'all think is the best around. For my money, the best biscuit is a bacon egg & cheese from Ma...

Last Resort Grill in Athens, Ga.

by GaGirl 12 years ago

Today I ate lunch at this restaurant and had a cup of tomato basil soup which was accompanied by a FABULOUS slice of some sort of multi/whole grain-y cheddar jalapeno swirl bread which was out of t...

Basil Press in Athens

by gashrink 12 years ago

I had written off Basil Press several years ago for poor service and dul food, but decided to take my wife and step daughter out there for my wife's birthday since we had had a dinner there the day...

Athens to Winston-Salem

by uptown jimmy 12 years ago

Howdy, kids. We're heading north to visit friends this weekend. We're leaving late Thursday afternoon, which will have us wanting to eat dinner somewhere between Athens and Charlotte. Looks like we...

Crawfish in Athens GA

by epsi1on 12 years ago

Does anyone know a good place in the Athens area to try and get live crawfish? Or lacking that, if you can catch them here? Thanks.

RIP Bischero's, Athens

by AmyWatts 12 years ago

Heard on the radio this morning (102.1) that Bischero's is now being called 247 Prince. Anyone know anything about the change? Eaten there recently?

Cine and the National, Athens

by mfc423 12 years ago

Has anyone tried the Monday/ Tuesday prix fix? Dinner and a movie 25? I have heard it is good and portions are generous.