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dinner in Athens TONIGHT!

by jba1216 11 years ago

Philadelphia chowhound coming to Athens for a quick 24 hour stay. I've spent time in Athens, and have really enjoyed Dolce Vita (I think that's the name?) and The National. I've also enjoyed a qu...

Harry's Pig Shop - Athens GA - New BBQ

by foodfechter 12 years ago

Recently I heard about a new barbecue restaurant opening up in Athens, so naturally I was really pleased. I think we all know it's kind of slim pickins around here. I've been to Harry's Pig Shop tw...

Athenians: Is it True that Guthries of Athens is GONE?

by SayItAintSo! 17 years ago

Heard this terrible tale from my father. Guthries was a college fat-laden favorite. I've driven out to Athens several times just for the fingers. Is it true that it's gone?

Angry in Athens - seafood

by batdown 14 years ago

I went up to athens seafood co. today and asked if they had any soft shell crab. they said no. I asked when they might get some in. They said never. I asked if there was any other place in the area...

Athens, GA - Cozy Yum Yum

by uptown jimmy 13 years ago

Lord knows I've complained bitterly about the lack of good Asian food in Athens, so I feel obligated to write about our recent visit to Cozy Yum Yum, a little Thai restaurant located downtown on Ja...

cakes from Cecilia V. in Athens GA

by ChiliCheeseSlaw 13 years ago

OK, so these are supposed to be the greatest cakes in the world. Or at least in Georgia, but I just don't get it. And I have tasted about a dozen different flavors and from different locations (r...

Junior League of Athens (GA) cookbook

by SouthernByBirth 12 years ago

Anyone seen the somewhat new Junior League of Athens cookbook "Beyond the Hedges: From Tailgating to Tea Parties"? I usually LOVE junior league cookbooks and want to know if I should add this to m...

The new Allen's? (Athens, GA)

by carolinadawg 14 years ago

I heard Allen's has reopened? Has anyone been? Are the burgers good like the old place? What kind of atmosphere does it have? Thanks!

Latin options in Athens, GA

by slave_to_the_passions 13 years ago

What are the best Mexican and Central American restaurants in Athens? My wife and I are not rich at the moment, so we tend to go for tacos and a la carte items like tortas, tamales, and empanadas. ...

Help, Athens, GA, Hounds!

Jeff C.
by Jeff C. 12 years ago

Am spending this weekend in your fair town. Have a dinner reservation at Five & Ten and hope to hit The Globe for drinks before or after. What about lunch and breakfast? (Any cuisine, any price ran...

Athens, GA - updates, anybody?

by uptown jimmy 12 years ago

Howdy! Just thought maybe it was time for a new general-purpose thread on "The Classic City" (never understood why that nickname was warranted, but hey! that's just me). We don't eat out much, but ...

Hey - there IS some great BBQ in the Athens GA area!

by criser 12 years ago

(I originally posted this as a reply to another BBQ topic thread, but figured it deserved its own topic. So, if you think you've read this already, you might be right) I'm a NC BBQ nut who used...

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 14 years ago

Flipping through the Saveur 100 issue and saw the squib about indie-punk butchers. It's long been my feeling that Athens is lacking in the meat department, and I wonder if enough people would patro...

Athens, GA - restaurant/food tasting groups?

by fretal 12 years ago

Hi all, I moved to Athens very recently and would like to start trying out the culinary scene. But I hardly know anyone in town yet and it's a bit boring to go out to eat on my own. I was wonderin...

ISO BBQ Burnt Ends near Athens, GA

by Velda Mae 12 years ago

I know pork is king in Georgia BBQ but is there a place near Athens, GA, that serves burnt ends?

Are there ANY good cockails in Athens?

by milkcrate57 12 years ago

Seriously, are there any good cocktails currently being served in Athens? If not, are there any great cocktails in Atlanta?

Avoid China Wok in Athens

by gashrink 14 years ago

China Wok is the closest Asian place to my office and I've had some decent garlic pork there for lurch a few times so I figured to try to take some supper home from there. It was awful. tasteless, ...

BBQ in Athens ,Ga

by mel tobias 15 years ago

We're spending a few days in Athens to visit our son. In New York all we hear about is that real BBQ can only be had below the Mason-Dixon line. Soooooo, can anyone helps us out with some sugg...

Good healthy eats in Athens, Alabama?

by bbloomfield 12 years ago

Hi Chowhounds! I'm headed to Athens, Alabama next week on business. Any recommendations for good places to eat, especially for someone who is attempting to eat more healthy food? Thanks!

Authentic Italian in Athens, Georgia

by marcbjohnson 13 years ago

Sup Fellow Chowhounders...I was wondering if anybody can turn me on to any Authentic Italian restaurants in Athens, Georgia. If not Italian...any decent, reputable restaurants in Athens (NO CHAINS...