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Asheville - Fig? Limones, Zambra, Vincenzo's --Recs, please.

by laredo 14 years ago

Hi, We had been planning to eat at Vincenzo's and Zambra until I came to this site. Now I have a lot more information to work with! What do you recommend? We have two nights. Staying at th...

Asheville Portion of Road Trip

by rlcole4346 4 years ago

MC and I recently completed a long road trip built around family, old friends, and of course, food. We left KY for Asheville, then to the Charlotte area, then to D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, and ...

Southeastern Cities on Zagat's New List of 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016

by jnwall 4 years ago

Regardless of how one feels about Zagat's, they bring recognition. They have just released their list of the 26 hottest food cities of 2016, and eleven of them are in the southeast. The list inc...

The Admiral in Asheville - Anyone else think it's the most overrated place in town?

by chezdy 8 years ago

Just curious.. been there twice now and doubt I'll go back. Personally I just do not think it's a value. Nice folks and all, just I think there's better (or at least as good) food for 1/2 the price...

Old School Chowhound Needs Asheville Recs

by Steve 4 years ago

Spending a week in Asheville, NC with family of four, and I have some specific needs for great Asheville eats. One need is that I would love to hear about some places that are vegan friendly, as...

Looking for interesting tacos in Raleigh (similar to White Duck [Asheville] or Boka Tako [Richmond, VA])

by Tehama 5 years ago

Good morning y'all! In the last month or so, I've had the most intriguing, flavorful, and interesting tacos in Asheville and Richmond. Cool things like at Boka, you choose your own protein {KOR...

Asheville: too many breweries and food trucks??

by Tom Hall 4 years ago

Coming to Asheville next month for several days. Unfortunately, a meeting uses 3 days. I saw this website: http://www.ashevillefoodtrucks.com/ It lists both food trucks and breweries. Ther...

Asheville to Chattanooga

by demigodh 4 years ago

Hi All, I'll be driving from Chattanooga to Asheville in a month and would love some recommendations. I want to avoid the interstate so anything off the backroads would be great. Ideally somethi...

Asheville; (finer) dining

by Tom Hall 4 years ago

Been reading alot of posts from the past 1-2 years. The Admiral seems to get the most love. Their website does not seem to really show why very well. Maybe a little help, please? Then there i...

Latest Asheville recommendations?

by LulusMom 4 years ago

Finally taking the plunge and taking Lulu (and possibly her Dad) to Asheville next month for a long weekend. I'm wondering what people are loving most in Asheville recently for dinners. We're not b...

Need help with barbecue dinner event for 150 in Asheville

by KarenfromDurham 4 years ago

Will be hosting a gargantuan (maybe 150?) rehearsal dinner in May 2017 in Asheville. The kids want excellent BBQ and a casual atmosphere. Can we find an event site to host this many that will a...

All Souls Pizza - Asheville, NC

by Tehama 4 years ago

All Souls Pizza has become our new favorite Asheville restaurant. It even satisfies my pizza snob husband! Other pluses: it is close by to Whit Duck Taco, the tables outside are dog friendly,...

Red Ginger Dim Sum and Tapas Restaurant

by kjen 4 years ago

Has anyone tried Red Ginger Dim Sum and Tapas Restaurant <http://www.redgingerasheville.com> in downtown Asheville? I'm anxious to try it. The menu looks pretty good, although I'm disappointed a ...

Lamb event in Asheville NC

by BobBigEater 4 years ago

I am on this mailing list for the Blind Pig Dinner Club in Asheville and this came across this weekend. Lots of Chefs and it looks like Bovinoche will be spearheading the event. I thought that wa...

Afternoon/High Tea in or near Asheville

by Helind 5 years ago

I made a reservation at the the Inn on the Biltmore Estate for afternoon tea for Valentine's Day last week. The next day I received a message on my machine that the reservation had been cancelled, ...

Asheville trip report

by ksbee 5 years ago

Spent a couple of days before Christmas in Asheville with some wonderful eats, and here's where we ended up. Great first night at Cucina 24. Really spectacular hakurei turnip appetizer with both br...

Panettone in WNC ?

by danna 5 years ago

Anyone know where I could score some locally made Panettone in Asheville or nearby? Last year I got some lovely Stollen at Flat Rock Bakery, but what I really want is some panettone like they used...

Critique my Asheville Agenda (Table, Rhubarb...)

by CFByrne 5 years ago

Foodie and wife heading to Asheville for first time next week, we'll be in town from Sunday afternoon thru Wed morning. For comparison, we like Gramercy Tavern in NYC, Husk in Charleston, Woodbe...

Couple of recent Asheville NC experiences

by danna 5 years ago

We tried a couple of new places lately: Gan Shan Station Friday after Tgiving lunch. It was good. I had heard some (extremely) negative things, but we liked everything, which is rare for us ;-...