Should we eat at The Grove Park Inn? (Asheville)

by jiminea 9 years ago

My wife and I are going to Asheville the end of August and are booked into GPI for a couple of nights. Was wondering if any hounds out there have tried the restaurants at the inn and, if so, are an...

Gingerbread House Display @ Grove Park

by OElder 11 months ago

Going to Asheville NC for Gingerbread House Display@ Grove Park. I've read lots of bad reviews of Grove Park but they are over 2 years old...nothing recent. Thinking of staying at Grove Park (yes...

Asheville recommendations

by Yuv83 12 months ago

Heading over to Asheville for the weekend with the wife and the little one. I'm in search of some recommendations: - A place to stop by on the way from Chapel Hill and/or on the way back (not Le...

Healthy Restaurants in Asheville

by ts_guy 12 months ago

Hi! I'm moving from SoCal to Asheville in a few weeks and will be working on the north side of town. I eat out quite often (daily), and am looking for healthy places to eat in the area. I'm inte...

Asheville Fall 2018

by ickymettle 1 year ago

Any new restaurants to check out in Asheville this fall (2018)? I'm familiar with most of the go-to's as I travel to Asheville quite a bit, but I am curious if there is anywhere new (opened within...

Asheville, NC Restaurants & Bars

by klebb 1 year ago

Heading to Asheville in a few weeks for three days -- I have three kids but they aren't afraid of interesting food. What are some good kid (at least kind of) friendly restaurants. I'll be stay...

Asheville trip report

by ksbee 1 year ago

Reporting back from our annual (or sometimes semi-annual) trip to Asheville. We had never tried Rhubarb, and thought we should this time around. It was good, and service was stellar, but the food w...

British Food Products in Asheville

by dkreisel 2 years ago

Does anyone know where to find British imported products such as golden syrup, black treacle, double cream, custard powder, etc., in the Asheville area?

Asheville NC-Christmas Dinner

by flobow 2 years ago

As we are heading to Asheville NC for Christmas looking for recommendations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner.

Charlotte Restaurants from Asheville Perspective

by jorgeanchovy 2 years ago

Question for people who know food in both cities. Spending a day in Charlotte. We're from Asheville. I want to avoid situations where I'm sitting there thinking "I know exactly where to get this sa...

Asheville, NC: Open on Monday?

by Tehama 2 years ago

Hey Hounds! Looking for fun place for birthday and anniversary in Asheville, Waynesville, or close by that are open on Mondays (both happen to fall on Mondays this year). We are open to all sort...

BBQ in Asheville, NC

by StrandedInYankeeLand 3 years ago

Ok. So I read a post by some Brit from like 7 years ago about BBQ in Asheville. I am not a Brit. I was raised and spent the vast majority of my 35 years in the heehaw parts of Florida, or Southern ...

Long North Carolina / Southeast road trip

by Yuv83 3 years ago

Hey all, My wife and I (33 year old from Israel) going on a fairly long roadtrip from DC through Asheville, NC down to Savannah, SC and back to DC. Here is our road itinerary. My wife has some...

Why are there no Indian restaurants in Hendersonville NC?

by Anniebird 2 years ago

Where are the Indian restaurants? Why none in Hendersonville NC when we have THREE Thai restaurants within sight of each other on Main street? Does anyone have a theory about why there aren't any...

Asheville - Fig? Limones, Zambra, Vincenzo's --Recs, please.

by laredo 13 years ago

Hi, We had been planning to eat at Vincenzo's and Zambra until I came to this site. Now I have a lot more information to work with! What do you recommend? We have two nights. Staying at th...

Asheville Portion of Road Trip

by rlcole4346 3 years ago

MC and I recently completed a long road trip built around family, old friends, and of course, food. We left KY for Asheville, then to the Charlotte area, then to D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, and ...

Southeastern Cities on Zagat's New List of 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016

by jnwall 3 years ago

Regardless of how one feels about Zagat's, they bring recognition. They have just released their list of the 26 hottest food cities of 2016, and eleven of them are in the southeast. The list inc...

The Admiral in Asheville - Anyone else think it's the most overrated place in town?

by chezdy 7 years ago

Just curious.. been there twice now and doubt I'll go back. Personally I just do not think it's a value. Nice folks and all, just I think there's better (or at least as good) food for 1/2 the price...