What Is the Difference Between Arugula and Watercress?

They’re both peppery greens that are delicious in a salad, but arugula and watercress aren’t quite interchangeable—arugula stands up to heat better (watercress can quickly turn to mush) and packs a...

Arugula...rarely fresh/undesirable taste?

by bte576 6 years ago

For years, I have been confused by arugula. I know it is supposed to be spicy and bitter, but it often seems to just taste bad to me. I can't even put my finger on the flavor, but it is undesirab...

What are rocket leaves?

by Sweet Pea 15 years ago

Someone posted some recipes for fresh figs and one calls for rocket leaves. I've not heard of that. Also, oak leaves was in another.

What goes well in an arugula salad? (And, what I tried that was great.)

by Cinnamon 12 years ago

I love arugula, and have figured out that it goes nicely with thinly shredded parmesan, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. What else do you like in an arugula salad that's meant to be a light meal ...


by JMF 5 years ago

I've never tried the arugula based herbal amaro/digestif liqueur Rucolino from Ischia, Italy; but a little old Italian lady next door gave me two HUGE bags of arugula. i blanched it and vac packed ...

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