A Pea and Artichoke Panzanella Salad That’s All About Summer Flavors

These days, gathering with friends isn’t exactly promoted the same way it once was. Friends and family are required to congregate virtually, eschewing the outdoors for 2D squares plastered on a laptop...

Harvesting Tips: Artichokes to Zucchini

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Tips on the optimum time to pick your garden crop from Joe Corso of Long Beach Organic.

Fried Artichokes at Pezzini Castroville HWY 1

by Nathan P. 16 years ago

I've always been disappointed in the fried artichokes at the Giant Artichoke in Castroville. Greasy, weak batter and tasting very processed. The idea, however, is brilliant. Driving through fiel...

Question about differences between artichoke varieties

by Lucius9270 1 year ago

Hello everyone, A few years ago, I had this amazing artichoke soup, it was the first time I've ever tasted an artichoke and I was blown away by how delicious it was. I immediately bought a few b...

Happy Hour @ Melville Tavern in Monterey

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Unlike the other usual suspects for happy hour, Melville Tavern did not cancel discounts during the U.S. Open in June. Glad we'd put in a call to Cibo restaurant and Lalla Oceanside Grill, the ...

Artichoke dishes at restaurants near Arlington

by Ziv 2 years ago

I have a housebound friend who isn't eating enough and when I ran down a list of dishes I remembered her talking about, the only one she really wanted was artichokes. Which I know nothing about so ...

Marinated artichoke crowns

by tomygar 3 years ago

Does anybody know where I can find and purchase marinated artichoke crowns? Online or anywhere else? Thanks

Artichokes in water?

by Dipsy 18 years ago

I always buy artichokes hearts in oil. I love the flavor. On the Whole Foods thread below, I see a couple of mentions about their artichokes in water. Are they good in salad and/or antipasto type...

Trader Joe's Artichoke Antipasto

by In-N-Outer 16 years ago

I love artichokes. I love artichoke dip. So I thought I would love TJ's Artichoke Antipasto, but this stuff is not good. It takes like pickle relish! Is there a certain way you're supposed to eat t...


by jpr54 3 years ago

I am confused about article in NY Times about artichoke dish in Rome.

French fried artichoke hearts

by stevewi 4 years ago

Anyone out there know where to find these in Portland (preferably in a bar/brewpub)? I have a serious case of withdrawal... We used to get them in Monterey, Castroville, Gilroy & the Santa Cruz B...

Spinach-Artichoke Deep-Dish Pizza

by Jtdusk 4 years ago

This is a very, very yummy recipe for you vegetarians out there. Total Time: 0:40 Prep: 0:15 Level: Easy Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1 (5-oz....

Ideas and Recipes Wanted for Artichokes

by EllenCooks 5 years ago

My artichoke plants are in full bloom (pun intended) and I've got lots of lovely artichokes. I've steamed them and eaten them with mayonnaise, put artichokes on several pizzas, made pasta with arti...

How long do artichokes last?

by socalcook 12 years ago

I've had a fresh whole artichoke in my fridge for a few weeks. it looks fine, but I'm wondering if I can eat it or if I should just toss it. In the past, I've stored them for about two weeks with n...

Frozen artichoke bottoms

by babyfork 6 years ago

Looking for frozen artichoke bottoms for stuffing. Marin or San Francisco stores preferred.

Artichokes in a pressure cooker?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I bought a pressure cooker/canner (Fagor) that can be used for both cooking and canning. It came with a cookbook but did not include a recipe for cooking artichokes in it. I would really like to ma...

V Sattui Artichoke Dip

by gigi01 12 years ago

Does anyone have a similar recipe to the Cold Artichoke Dip they have at the V Sattui Winery in Napa, CA? It has artichokes, cream cheese and I think lemon, garlic and maybe basil? Thanks!

Dipping sauces for steamed artichokes

by Coribdx 6 years ago

I have a bunch of artichokes from Castroville, CA (the artichoke capital on the world) steaming right now.. Besides lemon garlic butter, does anyone have a suggestion for another dipping sauce? S...

ISO: Roman Jewish Fried Artichokes- Palio d'Asti?

by orangewasabi 14 years ago

Anyone been recently? Do they still serve the classic Roman Jewish Fried Baby Artichokes? if so, any idea if they're only available for dinner or for lunch also? Any other potential options fo...

asparagus and artichokes

by sparkareno 6 years ago

What do you do about wine with these two troublemakers. Not drink wine? I know they affect the taste.

Where to buy baby artichokes?

by markvmoreorless 6 years ago

I'm pretty sure this is the season, but i haven't found them anywhere yet. I'm in SF, but would drive other places for them too. Anyone know where? thanks!