Just outside DC, Arlington has its own burgeoning food scene. Get recommendations from the community on where to eat, from business dinners to happy hours.

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Mediterranee in Arlington gutted by fire

by coastcat 16 years ago

According to the news story, the restaurant was pretty much destroyed by Wednesday night's fire. Just an FYI... Link: http://www.wtopnews.com/index.php?nid=25&sid=146862

pastry bakery in fairfax/arlington area

by Quo Vadimus 16 years ago

Need some ideas where I can pickup some coffee cake, pastry or similiar. Hopefully a place that is known for it's stollen/coffee cake. Other close by options welcome. I need to pickup somethin...

pho for delivery in Arlington?

by Amy B. 16 years ago

The discussion below is making me want a big steamy bowl of pho for dinner--but at home. Does Pho 75 or anyone else deliver? I got takeout pho from Minh's once and they wrapped everything up nicely...

Quiche in Arlington

by Sallie 16 years ago

I am having a terrible time finding a place where I can get quiche on the weekends for breakfast and read the paper. I have moved from Dupont (afore-discussed breakfast wasteland with brief shinin...

Just moved to Arlington

by Michelle 16 years ago

and I'm looking for that great hole-in-the-wall place in my new neighborhood that I wouldn't know about if you hadn't told me. I've really enjoyed Pollo Rico and Pho 75, but those are the only one...

New Creamery at Arlington Farmers' Market

by Bacchante 16 years ago

I'm a long-time Chowhound reader but new poster. Last Saturday, Shenville Creamery was at the Arlington Farmer's Market. Bob W posted last year about them at the Loudon County market. They brou...

Harry's Tap Room, Arlington?

by Jen 16 years ago

I'm thinking about going there for Thanksgiving dinner... What is the place like?

Weekday Dinner in Arlington/Reston

by xiaodan 16 years ago

Boston chowhound coming to town for a meeting, and would like to take my (college student) sister and her boyfriend out for a nice (~$20/entree) dinner. both asia-philic, but any cuisine will do. l...

Best pollo a la brasa, Arlington area?

by EmilieB 16 years ago

Hi, I'm crazy for pollo a la brasa, I have to admit, but I'm hung up on Crisp & Juicy on Lee Hwy (near Lee & Glebe). I think it's really excellent, and I insist on having yuca with my chicken. ...

Good NY/NJ pizza in Arlington/Alexandria??

by Alan 16 years ago

Ok Here is my second post to this list. I have recently moved here to Alenxadria and it is killing me that I can not find a good NY/NJ style pizza out there. Does anyone know where I can get one? A...

the Lebanese Taverna in Arlington on Washington has re-opened

by foodgeek 16 years ago

They still have some work to do on the sign...but the wondows are done, and they have an open for business sign. Thought I'd let you guys know. I guess I don't have to go to the Crystal City loc...

Taco Truck in Arlington/Falls Church

by Kolumel 16 years ago

I saw a taco truck driving near Seven Corners the other day. Something like "... Miguelenos" I think. Looked promising; is it good? Where does it park?

new to arlington report #2

by Jayask Foodgeek 16 years ago

I've hit a lot of new (to us) places in Arlington and Falls Church this week including: Matuba (Arlington, actually 2nd visit since we went last week), good inexpensive sushi, and good service. ...

Chinese in Arlington/Alexandria

by Alan 16 years ago

As a frequent lurker of this board, I'd like to that all you guys for all the suggestions and help. OK I know there are tons of postings on this board about chinese places in the greater DC metro...

Sushi emergency, Arlington

by Jayask 16 years ago

We want to go for sushi right now and need a good place,not a long drive from here (Ballston). The one in Clarendon is closed, don't know why. I betting the one across the street from teh ballston ...

Top of the Town in Arlington?

by Kristen 16 years ago

Has anyone eaten there or been there for a function? I'm considering having a rehearsal dinner there and wonder if it's any good. Any replies would be appreciated.

Lobster with ginger and spring onion in Arlington/DC??

by BL 16 years ago

Any recommendations for Asian-style lobster with ginger and spring onion in the Arlington/DC area?

Any good Chinese Grocery stores near Alexandria/Arlington?

by Alan 16 years ago

Do any of you know any good chinese grocery stores near Alexandria/Arlington? Most grocerys stores I have went to really cater to either the Vietnamese or Korean food. Thanks

El Ranchero in Arlington - Thoughts?

by ANCyM 16 years ago

We're thinking of doing Mexican tomorrow evening, something we've tried before w/ varying success; more disappointments than anything else. I've passed El Ranchero hundreds of times but have neve...

Charlie Horse -- new restaurant on Lee Hwy in Arlington

by BL 16 years ago

Has anyone had the opportunity to eat at the new place -- Charlie Horse -- on Lee Hwy about a mile west of Lee-Harrison shopping center? This location is the same place that the Wash Post reviewed...

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