Just outside DC, Arlington has its own burgeoning food scene. Get recommendations from the community on where to eat, from business dinners to happy hours.


Livin' the Pie Life in Arlington, the Best Dessert Pies Around

by Steve 3 years ago

I've had a couple of the individual pies at this very popular bakery near the corner of Glebe and Lee Highway, and I have to say I am very impressed. The pecan is every bit as good as my longtime ...

Takeout Thai: The good, the bad and the ugly.

by Ziv 3 months ago

This month I have been trying a lot of new Thai spots and getting appetizers or soups for carryout. Thai Select at 1713 Wilson Blvd in Arlington was my first stop this month, I got a rather good La...

Charga in Arlington

by Ziv 8 months ago

Excellent food prepared by guys who really like good food. Claudio spent the time to inform me about some of the nuances of each of the 3 dishes I considered. The menu is wide ranging and looks to ...

ISO culinary rose petals

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 9 months ago

All - I'm making a cake that calls for candied rose petals. I need to find some that are pesticide free however so I'd like to ask if anyone knows of a source in the Northern VA/DC area. I figure I...

Ramen Factory 42 in Falls Church...

by Ziv 1 year ago

I had the RF42 Special Miso Ramen with Sweet Egg, Chashu, Ground Pork and Nori with Green Tea Noodles. Small bowl of ramen but nicely fragrant. Flavor was good but not great. Service was good and...

Mongolian Food at Buuz Thai Eatery, Courthouse

by Steve 1 year ago

The Mongolian Ambassador mentioned Buuz Thai Eatery in that Weekend section article about where Ambassadors go to eat their own cuisine. Turns out it is Mongolian owned and operated, and there is...

Sloppy Mama's BBQ new Lee Highway location

by MikeR 1 year ago

Ate lunch there today. Pretty good, but it didn't blow me away. Service is like at Hill Country - you order by weight (the food, not yours) at one end of the counter and pay for it at the other end...

Peter Chang to come to Arlington?

by alkapal 5 years ago

If he takes over the Oriental Gourmet in the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center, I will return there. Right now, that place is on my banned list because of extremely rude management behavior. http:...

Artichoke dishes at restaurants near Arlington

by Ziv 1 year ago

I have a housebound friend who isn't eating enough and when I ran down a list of dishes I remembered her talking about, the only one she really wanted was artichokes. Which I know nothing about so ...

Takohachi in Arlington - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

Located in the shopping strip at Glebe and Colombia Rd, Takohachi has found its audience: a nice crowd of mostly Japanese looked like they were enjoying their time here. We got grilled sardines...

Thai Square: Redux

by Ziv 2 years ago

After a long time away, I visited Thai Square and they have really updated the place nicely. New lights, decor, more open feel. Very nice. But I stopped coming a couple years ago because the food h...

ISO Texas beef sausage ala Kreuz or Elgin

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 2 years ago

All - does anyone know of a source in the DC/VA/MD area that sells something similar and at least as good as Kreuz's or Southside Market's Elgin Texas beef sausage? Thanks much for any leads - ...

Best food delivery options in Alexandria city?

by Foodgeek 2 years ago

Asking for a friend. Especially restaurants with free delivery (not part of delivery services). You can mention ones on services as well. All cuisines work, but Asian would be appreciated. South A...

Weekday Brunch

by mrsphud 2 years ago

Friends are coming in for a hill day and a quick visit with us. They will be staying in Arlington, but we live in Gaithersburg. Where might we go for a nice relaxing Wednesday afternoon brunch?

Any favorite dishes at Ambar Clarendon?

by Ziv 2 years ago

I am taking a friend on Saturday for Brunch, which is still during Restaurant Week, so I have 3 options, I think. A la carte, $35 unlimited small plates or the Restaurant Week Special for the $22...

Early Breakfasts in Arlington, VA?

by sophiejj 3 years ago

I need to get out of the house first thing in the morning and although I cooked for a living for many years, I much prefer to have my egg white omelettes made for me, and diet sodas poured while I ...

Fresh Pole Beans (aka "Italian Green Beans" or "Roma" Green Beans)

by alkapal 3 years ago

Where can I find them in a store? The one vendor selling them wanted $5 for a skimpy pint at the Arlington farmer's market. If you know where they may have frozen ones, those will do in a pinch...

Hell Burger

by WilsonPicket 3 years ago

First I'm startled at how few posts there are for Arlington, its a big restaurant market. But for current news I'm simply sad to see that Hell Burger is closed either for the time being or for goo...

Need Arlington Recommendations

by jayjay 3 years ago

We'll be staying at a hotel next week in Arlington. Can anyone suggest restaurants in which to dine. Ethnic, seafood, etc. are our top choices, but we'll consider anything.

Jury Duty in Arlington - Kabob House and TNR in Courthouse

by Steve 5 years ago

I visited two places while doing jury duty this week in Arlington. Two spots that I wouldn't normally visit because they seem to exist only to serve a captive lunch crowd. Was my theory correct? ...