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Best Arlington Restaurants?

by AlCracka 9 months ago

I don't see a recent general restaurant recommendation discussion for Arlington. Would anyone like to weigh in? We ab...


watertowngourmet commented 2 months ago

Markets NW of Boston That Have Good Marinated Steak Tips?

by hiddenboston 10 years ago

I need to get steak tips for a BBQ early this afternoon and have only been able to find non-marinated tips in markets...

MeffaBabe commented 10 months ago

Bistro Duet - Arlington

by hounda 1 year ago

NIce cocktail program and attentive knowledgeable bar staff, which is where we ate. Maybe 10 bar seats, warm ambianc...


grant.cook commented 1 year ago

Hangzhou cuisine in Arlington?

by Edokko 1 year ago

Recently I noticed that the Chinese-character-name section of the Szechuan's Dumpling storefront sign had been change...

Ferrari328 commented 1 year ago

Knife sharpening near Arlington MA?

by JuliusK 1 year ago

Like many of you, I used to go to Stoddard's to get my knives sharpened, however these days we are quite busy as a fa...


JNewman commented 1 year ago

Commune Kitchen Arlington

by Ferrari328 1 year ago

They took over the space formerly occupied by Zocalo. They are tartine-and-pizza-focused with very reasonable prices....


bear commented 1 year ago

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Weekend eats: Westport, MA and Arlington, MA

by digga 1 year ago

We made a late-ish decision on Saturday to head to Westport. I had read that both the vineyard and Buzzard Bay Brewer...

Commune Kitchen - East Arlington (Broadway)

by grant.cook 1 year ago

I have had lunch at Commune Kitchen in East Arlington twice in two weeks. First time I got a tartine, which is basic...


grant.cook commented 1 year ago

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Did Toraya "downgrade" their Nabeyaki Udon?

by Lagrangian 2 years ago

I was just at Toraya in Arlington and had their Nabeyaki Udon soup for the first time in over a year (the weather com...

Sono Asian Cuisine, Arlington. Continues to improve

by RoyRon 3 years ago

Over the past couple of months I have made almost weekly visits to SONO Asian Cuisine in Arlington. I liked SONO whe...

digga commented 2 years ago

Szechuan's Dumpling Is Amazing, Lucky Arlington

by Swankalicious 5 years ago

Mr. Swank and I were passing through Arlington Heights this evening and saw a large "OPEN" sign at SD. Turns out the ...


pedxing commented 2 years ago

Magic Bites Bakery now open

by Edokko 2 years ago

A Turkish bakery has just opened in Arlington. The spot has seen much turnover recently (Bella Moto, Loukoumaki, Zaa...


Edokko commented 2 years ago

Pizza in Lexington/Belmont/Arlington?

by Chris VR 4 years ago

I know, pizza quests abound on this board, but we've just moved to Lexington and this is a stumper. I'm not a fan of...

hotoynoodle commented 2 years ago

Szechuan Dumpling in Arlington - Try it!

by Jacksup77 3 years ago

My partner and I have been to Szechuan Dumpling at least 4 times, including today, since the management changed last...


thimes commented 2 years ago

La Victoria Taqueria - Arlington, MA

by keith 3 years ago

Saw that the paper was off the windows at the new location of La Victoria in Arlington Center and popped in to check...

Allstonian commented 2 years ago

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Chili Sea Bass at Sono in Arlington

by RoyRon 2 years ago

I was in the mood for Japanese food last and hadn't been back to Sono Asian Cuisine in Arlington for quite awhile so...

Moved to Brighton, MA. Looking for great food, reasonable price!

by syoung078 2 years ago

We've just recently moved to Brighton and are slowly discovering things, but since there is so much around us(restau...


jajjguy commented 2 years ago

cake, cake, cake!

by granolagurl 2 years ago

Yep, it is that time of year again (my BIRTHDAY!) and I need a CAKE!!! 2 years ago (based on suggestions from my dea...


catsmeow commented 2 years ago

Arlington Greek Festival this weekend: June 4, 5, 6 and 7

by GretchenS 2 years ago Schedule (p. 1) and menu (p. 2) here:


Taralli commented 2 years ago