Arctic Char


Looking for Arctic Char in Houston

by lazy_engineer 4 years ago

I recently purchased the book "EveryDayCook" by Alton Brown, and so far I love it. I want to try a recipe from there called "Char-Burgers" which uses Arctic Char. I've searched HEB, Whole Foods and...

Retail arctic char

by quirkydeb 6 years ago

Is there any retail place that sells fresh arctic char on a regular basis? Thanks!

Smoking Arctic char - before or after...

by foreverhungry 6 years ago

I'm thinking about making a pasta dish with Arctic char, something along the lines of a fettuccine in a light cream sauce, maybe with a touch of something like taleggio and white wine, maybe with s...

Wine Pairing Help: Arctic Char with Hoisen Glaze and Butter Wasabi sauce

by Dapuma 9 years ago

I have a bottle of Oliver Savary 1er Cru Chablis Forchumes will that pair ok with the fish? - the side will be baby bok choy thanks Was worried i might need a Reisling

arctic char in place of salmon

by simkhele 9 years ago

I am cooking for 10 for New Year's Eve. I love Ina Garten's roast salmon with fennel and onions -- not only because it is delicious, but because there doesn't have to be much fuss in the kitchen on...

Smoked arctic char fillet

by DJ013 10 years ago

I was just given a smoked arctic char fillet, just off the plane from the Arctic (if that means anything). I'm not sure if I can go ahead and eat it "raw" like smoked salmon, or if I should gri...

Descaling arctic char

by suze4gardens 10 years ago

Just bought some lovely arctic char - big fat ones x 2. Do I need to descale them and if so, how? Don't want to mess them up, they were bloomin' expensive!

Arctic Char Recipes?

by DishyDiva 13 years ago

Hello Hounds, I just bought, for the first time, two Arctic Char fillets. I'm not familiar with this kind of fish and would greatly appreciate suggestions on what to do with them (aside from gril...

Arctic char, morels, ramps

by Nyleve 11 years ago

If you had those three things, what would you make? For what it's worth, I also have some blanched fiddleheads that need to be used. The above doesn't have to be all in one dish.

Where to buy Arctic Char in Phoenix?

by ipsedixit 12 years ago

I tried Whole Foods in Chandler, but they didn't have any. Anyone know of a place, or a fish monger, that has arctic char in stock?

Grilled artichoke hearts and Arctic Char in Hoboken?

by Olav23 12 years ago

With all the italian places around Hoboken, would anyone know where I can get grilled artichoke hearts here? I used to buy them from the olive bar in Fairway by the pound, but all I have found he...

Very large whole frozen Arctic Char: Help!

by moh 12 years ago

So somehow, I have snagged a whole frozen Arctic char. I happened to be in the Co-op when Qalingo brought in a bunch of fresh char, and let me tell you, it was flying off the shelves, they could ba...

Fresh Arctic Char at Hannaford

by Dave B 13 years ago

A friend of mine in the food business tipped me off that Hannaford is starting to carry fresh Arctic char. I had AC at Summer Shack a while back and loved it, so once I found out I could get it and...

Arctic Char, Where Can it be Caught? [moved from New England board]

by Passadumkeg 14 years ago

I know Arctic Char can be fished in Alaska, but are ther areas in Canada or the lower 48 where it can be fished? We have here in Hancock County, Me one pond full of char, a very unique glacial hol...

What to drink with arctic char?

Bill on Capitol Hill
by Bill on Capitol Hill 14 years ago

I went to pick up some sort of seafood with which to drink the chalky sauvignon blanc that's burning a hole in my fridge ... but ended up with arctic char, an orangey-fleshed fish whose flavor alle...

Whole Arctic Char in San Francisco, Pensinsula, or Bay Area?

by Coco Bred 15 years ago

I'm looking to cook a whole Arctic Char, so I thought buying one might be a good start. I just moved to the Peninsula from New York not many months ago, so I'm still getting my bearings. Anyone hav...

arctic char?

by Sweet Pea 15 years ago

I've only had this in restos, never prepared it at home. What's the best way to do it (I have a 1 lb fillet).

Have an arctic char fillet I must use tonight! Suggestions?

by Christina D 16 years ago

I know that this fish is similar to salmon, but I've never cooked with it before. Any good weeknight ideas? Thanks!!

arctic char at fox & obel

by messycook 17 years ago

I cooked this for 2 of us last night - it was fabulous. First time I've bought fish here, in Chicago. While I won't be able to afford to shop here often (fish was 13.99 a pound - one of the cheape...

Arctic Char Love!

by babyfork 19 years ago

I was in Whole Foods the other day to get some fish. I was thinking maybe salmon, when I noticed that they had arctic char. I had it once at Christer's (a great Scandinavian restaurant in New Yor...