An apple a day makes Chowhounds happy. Here's the ultimate guide to the fruit, from apple-picking advice to apple recipes.

Apple Cores: Not Just for the Compost Bin

What’s not to love about an orchard-fresh apple on a crisp autumn day? For many people, it’s the core, which often finds itself on the fast track to the trash. But did you know that you can use apple...

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Carmel Apples

by specialteach 18 years ago

What kind of apple is best for caramel apples? I will be using premade caramel and melting it in the microwave. Are there any tricks I need to know? Thanks.

gingerbread-apple upside down cake--recipe?

by dixieday 18 years ago

Looking for baking help... I used to have a great recipe for a gingerbread-apple upside down cake. It involved melting butter and brown sugar together in a big cake pan, lining the pan with sliced...

Apple Butter

by chick pea 18 years ago

Greetings, all-- My sister-in-law gave us a jar of apple butter. I've never had it before-- What can I do with it (other than using it on bread)? Is it like peanut butter? Thanks in advance.

Apple turnovers

by Shaebones 18 years ago

Made apple turnovers today. REALLY good. Recipe from Epicurious. Now, what's the best way to store them to maintain freshness for up to a week? Link: http://www.epicurious.com/run/recipe/view?id=1...

home-canning apple pie filling?

by divstudent 18 years ago

So I have a rather large number of apples (thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on good apple varieties, by the way!) and want to make some apple pie filling and can it. The only problem is ...

Any Apple Orchard / Anywhere in the world

by Stanley Stephan 18 years ago

If you want to find a apple orchard anywhere in the world, check out the link below. Sorry, this is info repeated on two other boards. I was answering a SF question, then I saw the orchard growin...

Best apple varieties?

by divstudent 18 years ago

It is fall in New England and so I am naturally obsessing over apple varieties. Do you have a favorite? Why? And has anyone out there found Cox's Orange Pippins? I am obsessing over them--never...

Good dog! Especially with roast spuds and apple sauce. Pet or Food?

by The Rogue 18 years ago

A friend of mine just sent me the following article. (See Link) and it reminded me that the other day I was reading a different article that it is just happenstance that we eat the things we do (Fr...

Fresh Apple Cider - How Perishable?

by LisaM 18 years ago

So, I'm flying out to L.A. this weekend, to visit an old pal. I asked her what she'd like me to bring her from NY (she's originally from the area), and she said, "Apple cider!" Now, as an aside, I...

Apple Variety: Arkansas Black

by CAthy2 18 years ago

Hi! I live north of Chicago. This weekend, I found a hobbyist apple grower who grows the Arkansas Black apple variety. This was the first time I have encountered this apple. It was very dark, ski...

Apples: Where are the Russets of yesteryear?

by Gary Soup 18 years ago

Although I've become a thrall of Chowhound-dom, I still have flashes of prior realities. I duly endure the posts of people becoming orgasmic over the latest finds at the farmers markets, and now we...

Apple Marzipan Galette from Cooking Light

by D-NY 18 years ago

I made this great apple marzipan galette from last March's cooking light issue and then threw out the issue (oops!). Anyone have a copy of the recipe? I've looked on the cooking light page and ha...

mott's granny smith apple sauce

by ali b 18 years ago

has anyone tasted this yet? is it any good? my supermarket hasn't gotten it yet although the carry the ones with raspberries and stuff. ;-)

Apple cider syrup - how to use?

by Linda W. 19 years ago

After reading about it here on Chowhound a few months ago, I just picked up a small bottle of apple cider syrup in a store in the town where I work on the north shore of Boston. I've never had it ...

Fairway: Pig's feet and apple smoked bacon

by Pat Goldberg 19 years ago

I shopped at the Harlem Fairway this morning and found both whole pig's feet and apple smoked bacon, both of which had been the subject of relatively recent inquiries. Pat G.

apple syrup

by Paul Lukas 19 years ago

Someone recently gave me a bottle of apple cider syrup, which apparently is just apple cider boiled down and down until it loses enough moisture to achieve syrup-y consistency. Maybe I've just been...

Apple Crisp recipe w/ no oats?

by DanM 19 years ago

Hi, Some dietary restrictions have led me to look for an apple crisp recipe that contains no oats (unlike the otherwise very good NY Times recipe that was discussed in this group a few days ago....

Trying to make Mrs. Prindible-type apples

by Miss Crabapple 19 years ago

Does anyone know of a source for the thick, round sticks that are used by the Mrs. Prindible's company? I want to try making that type of candy apple this Christmas, but I don't want to use Popsicl...

Favorite apple for making applesauce?

by Ringo 19 years ago

What is the best variety of apple to use for applesauce?

NYTimes Apple Crisp

by Marty L. 19 years ago

A couple of weeks ago (11/13, I believe), Mark Bittman published a recipe for an apple crisp in his NYTimes column. Did anyone try it? Is it a worthy dish for Thanksgiving? If so, does anyone ha...

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