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New Base Spirit

by alphanumeric 4 years ago

A question occurred to me while reflecting upon my love of gin and, after seeing EvergreenDan's comment on board mala...

JMF commented 4 years ago


by redhookandrew 11 years ago

Can some one out there draw a distiction between applejack and apple brandy?

JMF commented 5 years ago

Gifts Suggestions for an Apple Farmer Who Wants to Make Hard Cider

by jen_om 5 years ago

Does anyone have any gift suggestions for what to give a commercial apple farmer who wants to start making hard cider...


DavidT commented 5 years ago

Obstler / fruit brandy / schnaps in the United States???

by teukros 5 years ago

I am talking about the clear beverage which is made from 100% fruit must. e.g. apple, pear, apricot, plum. Similar to...


ZacharyK commented 5 years ago

Help Me Conjure Up a NYE Punch Featuring Applejack

by isadorasmama 5 years ago

Heading to a party with drinkers on NYE and rather than standing behind the bar all night, I thought I'd make a punch...


juli5122 commented 5 years ago

Inexpensive Calvados suggestions?

by jumpyg 6 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive bottle of Calvados that will primarily be used for mixing cocktails (just wa...

yarm commented 6 years ago

Pink Cocktails

by JungMann 10 years ago

I am attending a pink cocktail party and need to bring a specialty cocktail. As a whiskey drinker, I know very few pi...

YAYME commented 7 years ago

Pernod (anise liquor)/Apple Brandy availability in Charlotte

by dineandcook 7 years ago

I'm planning a dinner party and was wondering if Pernod can be found in the Charlotte area? I'm also looking for Le ...


cateringchick commented 7 years ago

Apple-type Signature Drink or Punch!!

by LilGirl 7 years ago

We're having an Oktoberfest party next month, and I would like to have an apple related signature drink or punch that...

jgg13 commented 7 years ago

Turkey day cocktail ideas

by isadorasmama 8 years ago

A couple of American Jews, a Parisian Jew, and a Colombian all walk into a wonderfully scented kitchen. My kitchen, o...


isadorasmama commented 7 years ago

Do you have a "Liquor Cabinet"

by Chinon00 10 years ago

I recall reading a book by Baldwin written during the 1950s where virtually every character it seemed had a drink in ...


dawnb commented 8 years ago

Calvados in NJ?

by choco_lab38 8 years ago

I've tried several liquor stores, large and small, in my area (Central NJ/Princeton) and none of them seem to carry C...


craigasaurus commented 8 years ago

Best apple pie ever, according to husband

by TheSnowpea 8 years ago

Well I have earned myself high praise from my husband with a rustic apple-rosemary tart I assembled today. I even not...

TheSnowpea commented 8 years ago

What booze do you keep on hand to cook with?

by Philly Ray 9 years ago

In an effort to keep my pantry well stocked at all times, I'm trying to compile a list of different types of alcoholi...


currymouth commented 9 years ago

Stocking a Bar - What should I have on hand?

by QueenB 10 years ago

We're not huge liquor drinkers, yet I'd like to have a decently-stocked bar at home. Currently, I have bottles of:...

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester commented 9 years ago

Bourbon Substitution for Pecan Pie

by keylimepie 9 years ago

I'm making a Pecan Pie, that calls for 1 Tablespoon of Bourbon, I don't have any though. I was thinking of substituti...

goodhealthgourmet commented 9 years ago

Thanksgiving drink recipe

by Diane in Bexley 10 years ago

We are not teetotalers, but not exactly big drinkers. Hosting Tgiving, I would like to make a pitcher of something fe...


Diane in Bexley commented 10 years ago

Apple cider cocktail?

by hsquare2southend 10 years ago

I am having a cocktail party tomorrow and want to make a cocktail using fresh apple cider. Any recipes you've enjoyed?


hsquare2southend commented 10 years ago

Pork, Apples, What would you make?

by Morganna 10 years ago

I have lovely, thick center cut boneless pork loin chops, four of them. I have wonderful, fresh Vermont apples. I a...

Morganna commented 10 years ago

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