What Is the Difference Between Applejack and Calvados?

If you’re a fan of hard apple cider but don’t think it’s quite hard enough, consider going the brandy route. There’s no better place to start than with Calvados, the centuries-old French apple brandy...

Obstler / fruit brandy / schnaps in the United States???

by teukros 9 years ago

I am talking about the clear beverage which is made from 100% fruit must. e.g. apple, pear, apricot, plum. Similar to grapa which is made from grape must. 80 proof or thereabouts. Short of booki...

New Base Spirit

by alphanumeric 8 years ago

A question occurred to me while reflecting upon my love of gin and, after seeing EvergreenDan's comment on board malaise, I thought I'd poll the Chow Spiritsers about what they would like the futur...


by redhookandrew 15 years ago

Can some one out there draw a distiction between applejack and apple brandy?

Gifts Suggestions for an Apple Farmer Who Wants to Make Hard Cider

by jen_om 9 years ago

Does anyone have any gift suggestions for what to give a commercial apple farmer who wants to start making hard cider? He grows dozens of varieties of apples on his farm and wants to start explori...

Help Me Conjure Up a NYE Punch Featuring Applejack

by isadorasmama 10 years ago

Heading to a party with drinkers on NYE and rather than standing behind the bar all night, I thought I'd make a punch and let everyone have at it. Applejack first came to mind because it's affordab...

Inexpensive Calvados suggestions?

by jumpyg 11 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive bottle of Calvados that will primarily be used for mixing cocktails (just want something versatile). I have a list of several brands that I can find for $40...

Pink Cocktails

by JungMann 14 years ago

I am attending a pink cocktail party and need to bring a specialty cocktail. As a whiskey drinker, I know very few pink cocktails other than the Negroni (which would not go over well with this crow...

Pernod (anise liquor)/Apple Brandy availability in Charlotte

by dineandcook 11 years ago

I'm planning a dinner party and was wondering if Pernod can be found in the Charlotte area? I'm also looking for Le trou Normand, Calvados or Applejack. This is all for a dinner i'm planning-- yo...

Apple-type Signature Drink or Punch!!

by LilGirl 11 years ago

We're having an Oktoberfest party next month, and I would like to have an apple related signature drink or punch that I can make ahead. (Earlier the same day) (I would just make the base, and add t...

Turkey day cocktail ideas

by isadorasmama 12 years ago

A couple of American Jews, a Parisian Jew, and a Colombian all walk into a wonderfully scented kitchen. My kitchen, on Thanksgiving. What classic cocktail awaits them? Something fruity or sour, eas...

Do you have a "Liquor Cabinet"

by Chinon00 14 years ago

I recall reading a book by Baldwin written during the 1950s where virtually every character it seemed had a drink in their hand at all times. As portrayed in this book folks from this generation a...

Calvados in NJ?

by choco_lab38 13 years ago

I've tried several liquor stores, large and small, in my area (Central NJ/Princeton) and none of them seem to carry Calvados from France, which I need for a recipe. They do, however, have plenty o...

Best apple pie ever, according to husband

by TheSnowpea 13 years ago

Well I have earned myself high praise from my husband with a rustic apple-rosemary tart I assembled today. I even noted his remark in my cookbook, along with my modifications. The base recipe is f...

What booze do you keep on hand to cook with?

by Philly Ray 14 years ago

In an effort to keep my pantry well stocked at all times, I'm trying to compile a list of different types of alcoholic beverages that are typically used in cooking (as part of the dish itself, not ...

Stocking a Bar - What should I have on hand?

by QueenB 15 years ago

We're not huge liquor drinkers, yet I'd like to have a decently-stocked bar at home. Currently, I have bottles of: Smirnoff Vodka Cuervo Tequila Crown Royal Beefeater Gin Kahlua Amaretto...

Bourbon Substitution for Pecan Pie

by keylimepie 14 years ago

I'm making a Pecan Pie, that calls for 1 Tablespoon of Bourbon, I don't have any though. I was thinking of substituting Caramel Bailey's. Would that work, or should I susbtitute something else?

Thanksgiving drink recipe

by Diane in Bexley 14 years ago

We are not teetotalers, but not exactly big drinkers. Hosting Tgiving, I would like to make a pitcher of something festive with cranberry juice, like maybe Cosmopolitans? Cape Codders? We prefer vo...

Apple cider cocktail?

by hsquare2southend 14 years ago

I am having a cocktail party tomorrow and want to make a cocktail using fresh apple cider. Any recipes you've enjoyed?

Pork, Apples, What would you make?

by Morganna 14 years ago

I have lovely, thick center cut boneless pork loin chops, four of them. I have wonderful, fresh Vermont apples. I also have a fully stocked pantry and some Cabot extra sharp cheddar that needs to...