Our Favorite Copycat Recipes of All Time

Copycat recipes are a boon to anyone who can't get to their favorite restaurant (or theme park), wants to save money, or just doesn't want to put on pants for dinner. There's also something so deeply...

Applebee's - Worst National Chain Ever?

by BobB 13 years ago

I would - literally - sooner eat at a McDonald's than an Applebee's. And their pretention that they're offering something that could possibly be confused with real food, not prefab frozen deep-fri...

Looking for Applebee's copycat Tequila Lime Chicken

by mmoyer 5 years ago

Hi! I just joined to ask this question and also because Chowhound comes up in lots of cooking threads, so, glad to be here. About 9 or 10 years ago (possibly more), I found a copy cat recipe fo...

Applebys outside of Milwaukee

by hairylegshoolihan 6 years ago

We drove from Door County to see the Johnson's Wax building then drove over to see Wingspread. We were tired and took the first motel we came to which was a La Quinta. Across the parking lot was an...

Applebees Sliders Suck

by bagelman01 12 years ago

This evening I was taken to Aplebees for a short after work meeting. Drinks were served, and tyhe nhost had ordered cheeseburger sliders for everyone, as finger food would work with the meeting. ...

Applebee's or Chili's?

by Angelina 14 years ago

(I know...I am completely bored right now.) Just wondering, I personally prefer Applebee's. They have more selective items on their menu if you are dieting. I have not been to Chili's in about...

The secret - Outstanding at Applebees

by elise h 9 years ago

Many folks dismiss all chains. I've found what Applebee's does that is outstanding, but woefully publicized. Potatoes. The mashed potatoes are garlic mashed; definitely not from dehydrated potatoe...

Pre-cooked food at Applebees?

by Moonpie 14 years ago

I was out of town last night and my dining options near the hotel were extremely limited: (Applebee's, Arby's, Domino's and KFC). Being on the company nickel and wanting a cocktail, I opted for A...

Applebee's $375. Not $3.75....$375

by Westy 8 years ago

Pretty amazing. Wonder what kind of turnout they'll get: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/375-applebee-dinner-123630162.html

Applebees – 3920 W. Hillsborough Ave.Tampa, FL 33614 813.872.9666

by deelite984 8 years ago

I have always been a fan of this neighborhood chain restaurant. They always had good affordable food, lots of drink specials and in some locations, karaoke.I don’t know about you, but a buzzed guy ...

Applebees Honey Pepper Chicken and Shrimp

by boagman 8 years ago

So I need to preface this by letting everyone out there know that: A. I received a bunch of chain gift cards a while back which was a very nice "thank you" for my services rendered as a locksmi...

alas, applebees arrives

by KaimukiMan 8 years ago

PBN has announced that Applebees will be coming to "Pearl Harbor Area." With luck it will be located on base and most of us won't be exposed to the horrors of its food. http://www.kitv.com/news...

Applebees garlic mashed potatoes

by elise h 10 years ago

Every once in awhile, your expectations are blown away at a chain restaurant. With friends that are Applebee fans, I had a choice of garlic mashed potatoes or coleslaw. I asked the waiter, "how is ...


by smartie 11 years ago

well it's been a long time but tonight we tried it again. They now have points cards so you get $10 with every 100 points but that's an aside. The menu had quite a few new items. Draft beer ...

Applebees in Schererville, IN. The Food Has Taken A Dive

by pippi1807 10 years ago

Hubby and I just returned from lunch at this Applebees restaurant in Shererville, IN. I ordered the pick two and my choice was French Onion Soup and Shrimp and Spinach Salad. Also ordered a cup o...

Save me from Applebees!

by round2 10 years ago

I'm meeting up with a couple of friends next week who I love, but who don't care near as much as I do about food and restaurants. We do share a lack of fundage in common, but I don't need expensiv...

Like a Fridays or Applebees, but with good food?

by kellaz 10 years ago

Looking to take a 22 year old guy out for a college graduation celebration (there would just be 3 people here). Looking for some place with a fun, party-like atmosphere without being too divey. Al...

Applebee's restaurant recipe for southern barbecue sauce chicken wings

by msmouser 10 years ago

Can anyone give me an approximation of Applebee's, (Jupiter, Fl) recipe for barbecue chicken wings, southern style? Even the manager didn't know. They were really good. I know they had vinegar, a...

Anyone actually tried Tyler Florence's Applebee's Dishes?

by asiansensation007 15 years ago

I saw Tyler Florence on TV yesterday promoting his four new dishes. a bistro burger tomato sausage penne what looked to be a breaded chicken cutlet with salad on top bricked chicken I have...

Applebee's Service/Food Which was WORSE???????????>>>BOTH Stank!!

by bagelman01 12 years ago

Last night at 8:20PM I wanted a beer, burger and soup. Since I'm caring for and ill, aged parent in South Florida, there isn't much to choose from in the area that is open and serving hot food aft...