Good appetizers set the mood: Discuss which restaurants have the best and talk with our community about appetizer recipes and suggestions for what to serve when you're entertaining.

9 Baking Mix Hacks to Transform Basic Dishes into Fancy-Ass Appetizers

Whatever the occasion—Valentine's Day dinner, swanky Oscars party, holiday appetizer cocktail hour—you need some shortcuts, but you sure as hell don't want anyone to know you took them. Use a baking...

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Ban Chan: Appetizers or Side Dishes?

by e.d. 19 years ago

Recently I was away from home and hungry. Seeing a place called "Korea Food" or something like that, I figured that the lack of English grammar might indicate some authentic food, so I stopped for ...

West Village - Great drinks/ appetizers

by SuzieQ 19 years ago

Looking for a great place to have drinks and appetizers in the West Village. Prefer to sit at the bar -- something near West 14th Street and 6th Avenue would be ideal. Any suggestions?

help! pumpkin appetizers, NY Times Magazine, 11/2002

by cate 19 years ago

A friend assured me that some *wonderful* pumpkin recipes appeared this month in the NY Times Sunday Magazine food section. As much as it is a crime, I've not gotten the Sunday Times the last 3 ou...

McCormick and Schmick Appetizers?

by gj 19 years ago

Someone mentioned that this was a good deal at happy hour. Anybody know the details?

Healthy-ish Hors D'oeuvres for Thanksgiving?

by Lila 19 years ago

Hi.. I'm looking to put out some fairly light snacks for my guests before we dig into what I'm sure will be a ridiculously fattening and over-rich dinner. Does anyone have ay suggestions of what...

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for 80!!!

by bbecker 19 years ago

Yes, I am planning a rather large engagement/holidays party and I am searching for the perfect place. I would like the party to be private, with cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres served. Naturally, t...

Drinks/Wine/Appetizers near Union Square?

by jen maiser 19 years ago

Before you groan at another Union Square request, hear me out. Seems I always have friends come into town who I end up meeting near Union Square. Always trying to figure out a nice, non-stuffy...

Two Great Appetizer at Grand Sichuan International Midtown

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

Two friends discovered the "Whole Spinach w/fresh ginger sauce or Red oil." This dish is the first one listed on the "Prodigal's Daughters" page. It consists of perfectly cooked pressed spinach ...

Oleana Appetizers Superior to Entrees

by C. Simon 19 years ago

After yet another visit to Oleane last night on their beautiful garden patio, I have decided that Oleana's strengths are its appetizers, and it's pre-appetizers. Though appetizers are often more in...

totally amazing appetizer

by Paul Lukas 19 years ago

Salt (McDougal betw. Houston/Prince), none of whose food is particularly salty, is serving bacon-wrapped dates in a honey/balsamic sauce. A truly heavenly mix of sweet and savory. So good that I al...

Appetizers before House of Prime Rib?

by ShyHound 19 years ago

Hello Chows. My baby and I have late reservations for House of Prime Rib on Friday... and I hoped to find somewhere to start with a before dinner drink/appetizer? It's going to be a romantic ev...

Appetizer cookbooks for my delightful Dad.

by Kat Kinsman 19 years ago

Howdy all, My Dad and I are gleefully frank about giving each other our birthday wish lists, and he's indicated that he'd like a book on appetizers. He's a skilled and adventurous home chef, with...

Croatian appetizers, anyone?

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

A friend had pointed out my somewhat morbid interest in the cuisines of war-torn lands, i.e., Afghanistan, Basque country, Iraq, so it was a sure bet that this curiosity would lead me to check out ...

Bell Ringing Appetizer

by Wylie 19 years ago

I made a three martini brag. Now I must produce somthing special. I'm thinking soft shelled crab. Please help with the best source, and a great recipe, would'nt hurt.

Appetizer suggestions - the catch: I'll be cooking

by Rivka 19 years ago

Hi there, a friend asked me to help her make some noteworthy appetizers for an upcoming party. She wants a relatively easy hot appetizer selection. Note of caution - the last party she got a bit ti...

Favorite Make-Ahead Asian Appetizers?

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

The love of my life's graduating recital is coming up, and I'm "catering" the reception/afterparty. His only request was that I make homemade sushi. So, I'm planning on an eclectic array of Asian...

favorite appetizers

by orla 20 years ago

What is your absolute favorite appetizer/starter/hor d'?

Best places for appetizers??

by blandina 20 years ago

A recent discussion with a co-worker prompts me to post this question. I know a lot of people who like to go and eat a few appetizers instead of a regular, full-sized meal. Tapas restaurants came...

Wedding celebration appetizers

by psistrom 20 years ago

For an early October wedding celebration dinner--a dinner following not a formal wedding but an eight-months later celebration--I'm looking for some suggestions of a couple things to go with cockta...

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