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9 Baking Mix Hacks to Transform Basic Dishes into Fancy-Ass Appetizers

Whatever the occasion—Valentine's Day dinner, swanky Oscars party, holiday appetizer cocktail hour—you need some shortcuts, but you sure as hell don't want anyone to know you took them. Use a baking...

Costco Sous Vide ‘Grass Fed Sliced Beef Sirloin’

by twodales2 16 days ago

Has anyone tried this product? I picked one of these up to try at Costco yesterday. I am thinking about quickly sautéing a few slices, cutting them into bite sized pieces and then cooling them dow...

GOUGERES - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, November 2019

by LulusMom 2 years ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for November 2019. Our dish this month is Gougeres, and boy is my family going to be excited when they find out. Once again I rely on Wikipedia, which says: a g...

Lexington KY pimento cheese

by jwg 1 year ago

Ok Lexington cooks. You have an outstanding pimento cheese from a market called the Mouse Trap. My SIL brings it as a treat every time she travels to see family and friends. I’d like to try to repl...

Portuguese Sausage roaster... what kind of sausage?

by gritsngreens 6 months ago

yep. I should be banned from ebay. As a result of another offer I couldn't refuse, I now have a lovely terracotta Portuguese sausage roaster. Supposedly the way to use it is to pour Everclear or de...

Need alternative crust for appetizer

by karenf333 9 months ago

Hello, I have a recipe for a bangin' BLT appetizer. People gobble it up! My problem is that it calls for pizza dough to be stretched out and baked in a 9x13 pan. After baking you assemble the BL...

October 2020 DOTM (Dish of the Month) - ARANCINI

by LulusMom 12 months ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for October 2020. Our dish this month is arancini. These delightful treats got their name because they were the size of a small round orange, or arancino in Ita...

Anyone Tried Making Scotch Eggs Without Flour & Egg Wash?

by aT0Mic 1 year ago

Especially for _baked_ Scotch Eggs, it occurred to me that the sausage might cook better if not coated with the tri-breading coating. The rendering fat could soak into the crumbs and have a frying ...

Crispy Egg Rolls

by AsianCookingFoodie 1 year ago

Found a great recipe on the KAME website: https://kame.com/recipes/ These egg rolls came out great! I made them with pork and was careful to not make them greasy. INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp KA•ME Ses...

Chicken Wings!

by graciesmith93 1 year ago

· 1 (1 lb.) mixed bag of wings and drummettes- they were frozen so I thawed them out, rinsed them with some warm water, and then patted them dry with a paper towel before cooking them. · 2 tabl...

Shrimp Mousse

by Deborah1004marilyn 1 year ago

I am looking for the Shrimp Mousse recipe from Gourmet Magazine, I thought it was January 1981 but not, I now think it may be earlier. Please help. Deborah Fontenot

Super Bowl Menu 2020

by LaLa 1 year ago

What is on your menu for the Super Bowl? Are you going to a party? Celebrating at home with your family? Making special team specific snacks? Share all your food plans here.

April 2019 COTM SFAH: Starters and Sides

by Westminstress 2 years ago

Welcome to April 2019 Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT: SALADS, p. 215 DRESSINGS, p. 238 VEGETAB...

Plates Com Tam | Seaside - Monterey Peninsula

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Opened a year ago by the owners of the established Chopstix restaurant, Plates Com Tom offers a more authentic look at Vietnamese homestyle cooking. When I first saw the menu, I was dubious that th...

Danish Christmas Eve

by highlyunlikely 2 years ago

I have undertaken to make a traditional Danish dinner for my half-Danish girlfriend for Christmas Eve: roasted pork with cracklin', red cabbage, carmelized potatoes, and rice pudding. Any recipe r...

Holiday Open House ideas

by prima 2 years ago

It's been a few years since I last hosted a Holiday Open House. This was my standard menu for a few years: Lemon basil shrimp skewers Baked brie Bacon-wrapped dates Stuffed mushrooms (with sw...

Canadian Thanksgiving

by highlyunlikely 2 years ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving this weekend and I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for years and years so have been combing the CH boards and recipe sites for tips. There will only be six of us, ...

Best Pigs in Blanket (store bought)

by zackly 2 years ago

Forgive me if I asked this before but this is an important issue to me this time of year. Pigs in the Blanket are most everyone's favorite guilty pleasure hors d'oeuvre. The brands around here (sub...

March 2009/July 2012 COTM Fish Without a Doubt: Shellfish Appetizers & First Courses and Chowders, Soups, Stews

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

**March 2009 Cookbook of the Month** is Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore. Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for shellfish appetizers and first courses as well a...

Nibbly bits for an evening meeting

by twodales2 2 years ago

Appetizers. Feeling overwhelmed. Evening meeting at my home tomorrow night. Wine and water will be the beverages. I'm making Trisha Yearwood's Charleston dip. It's hot, cheesy and topped ...

Substitute for refrigerated crescent rolls please

by twodales2 3 years ago

As you must have noticed, many appetizer recipes use Crescent roll dough. I am not a fan. To me they have an artificial or chemical flavor. What would you suggest I substitute in their place? TIA