Celebrating an anniversary? Find the perfect restaurant to commemorate the occasion, and discuss your favorite celebration restaurants in your city.

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Paris - Anniversary Dinner Nov. 2018

by nycAttorney 3 years ago

I will be back in Paris (having been 1x before with my wife a couple of years ago) for a few days at the beginning of November. I am searching for a few places to have a true Parisian dinner. The c...

Help with Chattanooga restaurants

by Jscarroll 4 years ago

My husband and I are making a quick trip to Chattanooga for our anniversary. We are staying at the Marriott downtown and would like two nice dinner recommendations. We can walk or drive. I've done ...

Anniversary Meal - Thinking Prix Fix Lunch

by gerrythegreat 3 years ago

Hi there, 2 couples coming from Canada and would like to celebrate 2 of us turning 50. If that is reason to celebrate lol. With the money exchange bitting us I was thinking of many going for a p...

Eight Tables by George Chen?

by foodgirl 3 years ago

Apologies if I simply can't find a thread on this. I'm looking for a special anniversary dinner. What have experiences been at Eight Tables? Is there a significant difference between the regular...

Looking for a Big Anniversary Worthy Restaurant

by sherrib 3 years ago

Hi All, Hubster and I are looking for a special occasion restaurant to celebrate a big anniversary we have coming up. We would like to go somewhere we haven't been before so please no EMP, Dani...

What's new and wonderful in Philadelphia?

by fillyfilet 3 years ago

Have been away from Chowhound for awhile (hate the new format and the ads) but since nothing has come along to take its place, I guess I have to adapt. Would like 2 types of recommendations - 1)...

Wedding Anniversary and lunch for 50 people

by DorotaMZURc 3 years ago

Hello ! My parents have their Gold Wedding Anniversary in a few months and I want to make a suprise party for them. I love cooking from small kid and I want to do somethings great! What do you th...

Anniversary dinner SD

by keena 4 years ago

Big anniversary coming up. Two of my favorites for special nights are George's and Juniper and Ivy. I've never tried Herb and Wood and am interested in that as well. What would get your vote f...

15th Anniversary in Manhattan

by jchapman01 3 years ago

My husband and I will be in Manhattan April 16-18th (Mon-Wed) for my birthday / our 15th anniversary. We're looking for 2 great dinner and 1 brunch recco. We're going to see Hamilton on the 17th ...

Canned green bean ideas?

by theferlyone 12 years ago

My husband and I are celebrating our five year anniversary on Saturday, and I'm cooking dinner. I'll be making chateaubriand with a red wine reduction, and a cognac cream sauce, with mashed potato...

60th Anniversary Party Planning

by BakerAtHeart24 4 years ago

We are throwing my grandparents a 60th anniversary party and I'm stumped about what to serve. My mom and aunt want to have nothing but finger foods and appetizers, while I'm thinking we should have...

Santa Fe

by Taylordayne 4 years ago

My nephew and wife are going next week to Sana Fe, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. We are from the East Coast of North Carolina. Need recommendations for best steaks, and other favo...

60th Anniversary Midtown

by EAJC 4 years ago

We're taking my the parents on a bit of a tour for their 60th, visiting Pratt Institute where they met, the church in Brooklyn where they married, and the Champagne Bar at the Plaza, where they spe...

Tribeca Saturday Night Special Date

by foodyum 4 years ago

Need recommendations for Saturday Sept 16 for our anniversary. Seeing show at the new Flea which gets out at 8:30, so rez at 8:45 or 9. Not a nab I usually go to. Would like a place not prix f...

Anniversary dinner in Manhattan

by christie123 4 years ago

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this Friday in Manhattan. We'll be staying in the Lower East Side and just plan on wandering about. We are looking for recommendations fo...

Need Rec Center City BYOB preferred

by ElaineL 4 years ago

Haven't been following the Philly food scene for a while. Looking to celebrate our anniversary in Center City in September. Would prefer BYOB but open to reasonably priced wine lists as well.

Weekend anniversary getaway from Baltimore

by stevehollx 4 years ago

Looking for a place for two foodies celebrating our first anniversary to get away for a 3-day weekend on Labor Day. We were eyeing going to Alinea in Chicago, but didn't time the reservation pro...

Anniversary lunch - Raleigh or Durham

by BerriesAndToast 4 years ago

I am looking for restaurant ideas for a Saturday anniversary lunch, ideally in downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh, or downtown Durham. We enjoy vegetable/seafood focused cooking (no beef/pork) from mo...

Newburyport anniversary dinner

by ElsieB 4 years ago

Going to plum island and would like any recs for eating in Newburyport. Tues is our anniversary - have looked at the Poynt and Brine. Maybe prefer Poynt over Brine as Brine looks like it is heavy ...