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Ann Arbor

Dumplings, taquerias, soul food, oysters, Korean fare, and more--it can all be found in Ann Arbor. Ask Chowhounds what their favorite restaurants, bars, and markets are.

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Yoons -New Bakery cafe- Ann Arbor

by Michigan Mishuganer 3 years ago

Yoon's bakery finally opened (near Way 1 market) Plymouth rd between Nixon & Huron Parkway. (across from UM NCRC-...


trapani commented 3 years ago

Trip Report - Traverse City, Kalkaska, Leland, Fenton, Ann Arbor, Port Clinton

by Steve 4 years ago

A week in Michigan had this Chowhound experiencing a different country of culinary traditions than what I'm used to. ...


VTB commented 3 years ago

new dumpling restaurant Ann Arbor/Ypsi area

by Michigan Mishuganer 3 years ago

Yee Siang finally opened ( where Bahn Na & Roma Bakery were) I have not tried yet ,picked up a menu today, the food ...


moose734 commented 3 years ago

Katoi in Exile (Ann Arbor)

by trapani 3 years ago

Among this summer's delights in Ann Arbor, Katoi (in exile). The one-time Corktown Thai food truck is serving up fab ...


ak994 commented 3 years ago

SE Mich. pastry flour source?

by Ignatz 12 years ago

OK southeastern Michigan, I need to find a good pastry flour for pie crusts. Can anyone suggest a source? Major gro...

coney with everything

coney with everything commented 3 years ago

New Korean Restaurant in Ann Arbor/Ypsi area

by Michigan Mishuganer 3 years ago

Macheko Grill 2283 Ellsworth Rd Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Tel: 734-434-8989 next to Bi...


moose734 commented 3 years ago

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new Ann Arbor/Ypsi area eatery- Honduran food

by Michigan Mishuganer 3 years ago

Antonio's Coney 2896 Washtenaw Rd Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 905-7321 Antonio's Coney has some Honduran food, we...

Pilar's Tamales & Salvadoran Kitchen; Warren & Ann Arbor

by rainsux 4 years ago

~10 years ago I had a wonderful tamale lunch in Ann Arbor. Much later I attempted return to the restaurant, but coul...


jd888 commented 3 years ago

Blimpy Burger (Ann Arbor) update

by trapani 5 years ago

So the family that owns Blimpy Burgers is hoping to reopen (in spring?). They are crowdsourcing to help with start-up...


ebethsdad commented 4 years ago

new taquerias in Ann Arbor/Ypsi

by trapani 4 years ago

The Ann Arbor area has a bad track record for sustaining good quality taquerias. The laudable ones come and go (remem...


houndgirl commented 4 years ago

What are the hot restaurants in Ann Arbor these days?

by darkom 4 years ago

Been a while since I graduated. Will be spending a long weekend there with my son -- who was just accepted to UM -- s...


charlesbois commented 4 years ago

Unique Dishes in Ann Arbor

by ooroger 4 years ago

What would you consider to be the most unique (defined as using unusual ingredients or cooking techniques, or just so...


darkom commented 4 years ago

graduation party for about 75 in/around Ann Arbor

by wanner 4 years ago

Hi, I am trying to find a casual, reasonably priced ($$) restaurant in or around Ann Arbor for a late lunch or early ...


wanner commented 4 years ago

Why aren't we talking about Biercamp in A2? [Ann Arbor, MI]

by charlesbois 7 years ago

Easily the best pulled pork in town. Housemade sausages and smoked meats? Yes please. This place is a gem, undenia...


brooktroutchaser commented 4 years ago

Ann Arbor: Blimpy Burger closing?

by trapani 6 years ago

Is it true that the University has bought the Blimpy Burger building & they are shutting down? (And if this is true, ...


Davwud commented 4 years ago

Carson's Bistro (DTW/Ann Arbor): anyone been?

by coney with everything 4 years ago

Having lunch there on Tuesday. Reviews seem to be all over the place. Has anyone been to Carson's? (near US23 and ...


brooktroutchaser commented 4 years ago

Ann Arbor Michigan

by Bette Ferne 4 years ago

Any suggestions for dinners? Ethnic, southwestern or otherwise, please.


Jim M commented 4 years ago

Kaffir lime leaves - Ann Arbor

by petruschka 10 years ago

Where can I find kaffir lime leaves in Ann Arbor? I've already checked Tsai Grocery, Hua Xing Asia Market, Lucky Mar...


creativega commented 4 years ago

The Earle Ann Arbor

by Markcron 4 years ago

It has been many years since I dined at the Earle. Yesterday My gf and I were wandering around the art fair, and I d...


Elyssa commented 4 years ago

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Lena; Ann Arbor

by rainsux 4 years ago

The Rolling Sculpture Auto Show closed AA's downtown district on Friday. It was the typical streets-closed, AA downto...