Ann Arbor

Dumplings, taquerias, soul food, oysters, Korean fare, and more--it can all be found in Ann Arbor. Ask Chowhounds what their favorite restaurants, bars, and markets are.


Bill Knapp's Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

by walker 12 months ago

In my 20's I lived in Ann Arbor, MI and loved Bill Knapp's restaurant's au gratin potatoes. (I think it closed down in 2002.) I've seen a few recipes on-line but I want to know if anyone thinks t...

Wedding gift: Special dinner in Ann Arbor

by princetonchowhound 2 years ago

A nephew and his fiancé are moving to Ann Arbor in late summer where the new bride will enter the MBA program. They both are foodies who have traveled extensively. We would like to give them a gift...

Where has all the spinach gone (long time passing)

by sangevine 3 years ago

Ok, no one knows that song, nowdays. On to the meat. I can't find savoy spinach anywhere, even Whole Foods. How can I make spinach pie, spinach quiche, or chicken florentine without it? I just ...

Coming Home

by 3MTA3 3 years ago

Flying in to Detroit then Jackson for two days. Looking for a Pasty and Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. And, what should I check out...Thanx

Ann Arbor Last Call

by stuartlafonda 3 years ago

And so it ends here. Four great years at UM for my daughter and four great years for her parents. We had some fine meals along the way and here is my final report after five days in Ann Arbor for ...

French 75 in Ann Arbor?

by JohnnyDeliciously 4 years ago

Any bar/restaurant in Ann Arbor have a French 75 on their menu? Partner wants one for her birthday. Prefers it to be made by professionals, and with an “out-on-the-town” ambience. Alternately, a ba...

Ann Arbor 36 hour trip report (aka the Zingerman's tour)

by stuartlafonda 4 years ago

Dropped my daughter off for her senior year, where does the time go. On a food note, we stopped at the President's Open House and met him in the backyard, solid chocolate chip cookies were served....

Lunch recommendations for Ann Arbor

by asiansunshine33 4 years ago

I will be in Ann Arbor the third week of August. Looking for recommendations for Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and German cuisine. Also, any good Asian markets of a decent size?

Restaurant with private room w/in 30 mins of Ann Arbor

by PartyyGirl 4 years ago

Hey, I'm looking for a restaurant with a private room for at least 20 people for a birthday party within a 30 minute drive of Ann Arbor. The birthday girl has hearing issues so an enclosed room ...

Ruth Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor, MI

by Ken H 6 years ago

A new local addition to the national steak house chain; it's in downtown Ann Arbor on 4th, right next to where the Greyhound Bus stop is. They opened up earlier this year in April. I was there in A...

Visiting Ann Arbor and need some opinions

by stuartlafonda 6 years ago

My sophomore daughter has picked a few places for our visit this weekend. Mezzevino and Isalita for dinner and Angelo's, Afternoon Delight or Sava for brunch. I love the doughnuts from Washtenaw D...

Recommendations for Ann Arbor, Mackinac Island, St. Ignace, Marquette, Escanaba

by AmyLouise 5 years ago

We will be traveling to the UP next month to visit my BF's family. Will be stopping in Ann Arbor, Mackinac Island, St. Ignace on the way. Will be in Escanaba for several days, with at least one d...

out-of-the-way Ypsilanti (MI) taquería

by Jim M 5 years ago

Ypsilanti is turning into quite a hub for Latin American food. Who'd've thunk it? There are new Guatemalan and Salvadoran places I haven't tried yet (will report back later). I really like Taquería...

aventura in Ann arbor

by gan911 7 years ago

fantastic meal and restaurant. had morcilla, fried artichokes, mussels, bacalao croquets, albondigas, pimiento de padron, cebada de jitomate (barley and tomatoes), a couple drinks... Bacalao was...

Help finding "classy" place to take a date

by Moogie007 6 years ago

I need help finding a "classy" place to take my girlfriend for Valentine's day. This is the first time since we started dating several years ago I can afford to take my girlfriend somewhere nice fo...

Poke in Ann Arbor

by cherishkan 6 years ago

Hello there, I'm new to the area, just moved from LA. I'm wondering if there is any poke bowl places in Ann Arbor? Do you think POKE will be a hit in Ann Arbor if there is not one?

Best Dessert in Ann Arbor?

by veggiedoc 6 years ago

Newer to the area, but have enjoyed the dining scene thus far. Would love for fellow foodies in the area to share their thoughts on the best dessert in Ann Arbor. So far, I would say the churros a...

Ann Arbor, anything new?

by stuartlafonda 6 years ago

Visiting my daughter and have not been back in a year. How is that Ethiopian spot? My daughter was not impressed with the burger joint that is an old favorite that reopened. Go Blue.

Where Do You Go for BBQ in Ann Arbor?

by ooroger 6 years ago

Watching a Food Network show on BBQ joints yesterday got me thinking about where to go for good BBQ in the Ann Arbor area. While driving along Eisenhower recently, I spotted the Old Carolina BB...