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by gerald rhodes 13 years ago

Now that summer is here, a lot of people will be coming up here to Alaska, many for the first time. I'd like to offer some pointers on where to find the good grub. First is Tommy's Burger stop, on ...

BC - Anchorage and beyond

by Rachel E. 13 years ago

My partner and I are planning a trip from Vancouver to Anchorage, and beyond, in June or July. What foods, cafes, and restaurants should we plan around?

Anchorage Dining

by jeff 13 years ago

SF chowhound here heading to Anchorage on Friday for a vacation and looking for any dining suggestions. My two favorite restaurants are breakfast and seafood spots, but any info would be terrific....

Anchorage + Seward Alaska Food

by Bino 14 years ago

Hi All, I'm going to Alaska soon and would like any suggestions for great seafood and steaks at a reasonable price in Anchorage and Seward. Not looking for fine dining, just good food in a relaxed ...

Old ice cream memory from Anchorage-what was this place called?

by loveskittles 14 years ago

I left Anchorage back in the early 1970's but I have a vivid memory of some sort of ice cream or dessert place that my classmates always went to for birthday parties but I never got to go. My memo...

Four Days in Anchorage

by Sarah 14 years ago

First time caller, long time listener... Just returned from four days in Anchorage. I stayed downtown, but had a car so I was all over. Before heading out I checked Chowhound for Anchorage selec...

Anchorage, AK

by T. Glenn 14 years ago

Will be traveling to Ancorage, Alaska for two weeks starting on Monday. Any suggestions on where to eat? I am totally at a loss and don't even know where to begin. I like seafood (fortunately) a...

Anchorage trip report

by dandgchow 14 years ago

We just returned from 3 days in Anchorage and wanted to report back on our experiences. We had a bit of hit or miss luck with breakfasts, coffee and pastries. We did get pretty good coffee at Dark ...

Help! Need Anchorage anniversary recommendation.

by dandgchow 14 years ago

My dear husband and I are heading up to Anchorage (from Seattle) late this month for our second anniversary. Neither of us have been before. I need recommendations for our anniversary dinner spot. ...

Anchorage, AK

by Ike! 14 years ago

Great lunch spots.....seafood or local stuff....getting off a cruise in the morning and have all day before flying out.........thanks................

eat healthy in Anchorage, around Denali?

by greenmaki 14 years ago

I'm interested in restaurants around downtown Anchorage and near Denali NP that have tasty, light options. Anyone have ideas of places that do a good job with salads, low fat options or fish co...

Anchorage: Late dinner & late lunch

by purpleplume 14 years ago

We will be arriving Anchorage on Friday, July 1, just before 10:00p.m. Looking for a fabulous late dinner. Also, we will be back through there on Saturday, July 9. Looking for a terrific late lun...

Anchored down in Anchorage... Alaska

by chococat 15 years ago

Hi Hounds- Going to Anchorage for a few days. Any suggestions for tasty eats? I've been warned to avoid ethnic food at all costs, but maybe things have changed since I've been there last? Plannin...

Seafood in Anchorage

by bob 14 years ago

I'm going to be in Anchorage for a week in June with a car. Any must-eat places, particularly seafood? Thanks.

Food in Anchorage

by Nasu 16 years ago

Any info about good food in Anchorage? I'm considering relocating there. Anything there besides fresh salmon?

Great Finds between Anchorage and Denali

by Jude 15 years ago

Hey there-- Barrelling down Alaska's Parks Highway, immediately north of the Trapper Creek bridge (about halfway between Anchorage and Denali National Park), we spied a hand lettered sign reading...


by Dave 15 years ago

Im going to Anchorage solstice weekend. Im looking for a great dinner with a winelist thats just as good, and some other non tourist type chowhound delights for other dinners and lunch's. Local fla...

restaurants in Anchorage

by elayne aschkenes 16 years ago

We will be going to Anchorage for a few days. We will be 3 children (11 and 12, and very well travelled) and 4 adults and need a few restaurants. Any suggestions?

Anchorage Eats

by deirdre 17 years ago

I'll be in Anchorage in a week (for a week) for work and hope to get some time to explore local foods, either dining or buying to take home. Does anyone have any suggestions? And is the farmers m...

Anchorage restaurants?

by Nanook of the North 17 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, I'm moving to Anchorage. Where should I eat?

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