The best of Anchorage is listed here, with tips from Chowhounds on everything from brunch restaurants to the top Alaskan crab dishes.

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Celebration dinner in Anchorage

by lotfegirl 9 years ago

I am going to Anchorage where my son is working this summer, to celebrate his 21st birthday on Wednesday the 21st! I need suggestions please for the best place to have the best food, ideally some ...

Wild game meat restaurants in Anchorage??

by fatbully 9 years ago

Are there any restaurants I can try some decent reindeer/caribou/moose meat in Anchorage or the surrounding areas? I can't believe there isn't one but I couldn't find any on this Board.

Anchorage Restaurant

by Loradio 10 years ago

Need a great restuarant near the Westin Hotel in Anchorage. Good food and nice view! Any ideas

Anchorage - can I find fish packed to take home?

by jonel 10 years ago

I will be in Anchorage in December for 24 hours and would like to get some fish packed to take home - halibut or whatever is fresh. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Anchorage, Alaska

by dwest 11 years ago

Looking for recommendations for a nice dinner in Anchorage the evening before taking a train to Seward to board a cruise ship. We enjoy local cuisine. Lunch recommendations also welcome - we will...

Best Buffalo Wings in Anchorage, AK?

by DishDelish 10 years ago

I have had the most unrelenting craving for Buffalo Wings recently. My husband's boss took us to the Petroleum club recently and I really liked their Buffalo wings (they had just the right amount o...

Firetap, Anchorage, AK

by coastie 10 years ago

Has anyone been yet? How was it ?? I hear they have a big stone oven and lots of beer on tap. Is it a weak Bear Tooth imitation or worth going to ?????


by Loradio 10 years ago

Staying at the Sheranton.............there is five of us. Three grown children my husband and myself, Where is a great restaurant to go for dinner.

Sunday dining in Anchorage?

by placet 10 years ago

I've been scouring the posts and found great recommendations for Anchorage but all seem to close Sunday! Can anyone suggest a great Sunday dinner spot? We're both industry. Decor not important. ...

"Bring What You Catch" Seafood Restaurant in Anchorage

by jabraham2 10 years ago

I'm planning on visiting Anchorage for the Salmon Derby this summer, and hoping to bring what we catch to a restaurant that would prepare it for us ... Any recommendations?

Anchorage: Orso, Sacks, Southside, Kincaid (long)

by MercerChow 10 years ago

I had occasion to spend a few days in Anchorage recently and offer the following report on four dinners plus a quick lunch. Please note that I don’t usually order halibut so much, but I was curious...

Anchorage/Eagle River

by haolebaby 11 years ago

I'm going to Alaska for New Years and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations of places not to miss.. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Early breakfast or take out in anchorage

by xecuchef 11 years ago

Leaving for denali on train early morning(7am- ish) and looking for a place to get a bagel or something to go that is near the train station. Not really too fussy, mostly looking for anything that...

Anchorage? Gotta get some fish n' chips, microbrews and live music!

by mweinhauer 11 years ago

....and the place to get it is "Humpy's" - great local place with live bands daily, a bunch of great microbrews, many of them local, and maybe the best fish and chips I've ever tasted. Giddyup!

ORSO Anchorage

by ibew292 11 years ago

If you are in Anchorage and miss this spot shame on you. Was at C and Blue Water in Vancouver last week and ORSO in Anchorage tonight. ORSO put both of them to shame. A do not miss spot if you are ...

Anchorage b-trip---3 days in late summer

by jenn 11 years ago

Will be in Anchorage for 2 nights 3 days with a bunch of HUNGRY people--Hungry in the sense of liking food and pretty willing to try new stuff. So where to eat, where to eat, where to eat. Than...

Breakfast or Brunch in Anchorage

by cheesecake 11 years ago

My husband and I will be in Anchorage next month prior to embarking on a cruise. I think we have some good ideas for lunch and dinner (yes, we will make reservations!) but don't have any good thoug...

Late-Night Coffeehouses in Anchorage & Fairbanks

by sigerson57 11 years ago

Howdy, all. I'm a Midwestern hound visiting Alaska and seeking a coffeehouse in each city open until at least 11 pm, with wireless Internet. Coffee quality is not a big issue since I'm more of a te...

Evening & morning in Anchorage

by Mushka 11 years ago

I'll be spending one evening and a morning in Anchorage. I know it's not a lot of time, but I'll have spent 8 days in Valdez, so I'll have my Alaska fill! I'm staying near the airport but happy t...