Ancho Pepper

A Red Hot Guide to Our Favorite Chile Peppers

This is a partial field guide to peppers. With upwards of 2,000 kinds of chile peppers in the world, it's hard to catch 'em all, but we delved in and picked a peck: 19 of our favorite peppers, from...

What's the real difference between ancho and pasillo chile peppers?

by Bakermon 12 years ago

According to Wikipedia, the only real difference is shape. But according to Pacific Food Importers and World Spice, there are varietal differences. Wiki says anchos are part of the pasillo family...

What peppers can I use to tame chili for my toddler without killing the flavor profile?

by tmoney99 5 years ago

So my coworker gave me her recipe for Chili which is really really good. And while by definition mild for the rest of us it is still too spice for a 2 year old. So I was wondering what milder chil...

Using Ancho Chilies (not stuffed)

by DGresh 5 years ago

I buy bags of ancho chilies for a recipe I love that stuffs them with tuna steak and potatoes served on an avocado salad. But I always end up with a bunch of chilies that are not suitable for stuff...

Tacos but not TOO Spicy

by ibell 5 years ago

I want to try the ATK shredded beef tacos but the recipe calls for 2 oz of dried ancho chiles stemmed seeded and torn into 1 inch pieces. They are mixed with the beer and seasonings the meat is sl...

Can you share a list of fresh pepper names vs. their dried names?

by CherryTwinkie 6 years ago

I really know nothing about peppers, but I recently learned a pablano is an ancho, and a smoked jalapeno is a chipotle? anywho, is there a list of these or an infographic you can share?

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