Anaheim's got more than Disneyland and conventions. Get advice on the best restaurants in the area and share your tips for where to eat.

Recommendation? Meeting up btw S. Barbara and Anaheim

by yyc_mom 3 months ago

My family will be in Anaheim in February, and planning to have dinner with my cousin who lives in Santa Barbara. I'm...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Anaheim - 3 nights

by suetibu 9 months ago

HI, We are a family of 4 planning a 3 night stay in Anaheim (Hilton). We will be visiting Disneyland 1 day and Califo...


loreeLB commented 7 months ago

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Where can I buy in-store Daelman's Stroopwafel in Anaheim or anywhere in Orange County?

by poetryrocksalot 8 months ago

I've had Daelman's Stroopwafel for the first time in my life a few days ago and it was the best snack I've ever had i...

Disneyland trip but want to go off site for dinner

by drjlc 1 year ago

Disneyland food kills me. I loathe bad food. Willing to drive 15 minutes from resort. Prefer organic food. Thoughts?


schrutefarms commented 1 year ago

First time LA/Anaheim/Santa Ana , need some recs please!

by rayzer 2 years ago

Hello fellow Chowhounders, It's been like over 25 years since I last been to LA so I'm sure alot has changed. Will...


rayzer commented 2 years ago

Anaheim -- near Disneyland dining options?

by Disneyfreak 2 years ago

Hi all! I am heading to Anaheim for a conference at the conference center. I won't have a car. I am looking for dinne...


Coribdx commented 2 years ago

Anaheim Recommendations

by salesgirl19 2 years ago

I am headed to Anaheim for a conference and looking for some great restaurants. I will not have a car but happy to c...


schrutefarms commented 2 years ago

Lunch in Anaheim

by carluccio 2 years ago

Meeting a friend on a Saturday for lunch in the Anaheim area.....Any thoughts?


Coribdx commented 2 years ago

Favorite food items at Disneyland (ex. Club 33)?

by ipsedixit 2 years ago

So what is it? The corn dog? The turkey leg? Dole whip? Something else? I'll give you my top 3, in no partic...

paranoidgarliclover commented 2 years ago

Halfway spot between Hollywood and Anaheim (with tweens and teens)

by ziebaersohn 2 years ago

Hello all. What is a fun/good halfway dining spot between Hollywood and Anaheim? Something suitable for one tween a...


Bradbury commented 2 years ago

REVIEW: Ma's Chinese Islamic, Anaheim

by Das Ubergeek 11 years ago

On the way from Brea back home yesterday, Mrs Ubergeek and I were discussing dinner options when we passed Ma's Islam...


JRSD commented 2 years ago

Orange/Anaheim Dinner tonight

by attran99 3 years ago

I get to drop my husband off for a guys' dinner in the Anaheim/Orange area tonight. I'll be meeting a friend for din...


mikester commented 3 years ago

Restaurant recommendations in Anaheim,CA or close by

by janicebea 3 years ago

Going to dinner with a friend who is staying in Anaheim while visiting. No Disneyland crowd please. Does Mickey's ho...


Coribdx commented 3 years ago

any upscale anaheim restaurants not near Disneyland

by eyelean 3 years ago

Meeting a cousin in Anaheim for Sat. nite dinner. Need a place that will prepare steamed vegetables for her, but usua...


mikester commented 3 years ago

Great Porchetta Sandwich at Wheat and Sons (Anaheim Packing District)

by mrsjoujou 3 years ago

Wheat & Sons Butcher/Rotisserie is the creation of Ashly Amador and Nate Overstreet. They offer locally sourced organ...


mikester commented 3 years ago

Original Pancake House?

by Robert Lu 14 years ago

Read a lot of good things about this place, but are the apple pancakes worth the drive down to Anaheim early on a wee...


DANOO commented 3 years ago

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Penzey's Anaheim open

by JeffSD 3 years ago

In Euclid Plaza, NW corner of Euclid St. and Crescent Ave., 621 N. Euclid, 714-687-0777.

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Thanksgiving in Anaheim, CA

by ChefDJ42 3 years ago

Hi Chow. Taking the family to Disneyland for Thanksgiving (I know-I know). We are 7 years old to 70. Five people look...

Anaheim Packing District bang^4

by ns1 3 years ago

Am I doing it right? So I went to APD with the wifey and parents this past weekend. Really a beautiful spot wit...

Porthos commented 3 years ago